Posted on September 3, 2008

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Russia Today on the Rally - Very Positive 23:48:51
Ron Paul on Fox News 18:51:45
*Positive Rally Coverage Across The Country* 12:19:56
Ron Paul's Speech - Rally for the Republic 07:58:53
Dear. Dr. Paul 01:49:05
Ron Paul on CSPAN's Washington Journal 10:16:49
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If there ever was a time for A Campaign For Liberty bomb, now is that time. Let's let our guy know we are here to stay 23:58:18
I will be removing "Republican" from my voter registration tomorrow. 23:38:04
Get One Billion U.S.$'s FREE! Is it true? 23:34:56
Arizona just PASSED on the vote 23:29:49
McCain WINS :( Role call is underway. 18 votes for Ron Paul- 11 not counted... ARIZONA PUTS MCCAIN OVER THE TOP 23:24:53
Here We go . . . 23:22:49
I hope Jimmie Vaughan is as P.O.ed as I am... 23:19:36
the Forever War spreads to Pakistan 23:17:33
You Guys SEE THIS?? McCain is so screwed.... 23:16:01
Palin Speech: OMG 23:15:06
Anyone remember the name of the Iraq vet that spoke at the rally??? 23:13:46
Aljazeera gives fair coverage on Ron Paul 23:04:11
Did you enjoy the "Police State' at the Rally? 23:00:51
When is the nomination? 22:54:34
So Alaskans - is she the real deal? 22:47:13
Jesse Ventura !!!DIGG!!! 22:46:39
I nominate.....Ron Paul! 22:46:20
THIS HAS TO STOP!! Digg it!! 22:42:51
RNC security forcibly removing people from convention 22:41:46
WOW...Front Page in Iran, Iraq !! Ron Paul! DIGG HELP NEEDED! 22:38:42
Was I called an anarchist by the GOP on CSPAN 2? 22:25:55
RNC Dreamworld 22:25:40
ABC, the Bible and homosexuality 22:21:04
Political Amnesia and Dementia 22:17:39
Rudy Giuliani says: "If you don't have the facts on your side you have to change them." 22:11:29
"US Confirms Raid Inside Pakistan" 22:05:16
Palin: "Iraq War a task of God" 21:59:59
A Moment please, Please read we have a bigger problem? 21:46:48
Voice Your Opinion 21:46:37
Huck swings and misses. 21:39:14
Secret Christian Group behind Palin Nomination 21:38:00
Huckashmuck Speech 21:31:44
Which side are you on? There are liberals, constitutionalists, libertarians, conservatives, other/Americans 21:19:29
Republican Soul Train is on!! 21:17:56
Convention Officials Confiscate Sign from Mass. Delegate ! 21:14:42
Covert Activities need to start ASAP 21:07:36
The Campaign For Liberty needs a nomination/vetting process for local and state politicians. 20:48:49
Palin: Iraq war 'a task that is from God' 20:44:12
Meet our newest enemy "Pakistan" when does this end ? 20:43:58
Considering all of the MSM coverage of the R4R, looks like the Rev just took another giant step forward! 20:40:01
RNC charade 20:36:47
Amy Goodman talks about the RNC convention, her unlawful arrest, RP and Scott Ridder. 20:35:21
deleted 20:20:29
Ron Paul's Nevada delegates refuse to abandon their hero 20:10:13
GOP Convention Web Site - No Bloggers? 20:05:49
Minneapolis news story about Ron Paul delegates 19:50:11
MSNBC's Morning Joe covers the Rally 19:48:45
What is going on at the RNC? Have they voted yet? 19:38:16
RP on Glenn Beck at 6:40 CST tonight! 19:35:06
RP on Glen Beck soon!!....7:35PM Eastern 19:34:44
Jesse Ventura speaks about 9/11 at Rally For The Republic 19:21:58
*For Liberty!* 19:11:24
NO Pres Acclamation Allowed! Only VP Can Be Acclamated! 19:00:04
*Open Thread~Tell Us About Your Time At The Rally* 18:46:22
Noonan, Murphy ridicule Republican Party: "It's Over" 18:36:21
Banks,,,Credit Crunch Cancer Metastasizing 18:22:18
Protesters and Police Converge at the RNC(09/01/08) 17:52:53
Palin Slashed Funding for Teen Moms. What goes around comes around. 17:50:02
Unbelievable! 17:37:21
One Minute for Liberty......FREEZE Every Tuesday 19:13 hrs 17:18:54
THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to the Rally for the Republic team 17:17:39
RNC Schedule for tonight!! 17:15:27
Taser [Comic] REDDIT!!! 17:06:19
Anyone else noticed a pattern here?? 16:54:05
Another Alternative Energy Inventor Killed? 16:41:44
Are we Losers or Winners? 16:33:50
* * PALIN--THE MOST DANGER not being discussed * * 16:33:36
Jesse's Speech & Immigration 16:31:57
YOU GOTTA' SEE Ron Paul is AT the RNC! **VIDEO** 16:22:33
Attention all delegates: Roll call tonight at 11 P.M. 16:07:32
