Posted on September 29, 2008

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McCain sent me a dollar!! 22:02:33
Tuesday Update: I need some help over at the Voter Bomb, please 21:15:29
Bush to speak again Tuesday morning 23:44:18
The 11th Round: The Wall Street Crisis and Bailout Bill Explained 18:17:56
Why are they assuming "Main Street" wants more access to more credit? 16:59:55
Ron Paul's Take on the Bailout Vote! 16:36:16
See How your Congressman voted: OFFICIAL BAIL-OUT ROLL CALL 14:48:39
Next Up: "End the Fed!" 18:17:57
Massive Follow-Up To Those Who Voted (Both Sides) - List Inside 00:19:47
9/29/08 Ron Paul FULL Speech on the House Floor 00:19:42
Open Thread: House Voting NOW! 11:11:00
Today the Fed Pumps another $630 Billion Into Financial System 11:08:01
Let's Play "WALLSTREET BAILOUT" The Rules Are... Rep Kaptur of Ohio spells it out...WOW!!! 00:19:41
Pledge for a Third Party Debate 00:19:40
New Ron Paul Biography - Ron Paul: A Life of Ideas 18:17:58
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Donald Trump predicts oil at $20 to $25 23:56:00
Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss? 23:55:15
Adam Kokesh on the Fire Team for Freedom - Midnight EST 23:52:43
International News 23:45:13
House members rejected bailout because voters back home hated it 23:36:05
Is There Video of mcCain Flip-flopping Positions on the Bailout Yet? 23:26:25
Code Red Emergency: 23:26:11
CHECK this math 23:25:44
Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" plugged Ron Paul 23:14:24
URGENT: Wall St. Not taking NO for answer. Get Ready for Round 2! 23:11:27
Campaign for Liberty T-Shirt? 23:01:32
Bailout Debate-How do I counteract this statement from the left? 22:56:13
I am torn... Some help please!! 22:55:53
RP Flag Returned, blog update and some other interesting footage. 22:53:23
Will government seize gold ETFs? 22:47:35
Please someone answer this question for me. 22:45:16
Vote, Vote and Vote Again Until Bailout Passes 22:43:35
Full list of congressional vote #1by Republican and Democrat on the bail out. How did your Rep vote? see here and VOTE THEM OUT! 22:33:20
Want to have some fun? 22:30:41
All In All 22:27:55
America has the Wrong Nominees 22:25:00
The latest news from 22:19:59
Plenty still left to fight for: The Bill of no Rights 22:19:44
Did anyone save our Bailout reading group from last night? 22:18:42
did anyone notice the name of the bailout bill? 22:15:34
What do you use a bank for? 22:00:08
Douglas Adams on Democracy - funny 21:56:01
Encouragement 21:55:48
1.2 Trillion dollars lost on Wall St. Where did it go ? 21:52:51
Obama's Missouri ‘Truth Squad’ 21:46:48
Asian Markets 21:44:30
Community Reinvestment Act 21:35:43
WaMu Gives New CEO Mega Payout as Bank Fails 21:33:55
The Fed is Responsible for Global Warming and Crime 21:28:33
Whose on the Texas ballot 21:28:04
"America's Mayor" Guiliani ready to reap LARGE! SHAMELESS!!! 21:25:13
We're All Suspects?! 21:15:17
"We The People" have spoken and the Lobbyists are pissed!!! 21:13:40
LISTEN **The Coming Weeks of Financial Peril** 21:07:33
CHECK THIS OUT! What Exactly Did They Vote On? (HR 3997) ... and is it actually defeated? 21:06:41
Please vote in this CNBC poll 21:04:20
The Real Reason Paulson Is Crying "Wolf" 21:02:03
Reddit Help with Austrian Economics submission anyone? 21:01:33
Does anyone chuckle when they realize.... 20:54:28
