Posted on September 30, 2008

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A Word of Encouragement from President Andrew Jackson 22:56:16
The Royal Bank of Scotland gave nearly a quarter of a million dollars to Senator Dodd 22:08:04
Senator FAX BOMB!! 21:54:19
Wonderfully hopeful and optimistic article by Lew Rockwell 19:39:08
Today was one heck of a day 19:39:09
Digg It!!! From CFL for Action on Wednesday!! (Update) 19:03:39
*Sarah Palin Trojan Horse To Destroy GOP Neo-Cons?* 18:46:40
Dear Congress, 16:03:03
Bailout Bill Allows Banks to Have ZERO Reserves 15:14:39
***Ron Paul on CNN***Video* 15:03:18
What the Corporate Government Banking Media Complex Wants 14:13:55
"There are no necessary evils in government. The Treasury to you, gentlemen, is closed." 19:39:08
Video: The Hidden Cost of War - $3 Trillion 11:37:32
Harvard Economist: Bankruptcy, Not Bailout 10:19:21
Now Is Not The Time To Stop Calling, Faxing and Emailing 01:37:46
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THE EMAIL ARMY could threaten to go pro-active in trying to defeat any Senator or Representative who voted YA! 23:54:10
An URGENT call to all PATRIOTS 23:49:35
History Lesson. How Andrew Jackson Killed the Second Central Bank. 23:47:09
Darrell Castle - Ron Paul endorsed candidate for VP 23:45:36
35 Senators are up for re- election. Here is the list 23:44:07
Action Alert: Realtor Association Deceives Their Agents! 23:42:20
Bush approves $25 billion loan package for auto makers 23:40:50
Was everyone else's talk show radio as truthful as mine was in Ohio today, it was so refreshing 23:39:11
B.J. Lawson's opponent voted for the Bailout. Help support B.J. 23:23:52
What a great read for Ron Paul supporters. 23:23:07
H.R. 3997 "$700 Billion Bail-out Bill" Revision Information 23:22:15
One point the big banks and government has failed to consider... 23:20:09
"Super Annuation & Tax Educated Capital Collection & Fee Based Cash Dispersal Agents". 23:15:38
Please Digg: Chris "Conflict of Interest" Dodd Must Go! 23:12:42
WTP : USDC Order Obstructing Bailout Block Lawsuit 23:08:46
Too Close to Home? comedy break 23:06:50
458 Guests???? WHY???? UPDATE!!! 23:06:45
The Significance of the Defeat of the Economic Stabilization Act 22:59:47
Tennessee Senators have NO B*LLS! (rhymes with calls) 22:57:22
If this Bailout thing is not a diversion 22:44:45
Just saw Nader on the latest Bill Maher... 22:37:41
10:30pm EST - LISTEN LIVE TO RON PAUL on Alan Colmes 22:36:12
Thursday is DO or DIE!!!!!! UPDATED!! 22:31:29
Why do we have to buy the assets, can't the bank just skip that step and sell them? 22:24:47
CFL Request -Add "End the Fed" to the Bail Out 22:24:45
Senate sets vote Wednesday on financial bailout 22:23:11
USDC Order Obstructing Bailout Block Lawsuit Appealed to U.S. