Posted on September 25, 2008

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NYT: Talks Implode After Day of Chaos 23:48:30
As Goldman CEO US Treasurer Henry Paulson Got Very Rich - How Rich? Try half a billion. 23:27:20
RED ALERT: Asia Needs Deal to Prevent Panic Selling of U.S. Debt 22:26:16
WAMU: Largest Bank Failure in US History Video! 22:08:15
Ron Paul on Fox Business Poll 21:47:58
Support the 3rd Party Internet Debate! 19:41:21
Ron Paul on FOX / Neil Cavuto 9/25/2008 23:48:31
Letter from Ron Paul just arrived 16:45:53
Hurts my Brain! - Sarah Palin interview 14:24:41
Dr. Paul To Be On Infowars Talk Show Today (09-25-08) 11:55:51
Can the "Rescue" be leveraged by the people? 10:57:38
Bailout Deal Breaks Down! 10:21:24
The Noose Tightens 10:19:55
David Letterman smokes McCain! 10:05:12
New Monopoly - NWO Edition 10:22:18
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Why no politician voting for the bailout will ever win another election 23:57:17
The bottom line. 23:48:05
★ No Amnesty For Wall Street ★ 23:46:58
Keep Pounding Your Reps. With Calls and Emails!!! 23:46:13
The 50 Richest Members of Congress 23:42:23
Fox Biz ~ Ron Paul Sees Great Depression 23:16:02
Any Politician Who Votes For This Wall Street Bail Out Plan Will NEVER Win Another Election 23:15:37
What the Co-Designer of the RTC's Sealed Bid Auction Program has to Say About the Bailout 23:11:32
WM collapse is Fascism plot to force congress to pass bail out plan. 23:07:22
Who do you think will come out of this economic crisis looking smartest? 22:55:20
An Economist on CNBC suggests a better solution for 700B than the current Paulson Plan 22:54:52
NOW! Witness! The Meltdown! 22:31:51
A beautiful sight! 22:20:23
Have you guys read section 8 of the proposed bill 22:20:06
Washington Mutual fails - largest bank failure in world history... 22:16:06
Congress needs to Ban Fed from loaning tax money 22:10:59
Bailout falls apart 21:58:40
Gold coin sales halted due to rush, but price not going up...? 21:53:59
Fox News Poll 21:51:05
Bailout Plan Bogs Down - September 25, 2008 9:49 P.M.ET 21:46:57
*Russia To Dominate The World?* 21:34:12
Bailout Stalled! 21:33:46
Paulson used to be the President of Goldman Sachs? 21:31:04
Protest Videos from Wall Street 21:25:43
Keating 5 McCain Protest in Ohio 21:17:07
Third Continental Congress 21:15:14
Anyone Listening to Chuck Baldwin He's Being Interviewed Now 21:13:26
Chuck Baldwin on now september 25 9pm eastern 8pm central 21:07:24
SO THEY BAIL OUT AND WE BAIL IN ????????? 21:07:19
Our battle cry should be 20:57:19
The water shortage will make the oil shortage look like a picnic. 20:49:38
JPMorgan to buy WaMu - CNN report and Bailout Poll 20:49:22
Write you local newspapers! 20:45:31
I'm not rich what the best option? 20:34:11
The Keating Five Scandal in 97 Seconds 20:31:06
"Do you support the bailout?" Poll in my local paper - help me! 20:30:39
This bail out is about REFUNDING THE FOREIGN INVESTORS 20:30:34
Treasury’s Financial-Bailout Proposal to Congress 20:30:19
What Happens If... 20:24:28
Pakistan Probes Mystery of US Marine's Steel Boxes at Marriot 20:23:20
FREEDOM of Religion--- Chuck Baldwin 20:22:14
What's Up With the Bailout? Read This..... 20:18:35
Secret meetings? 20:15:11
Mccain is OUT Paul-Nader 08' 20:12:35
New Jim Rogers video: "Welfare for the rich" 20:09:33
The Bail Out Could Be a Good Thing... 20:08:01
If this bailout passes then we will know who really runs the country. 19:55:35