Congress will try to pass another bill Thursday -- Contact your representative 20:54:24
‘Hang ‘Em’: C-SPAN Caller Threatens Bush, Cheney 20:53:59
*We The People need, through our Representatives, an OFFENSIVE Move!* 20:53:28
Bob Barr on Neil Cavuto Praising Bailout Failure 20:49:13
Community Re-investment Act (CRA) - 20:41:49
deleted 20:40:13
No Party Tonight at the Palace of Versailles on the Hudson 20:39:51
Getting Played? 20:23:55
No Amnesty For Wall Street by Chuck Baldwin, September 26, 2008 20:23:38
More BS just in!!! MORE CIVIL LIBERTIES CRIMES!!! 20:17:39
Breakdown of the Final Bailout Bill 20:04:05
The Key to Freedom is Self Reliance! 19:55:54
Lesser of two evils, an inverse perspective 19:51:39
Are There Any Movements To Ban Lobbyist in Government 19:44:41
Peter Schiff on Glenn Beck 9/29/08 19:40:11
Well, people, what do you think about this company? 19:36:34
POLL: Look at the media and politician propagandists work! 19:35:14
Don't let up on Congress members 19:34:22
READ Page 7 CHINESE coming to TOWN 19:29:39
Rep. Michael Burgess - “we are under Martial Law” 19:28:32
Suprise Suprise 19:27:48
the RPM network, the new media is us ! 19:23:49
Failsafe Investing from Harry Browne 19:20:19
Nancy Pelosi's speech 19:19:36
CNN Money Poll 19:18:03
Economic recovery ideas for the good ole USA 19:17:30
Zeitgeist Addendum - Not Relevant? 19:13:54
Lou Dobbs Quick Poll Vote Now! 19:13:43
Lets Turn Congress into Servants instead of Career Politicians 19:04:27
Way to test conspiracy 19:03:12
When Dr.Paul says "let all the bad debt liquidate" what does he mean? 19:02:03
Congratulations all you Constitutional Warriors 18:59:15
*Bailout~Nader Tells The Truth*Video* 18:58:44
Real reason for the market plunge? 18:55:35
serious crisis in europe 18:49:22
Off Topic: USDA MANDATED! Meat Products marked with Product of USACanadaMexico 18:44:20
MICHAEL MOORE: The biggest robbery in the history of this country is taking place as you read this. 18:41:45
WTF!! Pentagon's New U.S. Africa Command (Africom): Neocon's Gift to a Pres.Obama? 18:32:06
Be on guard, we only won round one. 18:30:24
*The Mob Hands Us An October Surprise* 18:20:55
Thank you letter to our Reps--who voted "NO" 18:15:36
Another Terrific Sppech by McCotter Today Bread or Freedom 18:14:43
No reconsideration is possible 17:56:07
What are the chances of the DOW losing big the next 2 days... 17:54:53
Bush warns Moscow against bullying ??? Oh Please !! 17:54:32
letter from my terrorist rep who voted for it 17:45:42
Peter Schiff predicts financial recession two years ago 17:43:53
How can we contact the fools on LIVE? (online) 17:41:00
McCain invitation, ha ha! 17:37:30
We are stronger every day! 17:30:47
Has your Congressman gone back to their districts tonight? 17:30:37
Now they said that they may run through the Senate first 17:26:27
Today Representative government worked for us! 17:26:10
Did anyone ever find a sponser listing 17:22:53
McCains SUPPORTED the BILL and my letter to the GOP 17:17:33
Clear this up please... 17:17:01
Why is the Senate voting on the bail out Wednesday? 17:15:37
Is John Boehner unfit for duty? 17:13:39
AZ holding strong! 17:11:52
End Martial Law!!! 17:10:30
POLL: Where do we go from here???? 17:09:15
CNN Changed Their Poll Vote Again ASAP 17:08:09
voted yes = domestic enemy of the republic, citizens arrest?? 17:07:51
Wow--Pelosi was just trying to "insulate" us. 17:06:36
DOW WENT DOWN 777!!! I love it!! 17:05:21
I am so proud of all of you 17:04:30
Talking Heads are still saying the sky is falling 17:03:06
It wasn't the MONEY, it was the LEGAL COVER that Paulsen wanted 17:00:45
We Won the Bailout Vote -- Take Action to Prevent Any Vote-Changing! 16:59:25
Another soldier died today (Sept 29) 16:58:46
Since the bell failed to ring this morning, can they call a 'do-over'? 16:57:22
*Some Info To Prepare You For Martial Law* 16:54:55
The Death Knell Rings For The Federal Reserve 16:52:03
Did anyone else notice the DOW lost 110 points after 4:00 close 16:48:33
Tell CSPAN that you oppose the bailout - 202-585-3886 16:46:25
Getting in front of fear 16:43:30
BREAD OR FREEDOM??? 16:42:45
Send this to your Democrat friends! 16:42:31
Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer 16:41:07
And where the hell is Dick Cheney??? 16:37:29
Help me out here..why are they voting on this bailout when... 16:34:16
CNN Poll Up "Should Congress Pass a 700B Bill?" 16:33:55
Paulson will use ALL TOOLS AT HIS DISPOSAL 16:33:25
CALL and thank your congressman for voting no! 16:31:41
Wachovia Bites the Dust, 16:29:54
Why Can't We Put the Same Energy into Abolishing the Fed? 16:21:55
Chinese call policies "ridiculous" 16:20:02
WAS THAT US FIRING THE FIRST shot in WW#3?,This will weaken USA, till we lance the wound(fed) 16:18:42
We are more powerful than they thought!!! What should we do next? 16:18:15
House Republicans no longer listening to Bush and Cheney 16:17:05
Rhino: Some thoughts on today 9/30/08 16:16:20
This is Why the Bailout Will Not Die 16:11:21
CNBC Poll: Poll: Do The "Nays" Have It Right on the Bailout? 16:11:19
Ron Paul Video just after the Bailout Vote 16:10:22
Thank EVERY Representative That Voted NO!!! 16:06:53
++BREAKING++ Dr. Paul writing Audit the Fed bill 16:05:47
Salaries paid to CEOs sheople for destroying the US financial system by ABC 16:05:07
Eat Your Cats and Dogs 16:04:10
GET READY FOR ROUND 2!!! Contact your represenatives!!!! 16:01:54
Video: Ron Paul tells how CFL helped defeat the Bailout 16:01:18
So this is what they wanted to prevent? oil, gas down, dollar, gold up not so bad after all. 15:58:18
Breaking! Warren Buffett has massive coronary after the House vote. 15:49:42
Roll Call (Bailout Vote Results) 15:48:12
There are currently 252 users and 786 guests online. 15:46:22
If the vote has not been OFFICIALLY CLOSED - they may try to change it overnight. 15:45:23
Keep the pressure on Congress do not let up!!! 15:45:06
Don't turn your back on these vipers, keep calling against bailout. 15:41:44
Don't turn your back on these vipers, keep calling against bailout. 15:41:43
When There Is A Problem, WE Must Propose A Solution 15:40:22
It's great that we stopped this bill, but this means TROUBLE! 15:40:15
Have you ever told someone about the PPT 15:39:35
Jim Cramer — Wall Street Tool 15:39:29
Thank your Representative for his/her vote 15:32:32
Only 8 members of congress may lose their seat because of this vote! 15:30:56
HALLELUJAH... as posted by Lew Rockwell 15:30:01
GOLD UP 39.20.... SILVER DOWN .08... WHAT A CROCK! 15:29:18
DOW down over 700 15:24:39
I expect the Fed to lower interest rates soon 15:24:30
INVESTORS in the MARKET, HELP is HERE 15:23:46
DOUBLETHINK!These scumbags would not go to the floor w/o the votes!c'mon??? 15:21:47
And The Spin Begins 15:19:25
