Posted on September 27, 2008

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***Breaking News:Third Party Debate*** 22:19:41 -- Has Our Revolutionary Moment Arrived? 22:19:40
Is the financial crisis a "hoax" by the big financials to scare Congress - some economists think so! 21:09:57
Fox News Calls Ron Paul an Economic Genius! 17:56:03
Introducing: The Voter Bomb! 17:12:30
Cafferty on Palin 09:15:05
Sunday afternoon Bailout Letter to Congressman & Senators (update) 09:05:23
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Report: Banks helped foreigners escape US taxes 23:59:18
Sarah Palin In A Bikini. For Real. 23:50:59
Thank All of You So Very Much !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 23:50:24
U.K. Fighting The National ID 23:49:36
Pastors: blow off I.R.S, endorse McCain 23:44:51
FIX IT NOW - Plan to Actually SOLVE THE PROBLEM 23:26:36
I Invented the Internet--Kill and Destroy 23:24:25
Portales News Tribune Poll Results 22:49:56
Ron Paul says Financial Crisis Made Up 22:46:05
WaMu Chapter 11 22:42:35
Question about locally own banks vs credit unions 22:40:16
Dr Paul Would Find This to Be Disturbing 22:33:05
response from Diane Feinstein to my email against bailout 22:30:54
Is this our next assignment? 22:08:14
Thaddeus McCotter on C-Span is the Bomb!!!!!!! 22:06:00
you know things are bad when... 21:49:28
Revolution art periodical: you decide the content! 21:39:24
ABSOLUTE PROOF that the "Economic Crisis" was Engineered 21:33:24
Silver Certificates 21:22:58
Debate: McCain & Obama (Highlights) 21:22:42
Chuck Baldwin on now september 27 9pm eastern 8pm central 21:21:34
Anyone good with youtube videos we need some help for the 3rd party debate oct 9 21:14:53
Coup By Memo- FINALLY a Non-Neocon Drudge Report 21:12:47
"How Major U.S. Neo-Imperialist Wars End" by Robert Higgs 21:12:28
Really tricky Real ID in Pennsylvania 21:05:15
Peter Schiff on CNN Opposition to a bailout 21:04:12
How it stacks up 21:02:34
Congressman Tom Tancredo about Illegal Inveders on Neil Cavuto on 9-27-08 20:59:13
Democracy NOW US government getting ready for BAD TIMES to come! 20:56:05
This Is How The Bail Out Will Screw You 20:53:20
Read John Boehner's letter to Pelosi about the bail out! Sounds like he agrees with RP 20:52:24
President John F.Kennedy,The Federal Reserve And Executive Order 11110 20:49:04
9/27/2008 Ron Paul Advisor Peter Schiff On Your World 20:31:52
It really is the end of the world, Huckster has a show 20:21:07
Alarmist or Not? 20:17:41
Predictions vs. Reality in Iraq by Ron Paul 20:16:22
Our central government is addicted to credit, we need to withdrawl our money from treasury bonds. 20:12:47
Did You Hear Ron Paul Today On KDKA ? (9/27/08) 20:06:48
Ron Paul on CNBC's Kudlow Company 20:06:41
Geolibertarianism 20:02:42
Anti-Trust Lawsuit Money Bomb Needed! 19:53:47
★ DON'T TREAD ON ME! ★ 19:41:22
We need A BIG Money Bomb.. 19:39:43
How It Will Start 19:30:14
Bill to End Offshore Drilling Ban Passes 19:24:08
Good Quote from Conan 19:24:00
*Ron Paul The Monetary Genius*Video* 19:18:35
East Coast, head's up: Kyle's now a Cat 1 19:03:11
Video Interviews from Minnesota 18:59:53
Will someone help me get this straight? It seems the Federal Reserve is hitting us on three sides with this bailout 18:51:33
Vote in my Home Town Bail out Poll****** only 51 votes so far. 18:48:51
This is why they absolutely need the bailout. 18:47:48
HELP: Outrageous, heinous, monstrous. Not for cowards 18:42:14
Why is everyone so terrified of a recession? 18:35:11
Why vote for Chuck Baldwin? 18:29:42
Outrageously bigger than the bailout. D'ONT watch, if you're a wuss 18:24:19
Starting impeachment proceedings immediately 18:23:45
Write-In Votes For Chuck Baldwin 18:21:19
Dennis Kucinich And This Is The System We're Saving! 18:19:28
Just Put this Up on Pelosi's Comment Site http://www.publicmarkup.o... 18:11:35
Cynthia McKinney: 9/11 Truth - NOW OR NEVER 18:03:32
Repudiate The Criminal Elites Who Reign Over Us 18:00:42
DIGG: FOX NEWS calls Ron Paul an economic Genius!!!! 17:57:19
9/27/2008 Peter Schiff On Your World 17:56:56
Take a guess at how many times the phrase "balanced budget" is uttered during the debates? 17:52:16
Ok everyone send Chuck Baldwin 5 or 10 dollars right now and let's help him. 17:47:27
Attn: Dr. Paul - The Pyrite Plan 17:45:28
Please help me with this,,A list of Elected Officals that we will even bother to look at for reelection. 17:37:39
Third-party debate in early October 16:59:39
We're going to create more dollars... 16:53:46
Here is the BAIL OUT Tell Pelosi what you think ! 16:43:25
"CHEMTRAILS"- hate to beat a dead horse but . . . 16:30:15
Pelosi on CNN, said the proposed bill was on the internet, they were looking for input from the public - Anyone know about this? 16:20:20
Something special Nov. 5th? 16:18:22
Chuck Baldwin interview on revolution broadcasting now 3:pm eastern 2pm central 16:11:25
Financial Bailout will Lead to Demise of the Dollar 16:10:28
OH... Don't forget THIS good news from 2 days ago!.... Iran Blockade Resolution..... SHELVED. 16:00:51
I think a year of Jubilee is in order.... 15:54:20
Slave Uprising! 15:41:46
Senate sends big $634 Billion spending bill to Bush to sign (seperate of the $700 Billion bailout) 15:36:51
Poll: only 24% of Americans support the Bailout... 15:33:51
Chuck Baldwin on now! 15:30:29
*Campaign For Liberty Amazing Growth Stats* 15:26:09
Finally Sen. grahamNESTY to Debate Bob Conley on live TV! 15:22:04
Senate passes $634B spending bill. Where's the outrage? 15:06:19
Anyone else get a U.S. Census Mailing? 15:00:55
Baldwin... lesser of three evils?! 15:00:45
local band turns down mccain palin gig , says it ain't Ron Paul. 15:00:26
*Announcing Freedom Writers* 14:44:35
For all you Chuck Baldwin sceptics - LISTEN to this 14:13:48
My Florida Congressman Take on the Bailout Plan 14:12:02
WSJ: "America Needs a New New Deal"! 14:10:53
Holy Sh#t! 14:09:57
bail out action 14:05:16
What is the message they are getting from calling us to help McCain? 13:56:35
*Breaking News~FED To Be Shut Down!* 13:53:17
The Who, What, Where, When, and How, of the bailout . 13:49:12
And there goes Wachovia 13:46:28
The Debate in a Nutshell... 13:40:27
General Motors Has Eaten Through Their Credit Line 13:39:40
IMPORTANT! Sign the NO Bailout Petition!!! 13:25:07
Barack Obama's $845 Billion Global Tax Proposal Up for Senate Vote (This is a lil dated, but let's keep it fresh in our minds). 13:23:08
NAU/One World Gov't. on the Rise: U.S. Census Bureau Now Includes Industry Classification Scheme for Canada and Mexico (NACIS) 13:17:01
"Bank of England offers £43bn to beleaguered banks after U.S. 13:13:20
Bush's Sat. 9/27 Address 13:00:36
Congressional Bailout Approval Delays Pressure World Bankers 12:53:11
Churches excercising Right to Free Speech Sun - McCain 12:44:56
BTM deletes post about revolution broadcastings 3rd party debate October 9th why? 12:43:54
The Ron Paul solution 12:38:47
Spread the Word: You Will Lose if You Vote for Lesser of Two Evils 12:26:09
They are at it again 12:17:18
Fox reporter makes interesting comment 12:11:01
Fox News at 4:00 EST ~Cavuto ~ Ron Paul, David Ramsey, Donald Trump 12:08:37
Congress shuts down for the religious Jewish holidays? 12:05:09
History In The Making!----> Your voice is being heard, possibly for the first time ever. 12:05:03
Ron Paul on Fox today 9-27 at 4pm EST 12:04:33
Contact The Commission on Presidential Debates 12:04:12
Contact The Commission on Presidential Debates 12:03:09
Contact The Commission on Presidential Debates 12:01:56