With WAMU , that makes bank failures this year 15 or 16? 19:49:51
Bailout: This AP reporter appears to be listening 19:42:28
BREAKING: Barney Franks on Bloomberg live: "Deadlock creation by McCain"!!!! 19:42:17
Revolution Broadcasting to host the very first internet multi party Presidential debate October 9th submit your questions now! 19:30:53
WaMu did not make it to Friday 19:29:38
Breaking News: FDIC To Seize Washington Mutual And Sell Deposits to J.P. Morgan 19:26:17
Political Religiousity and Chuck Baldwin 19:22:22
Is anyone taking their money out of the bank? 19:22:10
Bailout Could Deepen Crisis, CBO Chief Says WOW - READ THIS 19:21:44
The Great Emergency 19:08:24
Sen Crapo expects deal "before markets open on Monday" 19:07:03
put ron's letter in your local editorial... 19:06:12
Operation Prove Paul Right 19:04:24
Chuck Baldwin August 17th : I will appoint Ron Paul secretary of the treasury. Live archive here 19:00:48
Russia, Venezuela & North Korea - Nuclear News 18:54:22
French leader says the world came within "a whisker of catastrophe" 18:50:54
Spread Ron's Reponse to the President - While On Hold For Your Calls About Stopping The Bailout 18:50:11
John "Mighty Mouse" McCain? Snort! 18:48:16
U.S., Pakistan exchange shots at volatile border 18:43:39
DC's 700 billion dollar money bomb. Thank you for your contribution! 18:42:07
*Do You Want Ron Paul Being Secretary Of State?* 18:40:09
Stephanopoulos: Paulson Fears Deal May Collapse 18:31:28
The Housing boom was the main catalyst for economic growth for several years... 18:30:49
NWO for Dummies 18:28:05
House GOP Says Make Wall Street Pay for bailout 18:27:32
Bailout is NOT a done deal. Our pressure is working! 18:25:22
Paulson: Deal may be DEAD!!!! 18:23:22
Socialized Medicine at Its Best 18:21:35
It is our job to encourage America 18:18:17
Bailout Meeting "In Disarray"... NO AGREEMENT YET! 18:06:39
NEW Interesting thread on Google finance about electing Ron paul 17:51:26
Ron Paul: Bailout is a “slipshod” proposal 17:48:00
USA Today Front Page Problem NOW 17:47:13
Professor explains economy ( what a joke) 17:45:08
Isn't This Money Laundering? 17:44:48
A Much better bailout plan.... 17:43:58
It's Time For History To Repeat Itself, A Call To The Minute Men 17:43:16
CNBC new poll 17:38:51
This CNN article explains explains it all 17:37:46
Picture of Bush, Obama, & McCain on Drudge 17:16:25
Why is CSPAN not airing the bailout vote? 17:08:04
this is interesting! what do you think! aCONgress woman WITH BALLS! 17:05:01
Houston Chronicle Front page attack on Ron Paul 17:04:46
The Bailout Done Deal - Not Yet read and do what it takes to stop it. Call your rep in Congress & Senate NOW 17:02:05
CNN 5:00EST Sen. Shelby says NO DEAL !!! 16:59:58
Sen Shelby just live on Bloomberg 16:58:33
Breaking News...CNBC: Republican Shelby: "Don't Believe We Have An Agreement On Bailout Plan 16:58:31
POLL: Will you support your local Congressman or Senator if he or she votes for the Bailout? 16:54:03
I'm mad as Hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore! (Video) 16:52:51
Boston Tea Party candidate Charles Jay to be interviewed tonight! 16:40:33
A better solution? - Government take over of the Fed 16:40:26
Quote of the Century 16:39:29
Is the $700 Billion Really for Bailing Out the Fed? 16:34:22
Another soldier died in Iraq today 16:32:07
LET'S MAKE A DEAL 16:31:09
We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth... For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and 16:25:38