***Video*** Adam Kokesh at the Presidential Debate in Mississippi*** MUST SEE!!! 15:18:11
Cindy Sheehan Money Bomb!?!?!? 15:16:18
Rassmussen Poll: 51% of investors oppose the bailout. 15:14:05
*Help Remove Traitor Pelosi From Congress!* 15:02:49
ROLL CALL 15:02:43
everyone keep watching C-span 15:00:14
Pelosi is a hypocrite 15:00:14
Dear Ron Paul, 14:58:51
Did you notice the title of the bill? 14:56:18
I just spoke to my Reps. office thanked him for voting NO and if another vote comes up vote NO again 14:55:04
This is not about party its about the people vs evil international bankers 14:53:56
Not All Banks are for the Bailout 14:53:31
Don't Give Up Now, It'll Be Coming Back With Minor Tweaking 14:52:27
WORD! 14:51:50
What should Congress do now? 14:48:14
Now HERE is a bailout idea I could get behind.. 14:47:25
CNBC Poll - Were the "Nays" right? 14:47:18
The phone calls won the day! 14:45:08
DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING!..... Let's celebrate our victories! 14:42:50
Daily Paul ROCKS!!!! 14:42:47
Vote Not closed???? 14:41:49
People Unite While Powerful Divide and Conquer 14:41:25
Fearful Pablum 14:40:12
Thank God For Dr. Ron Paul 14:37:53
I Went Back on my Word! Gladly!!! 14:37:01
WE HAVE 963 GUEST!! WELCOME! 14:33:36
Where can I get a list of the votes by Rep? 14:32:45
LMAO! They are blaming Pelosi for it failing! 14:32:31
Mitsubishi buys stake in Morgan Stanley, completes Union Bank 14:30:55
Fellow PAULIES 14:30:18
Motion To Suspend Rules And Pass... 14:29:16
LMAO... GOLD UP 23.40 Silver DOWN .28 14:27:56
My mom ate mushy peas, therefore bail out corrupt bankers 14:21:27
Can the PPT 14:21:08
Which Reps. voted NAY, we need to call them now and give them some backbone! 14:20:51
Not exactly a free market yet but the closest we have had recently,,,,, 14:17:58
Well, Oil is below $100 now! 14:17:34
Dow climbing! 14:15:22
CBOE VIX over 46... 14:14:51
C-SPAN caller upset by the fact that the Representatives were bombarded with phone calls! 14:12:06
Has the stock market become the only measure of economic health? 14:08:46
WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! 14:04:55
They'll Keep Voting Until They Finish The Crime 14:03:20
Silver STILL down? 14:01:38
Rough Road Ahead, But the Light will Shine:) 14:01:02
401k 13:59:16
Waiting til Dow drops, make reps. change votes! 13:58:19
What just happened?! 13:54:32
Bloomburg announces that the Bailout Bill was defeated! 13:54:26
Yee Haw! The bailout failed! Lets go to war now! 13:52:35
Those who voted for it still need to be punished 13:51:31
House Bailout vote NOT dead they may vote again. It's NOT over keep calling an emailing 13:51:30
COME ON, YOU M-F ER'S, TIME'S UP!!!!! 13:50:20
I wonder what Bush and company are going to cook up now 13:48:04
Reps Vote can change until gavel drops. 13:46:19
We did it ???!!! 13:40:28
Bailout Bill Failed!!! DOW down 700 points. They may vote again. 13:39:27
Commission on Presidential Debates Fraud - Please Help Me 13:33:05
THIS IS NOT ABOUT $700B 13:32:21
IT'S FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!! 13:31:59
Interbank market still frozen, Europe banks hit 13:25:59
WHOA.......760 in the DP at 1:28 EST 13:25:07
Did you all see her try to shove that yea voice vote through 13:24:56
I almost can't believe they're... 13:22:00
World Markets down 5% Monday 13:14:08
Boehner just said the votes are in doubt @ 10:15 PDT 13:12:47