Baldwin DOES stand a chance. 12:01:12
Contact The Commission on Presidential Debates 11:59:14
Free online database of elected officials (especially PA) 11:59:10
***9-27-08 Ron Paul on FOX News with Neil Cavuto @ 4:00 PM ET Live!!! 11:58:14
*Independent U.S. presidential candidate banned from debates* 11:55:36
Contact The Commission on Presidential Debates 11:54:38
What was not said during last night's staged "debate"? 11:48:27
Oppose the Bailout? Click here 11:46:37
Misleading Voter's Guides not including Baldwin! 11:38:16
Great analysis of the debate by James Ostrowski 11:36:38
Are We Going To End Up One or Two Megabanks 11:33:17
Want to know more? - Here was our warning about the bailout!!! 11:29:44
**))**(( Where is the post with dozens of contact email addresses? 11:26:25
Don't you just love representative government? 11:25:26
190 Economists Speak to House of Representatives 11:18:48
McCain, Obama, Clinton, Bush Hand Puppet Video? 11:18:47
CNN Just had a propaganda spewing. 11:14:33
Bailout Q&A 11:03:28
Something big is happening in Israel (Sept. 27th) 10:51:55
Brilliant video from Nashville on the gas shortages 10:34:10
Peter Schiff - Glenn Beck on the Fed 10:30:16
Abolish Usury 10:28:30
Iraq hopes economic crisis won't affect US troops 10:17:39
*Chuck Baldwin~NO AMNESTY FOR WALL STREET* 10:16:41
A New Kind of Politics 10:12:14
FOR I AM BUSH!!!!! 10:10:55
Funniest headline this morning - off topic, just for laughs 10:06:49
Over $1M per day to drive WaMu into the dirt 10:04:26
Bob Barr: Ron Paul Supporters "Ought to be disappointed in Ron Paul" 10:01:29
Paulson-Land In Chile Questions 10:00:49
Daily Pauler's 80 Year Old Client Slams Wall Street Bankers-Newsweek 09:52:40
SEC admits blame in meltdown - gives FED more power 09:47:58
*VIDEO* - Once in Lifetime Rip Off 09:41:06
Why "Christians" should back HR 2755 to abolish the Federal Reserve 09:40:40
Making a Deal with the Devil 09:08:49
1 trillion plus loaned this week by the fed.. why the circus for 700B! 09:05:24
China is Worried about US Financial Condition 09:05:13
Chavez sounds smarter 08:27:10
derivatives 08:18:08
The Battle Plan II: Sarah "Evita" Palin, the Muse of the Coming Police State 08:11:59
What Fuels The National Debt? 08:01:56
I posted this nearly two years ago on Capitol Hill Blue...few were willing to listen. 07:45:57
The Debate and the Internal Revenue Code and IRS 07:41:38
Charlotte, NC and Atlanta Completely Out Of Gas 07:31:07
"The US Banking Collapse was a Controlled Demolition" 07:17:17
The Bailout is not just bad business but government sponsored election fraud 06:04:01
Capital Hill Switchboard: (202) 224-3121 05:53:30
Almost 10,000 members join now, help get us on cable!!! 05:48:09
Interesting interview with Ron Paul's chief of staff 04:41:35
OT: Chip-in started for Adam Kokesh 04:31:39
Aussie Govt follows suit sets up $4bill bailout 04:30:29
Has Anyone Seen These Videos? 04:18:45
Just got my absentee.. Who should I vote for? A write in? 03:51:47
My Day Off 03:24:00
Calamitous Web Bot Predictions, youtube links 03:15:36
Two congressmen support 03:05:00
Moyers interviews Bacevich (Video) 02:32:05
THIS is what is on the House floor now.. 02:16:42
The Empire Strikes Out - The US Economic Crisis 02:10:25
The Ron Paul solution 01:41:03
A man who Ron Paul should work with, Andrew Bacevich 00:54:23
Oct. 1 Martial Law begins POLICE STATE!! ARMY TIMES 00:53:16
Palin Exposes the Dumbness of America's Foreign Policy 00:52:55
Something is not right with Fauxnews... 00:37:51
Where does he stand? 00:26:53
Tax Revolt By Cindy Sheehan 00:09:26
My friends, the time has come for CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE 00:03:19
I spent some time with liberals and normal americans today 00:02:35