Each month you can vote Ron Paul for President 16:00:23
Chuck Baldwin on "McCain/Palin" 16:00:15
Now You Will Be Able to Buy Official U.S. Army Clothing at Sears 15:59:59
Crooks and has Ron Paul article. 15:55:03
CNET: R4R Photo page 15:20:06
"KILL MICHELLE MALKIN" exposed Must DIGG! 14:46:41
9.02.08: Jesse Ventura discusses RNC on Larry King 14:46:00
Palin "scandals", the art of manipulation 14:40:38
Ron Paul interviews today! From the C4L website: Cavuto @ 4 PM ET and... 14:35:42
Paul v. Barr, on Sarah Palin 14:31:40
End The Fed! End the Fed! 14:18:02
So today is the big day - will the DVD's for Delegates work? 14:17:55
*Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura 2012* 14:17:31
What happened to the Sara Evans' concert? 14:15:15
IF ANYONE HAS ACCESS TO ANY PICTURES (or knows of any) Of the Rally PLEASE POST THEM HERE!! 14:12:11
One country singer who's album you do not want to buy, he has McCain plastered all over his website 14:09:43
Inside RNC 14:07:06
Does anyone know......... 13:51:03
ABC News misrepresents Minneapolis RNC - uses R4R footage 13:49:55
Ron Paul and Aimee Allen going on tour??? 13:45:55
Whats going on over at the Constitution Party? 13:26:34
Rally Makes Front page at CNN. com 13:24:18
U.S. plans $1 billion aid package for Georgia: WTF! Our debt is $10 Trillion! It is definitely time for a Revolution! 13:10:05
Just met Aimee Allen ... 12:47:38
Rally next on Headline News 12:55 PM ET 12:46:51
CNN Interview: Ron Paul says he Likes Sarah Palin 12:39:34
*Ron Paul MSM Interviews Today*CNN 12.35 ET!!!* 12:22:54
Ron Paul to be on FAUX NEWS TONIGHT 12:21:06
Rally coverage and Videos!!! 12:17:03
Aimee Allen at the Rally- Universal Soldier 12:14:11
For Gods Sake People Do You Really Have Blinders On??????? 12:05:16
Palin's McCain problem 11:59:56
Liberty School? 11:58:03
CNET: Ron Paul to continue Internet-organized 'Revolution' 11:56:42
Google "CHROME" makes DailyPaul Faster! UPDATED 11:44:42
Luke Russert, Tim's son and his story about the Rally 11:44:15
Is The RNC Scrambling To Cover Up What Is Going On Today 11:39:46
Why Are Barr-ites And Trolls Obsessed With 9/11? Post Theories Here 11:36:20
Sarah Palin's Preacher Problem 11:32:07
Big Brother GOOGLE CHROME? 10:53:34
Andy Jordan of the WSJ, portrays Rally-goers as weirdos. 10:52:11
Rally for Republic on front page of AOL 10:46:47
Any English Majors on??? 10:45:16
Goldwater's Speech 10:33:31
Court: US can block mad cow testing 10:24:19
What actions were we supposed to take? What is *your* suggestion? 09:47:26
A Perfect Example of the Anti-Liberty Philosophies of 'Progressive' Democrats 09:46:30
Start the new Presidental campaign on Inauguration Day 09:26:30
MSNBC 9:30 EST. 09:22:07
So is Dr. Paul going to the RNC at all? 09:21:33
Ron Paul in news top 10 on REUTERS 09:09:13
Jesse Ventura on Larry King after C4L Rally-- Great RP Mentions! 09:02:38
Great Video: Scenes from the R4R by the Washington Post 08:31:42
McCain More Likely to Drop Palin, Bookmakers Say 08:20:15
FOXNews:Paul Tops Off Rally For Republic With Fiery Speech. Leave a comment 08:18:21
Mysterious US military operation in Pakistan 08:02:54
Did Comcast Black Out Ron Paul... 07:50:00
NBC Now @ 7:50 AM ET 07:46:53
WOW! - CNN Reports on R4R 07:35:18
While everyone is looking to St. Paul, guess what our troops are up to 04:54:24
John McCain's racism and why it matters 04:22:08
*** 95,000 Members *** C4L!!! 04:21:42
"The Moose Bull Party of St. Paul". 04:07:28
8 More Shocking Revelations About Sarah Palin 04:05:56
GOP can't get Palin's name right 04:04:01
Just got home from the Rally, what a night ! 02:33:37
RNC: "It feels like a funeral, or the scene of a disgraced CEO returning to his company to clean out his desk... 02:27:04
Gov.Palin meets with AIPAC 01:32:38
McCain is afraid Paul's expert fundraisers are going to Barr. 01:28:31
Point of Order 01:20:05
Top AOL news- Thousands Gather for Ron Paul Rally 01:12:30
Incredible PHOTO of RON PAUL!! 01:05:25
September Surprise!!!!!!!! 00:57:50
Jessie Ventura : "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me!" 00:48:24
Protestors Dress-Up and Sing 'Bomb Bomb Iran' 00:44:31
>>>>OKAY<<<< NOW WHAT? 00:43:50
RNC Snorefest Drives Journalists to Join Ron Paul Rally 00:11:57