Posted on September 24, 2008

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The Dots Haven't Been Connected. 23:22:28
ACTION ALERT from the Campaign for Liberty !!!! 21:23:34
The President's Speech About The Bailout. 20:59:07
Dennis Kucinich working on abolishing Federal Reserve 18:25:37
Ron Paul’s Joint Economic Committee Statement 18:25:37
B.O. rejects debate delay!! 18:25:39
Ron Paul on Fox Business News 18:25:43
The Daily Show on Paulson and Bush 15:51:56
Ron Paul has introduced H.R. 2755… 15:43:20
Video: Ron Paul Confronts Bernanke at Joint Economic Hearing 18:25:41
Ron Paul: Time is Running Out! 18:25:42
(VIDEO)Rep Lloyd Doggett hammers Bernanke on Bailout(9/24/08) 13:15:22
*Three Way Presidential Debate Obama McCain and Nader* 12:33:52
The President will be on TV....Tonight, 9PM ET 18:25:40
*Dear American* 10:19:51
What Would You Do If You Saw Your Nation Going Fascist? 10:06:41
Live Coverage of Bernanke Bailout Testimony 09:57:36
These Are the Senators Who are Up for Reelection in November 09:31:38
***Please Don't Waver!*** 00:15:30
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This nation HAS nukes, TESTED nukes and TESTED delivery systems. 23:59:30
Thank You Michael For Putting Up The Contact Reps On Home Page - Flashing! 23:46:57
Coast to Coast, Alex Jones on right now ! 23:45:25
*US lawmakers set to draft final bailout bill TOMORROW* 23:28:48
So we are all rough and tough freedom fighters, but who actually has the discipline 23:18:32
VIDEO: New details on Martial Law coming October 1st- army to handle "civil unrest and crowd control" 23:17:23
We got some air waves today. This is heard all over the world. 23:14:39
From Daily Kos Obama: Debate Bob Barr 23:14:18
What irony... 23:09:24
2nd Question 22:58:20
Without Comment 22:57:28
Bailout plan not embraced 22:47:12
Surely most Americans AIN'T 22:41:21
Today I saw chemtrails being made 22:41:03
Dodd and Frank are spinless POS 22:41:02
Henry Paulson to Become Overseer of U.S. Economy 22:35:40
Liquidity Schemes, Gold and the Dollar - *** MUST WATCH *** 22:28:37
Troops deployed in U.S. a month before elections for "civil unrest and crowd control 22:26:48
Make a big production, Debate. All 3rd parties 22:23:24
BUSH agrees with Ron Paul! 22:23:05
We are witnessing National Bankruptcy 22:22:25
U.S. Troops In Homeland 'Crowd Control' Patrols From October 1st 22:16:11
McCain cannot Multi-task, how can he possibly run a nation? 22:14:50
The financial crisis: The price of stability 22:07:16
Please do your country a favor... 22:06:47
House clears $25bn for carmakers 22:02:55
Everything Bush touches turns to RUST! 22:02:48
McCain suspends campaign??? Is this a prelude to suspending the election? 22:02:06
Dr. Paul helped force the issue. PROUD to be a part..... 21:58:25
** Want some GOOD NEWS? O'Reiley HACKED! - LOL ** 21:57:11
What gives? 21:56:49
1st Bank Run in Hong Kong 21:53:05
This Has Been the Plan For a Very Long Time. 21:52:21
No Deal Money bomb 4 Lisa Kelly (redheads4paul) Digg it!!! 21:50:56
Just contacted my representatives AGAIN! 21:45:02
CNN Poll About Bailout - Vote NO! 21:38:54
Prosecutors at Gitmo are quitting 21:35:19
Bush:"I believe in Freedom and Free Markets, Except For Now..." 21:33:46
debt clock 21:33:40
New Letter to send 21:29:55
(VIDEO) President Bush's Speech EXACTLY 1 Year ago on Financial Issues. 21:27:34
1 Question? 21:26:35
Ron Paul grills Ben Bernanke on the Fed’s desire to fix prices 21:25:41
Bush had that deer in a... 21:19:05
What the heck is the FED? 21:13:31
Is the Mortgage Crisis even real??? 21:11:25
Guess who recommended Obama to enter Harvard 21:09:19
The Ultimate Remedy: LB Bork on First Ammendment Radio Now 21:01:35
U.S. Army 'Raiders' Plan Permanent Presence on America's Streets 20:57:14
Top "10" 20:51:42
When peacefull revolution is impossible a violent 1 is inevitable 20:49:50
McCain and Savings and Loans Scandal 20:48:36
Did the Big 3 Automakers (haha) Get Permssion To Dip 20:47:12 - WTF? "Citizens Against Ron Paul" 20:32:59
HEY OLE MISS!!! How about Baldwin, Nader McKinney or Barr? 20:32:38
Barr Will Raise Over 1 Million By This Week 20:31:35
Get Ron on Rachel Maddow's show! 20:24:34
-> HEY!! Who sponsored the $700B bailout bill???? <- 20:06:45
Action Alert from CFL! Digg it!! too for Liberty!!! 20:03:44
Bush toasts to the New World Order 19:53:46
Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime 19:53:23
Excuse me sir would you like paper or lead? 19:52:43
Lou Dobbs Bailout Poll Agree or Disagree go Here: 19:42:28
FED removes $125 billion in past 4 days to amplify credit crisis!!! 19:40:28
Bailout II multi trillion $ derivative blowout! 19:37:00
Small Banks Pursue Piece of Bailout 19:33:23
Biden will step down 19:24:36
McCain suspends his campaign, could Dr Paul remove his suspension and campiagn for president? 19:16:04
Great Rant Against The powers that be by Marcy Kaptur 19:14:10
Check out this cool E-mail the congress APP from 19:12:48
Hanging effigy's 19:09:08
Question about Bernanke's Monetizing comment 19:06:06
Free Money for Everyone! Stop paying your mortgage. 19:04:12
Letter From The Dr. 18:57:19
Germany doesn't join the bailout 18:48:58
There will be no election folks! 18:46:38
Bullhorn signed by Alex Jones during the revolution for sale 18:44:31
Congressmen are "peeing in their pants" at the furious response to the Bailout 18:32:40
Updated C4L Flyer and Capital Hill Switchboard 18:31:10
Dr. Paul on FOX Business Tonight 18:24:38
Funny Quotes about the bailout 18:20:05
Jim Rogers stuff is so true....12 March (Or was it Today) 18:15:09
Is the Pitchfork and Torch march still on tomorrow? 17:58:13
Write-in Requirements for each state 17:53:43
Now Is The Time 17:52:33
Only 4 Republican House members support Paulson plan 17:51:42
Remind anyone of the Patriot Act? 17:43:25
Top Story on CNN Just Now? - Clinton Promotes Global Answers... 17:43:06
Tinker Bell Treasurer: On believing In Fairies and Bailouts 17:41:56
Calling my congressman UPDATED 17:39:16
Do you have a brokerage account? 17:38:25
Can Someone Explain Why Goldman Sachs Is Different? 17:27:15
Did ron paul speak again at the Financial meeting? 17:26:44
I'm begging you all please look at the idea. More people will call!!!! 17:25:50
Bailout Atrocity- Ron Paul Says "Call Your Congress Member Now!" 17:18:26
640 = 1,920 = 3,840 17:17:26
I'm shocked, but it looks like the mad taxpayer response has been so overwhelming that it's going to be a dogfight. 17:05:39
Bailout Plan Takes Beating On Capitol Hill 16:59:26
Is Ron Paul scheduled for prime time? 16:58:56
*NATO Sheltering Afghan Heroin Trade* 16:58:51
Palin says another Great Depression is possible 16:48:48
Its A Bird, No Its A Plane, No Its Senator McCain **DIGG** 16:48:24
McCain pulls ads 16:45:22
McCain skips Friday's Debate, Ron Paul to debate Obama instead 16:42:12
I weep at the ignorance of Americans. 16:40:45
Protest Monday at noon, wherever you are 16:38:26
Financial "Rescue" 16:30:40
GET IN ON A SURE THING!!!!!!!!! 16:29:49
Ron Paul on 700B Banking Rescue plan 16:23:23
Only 4 Republican House members support Paulson plan 16:22:36
Techniques or tactics needed for help spreading the message about the UNASUR (South American Union) to Chileans 16:19:08
"New World Order For Dummies": ("A must see video") 16:09:26
Git a damn rope! 16:08:30
Silly partisans, tricks are for kids! 16:07:06
We have scared Congress senseless with our calls. 16:00:11
The Bailout: What happens after it happens? 15:54:13
"HELP" We need a Website! Now is the time! 15:52:57
OHHH you have to see this. Drive the spike through the heart of capitalism 15:51:11
Is Ron Paul to speak again today? 15:43:56
*The Hidden Cost Of War* 15:38:12
Campaigns "suspended" 15:22:04
This will be the top story tonight 15:21:19
Time for Signwaves Again? 15:10:24
More than 100,000 letters sent through 15:07:42
Is it getting time to cash my E bonds?? 15:05:12
Oh I wish it was for good!!! But, we know he'll be back 15:04:58
McCain to postpone debate 15:02:21
McCain wants to postpone debate. 15:00:03
What is a Gold Bug? 15:00:02
The Cast of Characters is back on live-CNBC 14:58:40
Let's get Ron Paul in here — google quotes 14:55:02
"New World Order For Dummies": (A must see video) 14:53:28
Whether Democrat, Republican or Ind., I think you'll get a kick out of this! 14:51:29
PLEASE WATCH!!! ***American soldier exposes US policy in Iraq*** 14:13:39
gold how about some feedback 14:05:52
Bush starting the crisis in speech on university 2002 14:03:13
What will Your Post-Splat America Look Like? 14:02:27
Slavery didnt end in the US until 1945 13:57:08
Chuck Baldwin thanks Ron Paul! 13:48:58
Fox News Cheryl Casone is confused about the Economic Crisis...lets get some Fed comments going!!!! Call to Action to EDUCATE!! 13:39:08