Checkout all the News stories about Hugo Chavez today 16:23:09
We need to do something to protest! 16:21:37
why are diff. years of american eagles priced differently? 16:17:13
Ron Pauls answer to the President 16:08:49
From Ron Paul - "My Answer to the President" 16:04:22
9-25-08 New Email from Ron Paul: My Answer to the President 15:56:12
It's All a Ruse! They Want the Crash 15:49:08
*$700B Bailout With No Oversight~Most Fascist Scheme Yet* 15:42:45
Can someone explain the bailout in layman terms 15:38:33
Reply from my representative on H.R. 2755 15:36:35
What are the chances of another bailout in a few months? 15:30:53
The BIRK plan 15:28:54
Valley congressman: Phone calls running 300 to 2 against bailout 15:24:46
Regardless of What Happens: HAVE NO FEAR 15:24:29
Rhino: The Awakening 15:20:07
PROTEST NOW!!! 15:20:03
*Could These Be Our Fema Camp Prison Cells?* 15:16:18
Freddie Mac paid McCain Campaign Chiefs firm until last month 180K per year 15:14:06
O'Cane/McBomba '08: Joint Statement on Bush "Bailout" 15:03:48
Assassinations on U.S. Citizens October 1st? 14:54:22
Advertise Ron Paul's 2008 Presidential Campaign Predictions 14:45:32
Need Advice: As this economy collapses, where can I turn for safe retirement investing? 14:39:02
For the Atheist 14:29:40
Repeal the 16th ammendment NOW!!! 14:22:22
Great Quote That Hits The Nail On The Head 14:17:15
This " grave crisis" is completely phony 14:13:19
Bloomberg: Bailout won't restore confidence in the dollar 14:08:30
RP live on AJ now! 14:02:53
Who's Running for Liberty? 13:56:56
Do you trust President Bush's leadership regarding the economic bailout? 13:49:14
Meet Mrs. NO! 13:45:39
A LIE WITHIN A LIE: The people at DailyPaul are asleep. My last post. 13:45:17
Protest - Do not pay mortage next month 13:41:53
U.S. farmers may face cash flow squeeze -official 13:34:27
#624 in the Daily Paul 9/25 1:35PM EST! 13:32:09
$700 Billion? Not based on data... just a really BIG number !?!?! 13:27:13
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Sells Out on Bailout Plan 13:24:04
A great read - important too. 13:19:04
*We will watch the economy fail in totality* 13:17:03
A New Name 13:15:20
Is Palin Ready To Be President? 13:15:04
Ron Paul: the republic's financial prophet 13:13:38
Granny Warrior Live 13:04:12
Papatonio gets slammed on Fox for mentioning mccains Keating five scandal 12:54:10
Official "$700 billion alternative uses" thread. 12:51:51
Website for locating Bailout Protests 12:51:46
Paulson facilitates insider trading 12:46:02
FED Pulls $125 Billion from Circulation in Past 4 Days! 12:45:31
NOW 12:47 EST on Alex Jones -- Expert Historian Webster Griffin Tarpley 12:42:42
Why Wal-Mart money might replace gold as the money of a free-market 12:37:21
When the Bailout is approved Today...Then What??? 12:34:19
****** BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!****** 12:25:11
New "Evacutuation Route" Signs Going up in DC area 12:19:56
betrayal by the media 12:07:53
Congress' switchboard 12:06:03
VIDEOS-Ron Paul-Fox News/On Warren Buffet & Bailout-(9/25/08) 11:58:40
Mccains talking points for suspension accidentally leaked ! 11:58:30
China shuts down Money Pipeline 11:57:43
First they shut down documentary wire now Freedoms Phoenix ? 11:53:39
Ron Paul's Perfect Storm 11:45:34
Spitzer was blowing the whistle on all this! 11:44:23
Reuters: "U.S. says Pakistani forces fire on helicopters" 11:43:05