Why did He fire all those Attorneys? 13:12:27
What Michael Moore has to say today 13:11:16
Government Gouging on Lee Rockwell! 13:10:42
John "Boner" on C-Span just said the votes to pass are in... 13:10:30
Pray for New Zealand! 7.3 Quake 12:58:49
For those with HBO.... 12:58:45
ACT III: The Betrayal 12:57:13
Rep. Michael Burgess - “we are under Martial Law” - Video 12:52:14
Stability Should Come From The Bottom Up! Rep Woolsey 12:51:06
With $700bn of public cash the pockets of reckless bankers and investors have been made fatter under the fake argument 12:50:28
John McCain Cursing again and a bad Temper! 12:40:43
Paulson's One Half Billion 12:39:22
Did anyone Hear Pelosi Speak? 12:35:54
It's time to enlist these people in our movement... 12:35:29
Republican platform - "We don't support government bailouts of private institutions" 12:35:04
Digg this Digg "Ron paul's WHOLE SPEECH!!! 12:26:37
Expect a manipulated FREE FALL ,,During the vote 12:25:42
Money Bomb for the FED!!! They need more ink for the presses! 12:24:03
China now Poisoning candy 12:20:06
NEW 9/29: Fed pumps $630B in to Financial System 12:15:29
The Dark Bailout 12:15:22
Ron Paul :: corporatist bailout will destroy the dollar 12:12:20
obama the dictator!!!!! 12:06:59
Access to Contact Reps site forbidden 12:02:28
National City drops 52 percent as market wonders who's next 12:02:25
Don't you just love it when they say ... 11:54:46
Anyone find a copy of the "Bill" as it is...not the draft. 11:52:32
Investigator appointed in U.S. attorney firings. Report blasts Justice Department, says Gonzales 'abdicated' responsibility 11:48:12
(VIDEO)You’re Going To Destroy A Worldwide Economy! Ron Paul(9/29/08) 11:46:21
★KUCINICH Economic Recovery Plan being rushed with no alternatives★ 11:43:39
9/29/08: Ron Paul's Speech on the House Floor 11:40:37
Want to get the bums out? 11:37:39
Ron Paul today: Corporatism, not free markets 11:34:19
Link To Ron Paul's Comments Today 11:27:25
Ron Paul: Corporatism - not free markets 11:25:22
You're Going To Destroy A Worldwide Economy! Ron Paul 11:23:19
HOW to get Dr. Paul as speaker of the House!! 11:19:35
14 year old arrested for talking about the constitution (video) 11:19:32
Approve the Bailout NOW, this is why... 11:15:59
Your Opinion is Needed and Soon! 11:12:32
Who are the heros today? 11:01:22
MUST LISTEN!!!! 11:00:30
Chuck Norris and Ron Paul to Choke Members of Congress 10:55:26
Just found this on DP... don't want to pay into this bailout?? 10:52:39
Ron Paul on CSPAN now 10:44:54
Watching this "debate" scares me 10:37:25
Tough Times Ahead 10:36:26
CNN POLL: Should Congress approve the compromise $700 billion bailout of the U.S. financial system? 10:35:43
Cow Paddy with a marshmallow stuck in the middle. 10:34:27
I Call It B.S. -- The Fix Is In 10:34:20
Treasury Conference Call on Bailout Bill to Analysts 10:27:10
RP may be speaking at the bailout debate in the next few minutes... 10:24:39
*Black Monday~Time To Take Some Steps* 10:21:43
RP - "We could be heading into a dark age..." 10:21:14 10:15:08
OT: Misquito Spray Trucks 10:13:07
"McCain Camp Prays for Palin Wedding"..... hahahaha 10:04:47
How low will the DOW go? 09:56:47
Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008: Why are there only 62 comments? 09:55:40
Ron Paul on at 9 cst Fox radio network 09:53:08
Market is going down rapidly 09:51:53
Mortgage Refinance ARM -> Fixed 09:51:34