VIDEO: Ron Paul Questions Bernanke 9/24 13:38:44
Will The people who buy our debt continue past this bailout? 13:38:29
Please at least write your reps through 13:36:38
A Financial Controlled Demolition Just Like 9/11 13:27:48
If you really want your freedom you will open this and open your mind. 13:23:43
[][][][] HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?! [][][][] 13:22:56
Will this help McCain? 13:22:39
Common Sense: A Movie For All Americans 13:17:49
Rhino: Why didn't Dr. Paul stand up and shout ... 13:08:19
It looks like the RP people are going to have to educate each congressman on the FED. Could it be done by phone, fax and Email? 13:07:42
Get Out the Pitchforks and Lighted Torches: Protest at Wall St. This Thursday at 4 p.m. 13:05:52
Did anyone miss this? 12:57:55
Angry Ron Paul letter 12:43:56
Someone Please Post The Info For Contacting Congress etc... 12:40:04
The Election Means Almost Nothing 12:37:51
SocGen issues China alert as fears mount on banks 12:29:48
WE are under surveillence!? 12:27:38
Lew Rockwell on the relative irrelevance of elections 12:21:54
Letter from Ron Paul -- Time is Running Out 12:15:25
Morgan Stanley/Goldman Sachs 12:06:33
End the Fed! Nat'l Day of Protest & Education Nov 22nd ~ 38 Cities. One Purpose. 11:55:11
this is's all libertarians fault 11:54:49
Ron Paul on CNBC NOW!!!! 11:36:04
Ron Paul NOW talking 11:35:20
Oklahoma revolutionaries please read.. Real ID forum and dinner Sunday! 11:30:38
Man Passes Gas, Charged with Battery on Officer 11:12:39
Ready for an energy Revolution? 11:06:23
The hunt for liquidity: Dark Liquidity & the Secrecy of Dark Pools 10:53:52
Is Anyone Watching Bernanke Testifying in Front of Schumer's Committee on MNBC 10:51:47
The time is now and the media is watching...we must rise up 10:27:40
18% of electors are still undecided 10:01:58
House Democrats will allow offshore drilling ban to expire 10:00:41
What the world is saying 09:58:20
The market still doesn't look good 09:54:32
*October 1st Martial Law?* 09:48:27
I just told a little white lie to get my 401K money out. Screw'em! 09:40:42
Buffet bailing US out? 09:26:48
MARCH TOMORROW - We must do MORE than phone calls to stop the bailouts 09:21:16
Great AM Radio Station "The Revolution" 09:10:47
Post Your Apologies Here For Pre-Wake-Up Mistakes 08:53:37
Which of these 3'rd party guys will end the drug war... 08:30:16
Ron Paul on Bill Press Show ~ L.A. KTLK AM 1150 ~ on next! 08:27:21
Still Alive In Outlaw Territory 08:25:03
Dave Ramsey's Counter Plan for Bailout: Mark to Market 08:12:19
McCain LOSES HIS HEAD!!--- WASHINGTON POST...By George F. Will (be forwarned as to a McCain Presidency) 08:08:49
Background Information on the War on Terror...How We Got Here 08:05:33
A REAL Bailout Plan 07:56:51
!!Help, help!!! 07:54:06
SHOULD RP - call for an emergency march on DC to stop the Bailout? 07:20:49
There are new Paulites appearing everywhere... 06:45:43
Ron Paul will get to grill Bernanke et. al. Wednesday 9-24 06:27:16
Is It Likely That There Will Be a Violent Overthrow of Our Government? 06:02:08
Regarding Liberty, Govt. Intervention in Abortion Seems Wrong 05:25:40
Slacker Uprising, Michael Moore's new film 05:17:02
Jim Cramer "outrageous moment I am aghast" 05:05:51
The Constitution Is the Issue 05:01:57
Great Article from Chuck Baldwin, He Clarifies His Views For Any Doubters. 04:27:21
Take Action Today 04:09:48
Notice a Pattern? 03:41:30
Fed plows another $30 billion in money markets overseas 03:03:40
Revolution Broadcasting 02:43:55
How much over spot are you able to (find) and buy silver at?? 02:42:41
In case anyone missed it...m72mc is BACK!! 02:37:20
DIGG 02:30:43
I'm burned out for the night. All I wanna know is what about the fish? 02:20:40
American Militia, Media Spin 02:20:29
Easy Derivative Primer (Easier than some, anyway) 02:18:08
Is Obama Anti-war? 01:49:08
Poppy Seed Beer = 7 Years in Jail? Muffins next? 01:46:17
I'm done with my 401k 01:44:40
Let the "free" market decide Wall Street's future! 01:06:28
Onion article from 2001 comes true, how scary is that 00:54:33 00:45:19
Germany and UK want global financial regulator 00:44:59
Is this why I can't find a decent woman?? and hate the NWO?? 00:13:10
Anyone received this letter/email yet? lol 00:08:19
It's OUR FIGHT NOW! 00:02:34