Europe and Japan turn cold shoulder to U.S. plea for bank bailouts 11:37:32
Chuck Baldwin Money Bomb Tomorrow Friday September 26th 11:15:13
Petition and Poll at Senator Sanders Web Site 11:10:05
China will not be loaning out funds to the U.S. 10:50:30
Call your Senators and Reps AGAIN! We are still making a difference. 10:49:44
My Home Town ....Thanks To Government 10:41:44
Former candidate Ron Paul recalls Green Tree youth 10:30:51
Credit Drug Rehab 10:27:16
Bailout is smoke screen for... 10:26:40
Homeland Security Detects Terrorist Threats by Reading Your Mind 10:26:35
Hey you guys that own your own business 10:20:31
POLL : Who are you going to vote for in November? Shows the 3rd parties Chuck Baldwin winning with 76% 10:19:27
U of Mississippi Constitutionalist Group 10:16:13
Even Gingrich comes out against the bailout plan... DIGG and use for ammunition! 10:13:57
Any House member that votes for the bailout should be voted out of office in Nov 10:09:11
Here is our gold, Stolen by the FED 10:08:13
Please Prepare for the Worst! 10:04:59
The scam, as I see it 09:58:44
The Proposed Bail Out is EXTORTION 09:57:25
bill to give s.s.# to illegal aliens 09:47:44
Better Economy Or More Money? **Digg It** 09:38:28
Meanwhile, back in Oz 09:35:44
Protest Monday at Noon 09:32:34
"Democratic Capitalism" 09:26:25
Contact for everyone on Earth….almost 09:25:01
Now Japan hates us.....ggrrrrrrr 09:23:19
A Distraction via Nuclear Strike on USA??? 09:17:58
Get Ready for MASSIVE layoffs. 09:03:57
When will the revolution begin? 09:00:21
They wont release my 401k! 08:57:29
um, did mcINSANE just suspend his campaign??? 08:54:29
It is not ALL bad news: Listen to this: 08:43:02
China banks told to halt lending to US banks-SCMP 08:34:57
If toxic mortgages are such a "good deal for the taxpayer", why are the banks so desparate to get rid of them? 08:24:59
Socialism vs. Capitalism 08:03:14
Democrats reach an agreement over Bailout (rumored) 07:39:04
FED Speaking out of both sides of its mouth 07:37:24
Dump Barney Frank into Boston Harbor! 07:34:09
Citizens Dumping Personal Junk on Wall Street to Protest Bailout 07:27:46
White House Admits It Drew Up Bailout Months Ago 06:54:45
Russia opens online fuel bourse 04:34:54
Why not use the Gold Reserves for the Bailout? Wait - what? What do you mean they are missing? 04:00:32
Downsize DC Commits suicide by staking the bailout as TOTALLY unnecessary! 03:31:58
Friday’s Foreign Policy Debate 03:08:07
President Obama Gold Coins 03:06:11
Bailout Media Wrap-up 03:04:00
Government has it's "own" accounting rules? 03:02:51
Bloomberg: China might start dumping the dollar 02:49:41
Stand-up comedian supports Ron Paul 02:36:13
Bush spokesman admits they prepared plan months IN ADVANCE! 02:30:22
Best Analysis Yet - The Empire Strikes Out - The US Economic Crisis 02:27:01
I just sent this letter to the Senator 02:18:36
Sovereign Future 02:01:46
Nigerian Email Scam? Nope. This is real! 01:49:11
9mm vs .40 cal 01:46:01
Hidden bailout passed 9/24 while everyone was distracted 01:39:15
LOOK AT THIS - Yahoo news on Rumsfeld's torture techniques 01:19:25
Woot... 01:11:46
NATO Accused of Sheltering Afghan Heroin Trade 00:58:22
New Horrors at the airports 00:54:22
PRAY 00:47:40
What happened to the brave Vets against the War 00:45:30
Canadian Ron Pauls 00:31:10
Preparing for fight on home ground been in the planning 00:24:14
Time to overthrow the government 00:16:05
Prophecy - George Green 00:12:35
So Paulson was saying it was "urgent" 00:10:13