Ron Paul on Glen Beck Radio Now 9:53 et 09:50:29
Oh WONDERFUL... New York Banks think the proposed bill is "Doomed to Failure"... GREAT 09:47:09
Treasury Would Emerge With Vast New Power - NY Times 09:45:06
Fabulous "must-read" article on the future of the Revolution! 09:36:08
Live house bailout debate on CSPAN right now. 09:31:34
3 Hour Debate on Bailout Bill now on C-Span 09:30:24
No opening bell on wall street... 09:29:25
No opening bell on Wall Street? 09:27:17
Good morning friends 09:27:07
Lew Rockwell's Recession Reader 09:23:00
Lew Rockwell's Recession Reader 09:22:15
Pat Buchanan supports the bailout!!-SAY WHAT!?!? 09:21:44
New letter to Knollenberg - Faxed 09:20:31
Mussolini-Style Corporatism in Action: Treasury Conference Call on Bailout Bill to Analysts 09:18:56
"Obsession" DVD 09:16:50
Treasury Department has conf call about bailout to "insiders" 09:09:48
Ron Paul on Phil Valentine's Show 09:03:48
Burn Up The Wires 09:00:43
Questions About A Legal Tax Protest 08:48:37
Rep. Geoff Davis - KY 4th 08:46:44
Wachovia just bit the dust 08:38:36
The Ole Miss Student that won a ticket to the debate but refused to go. 08:36:13
Sorcha has a scary story today, Chinese evicting us? 08:31:32
Precinct Leader Program started Early 08:25:34
deleted 08:23:38
Question on Montana voting methods 08:18:14
Why do people keep supporting big government with their money? 08:12:06
Fox Business Poll ~ will bailout vote affect re-election vote? 07:57:17
Short term price of Silver.? 07:56:07
Obama's troubling internet fund raising 07:52:11
Who is to Blame 07:49:14
The Creation of the Second Great Depression 07:48:41
Bush gives a speech in his PJ's with some booze in his Frosty flakes 07:43:24
Understanding the Bail Out 07:40:13
Thaddeus McCotter-"The bailout-A bag of dung"! 07:39:59
Lindsey Graham's Opponent Bob Conley Objects to Wall Street Amnesty 07:39:18
I'm Surprised The Bailout Proposal Doesn't 06:59:27
Former Kissinger Policy Planner, CFR Member Calls For New Global Monetary Authority 06:44:45
Will Derivatives Trading Be Addressed In This Bailout? 06:43:53
Congress: Think before you act, You are being gamed by Paulson and Bernanke; 06:39:35
Why This Bill Must Pass 06:33:19
Is there anyone her that has been up all night? 05:59:19
Kucinich says the votes aren't there! 05:44:51
Biblical Law: 04:34:38
In other news, we now have a Copyright Czar 03:53:47
Help with finances 03:13:40
exportera Ron Paul hit till Sverige 03:11:26
"WE GET UP EARLY, to BEAT the crowds." 03:02:59
Ohio just keeps rolling them out, Dennis Kucinich, Marcy Kaptur, and we are about to add another, but we need some help 02:35:55
Chuck Norris endorses Ron Paul... sort of 02:28:29
Do you think there is a chance? 02:05:15
Inspire Us - Keep it Going! 02:03:43
Bailouts: all the cool kids are doing it 02:01:01
Lawmakers, White House agree on $700B bailout /// Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 01:55:45
"Slavery Gets Sh*t Done" 01:46:14
"Just How Stupid Are We?" Facing the Truth About the American Voter 01:24:59
Laura Bush Killed a guy 01:23:41
$920 Billion More to Bail Out the World 01:21:44
Crisis Fixed: Ron Paul Saves Day! 01:20:10
Proposed legislation to end the FED and return to U.S. Notes 00:46:53
Sign this petition to end the FED 00:34:44
EXPOSE the congressmen who have a CONFLICT OF INTEREST! 00:20:11
China Will Be Sending THEIR Police to Evict HomeOwners In U.S. 00:10:48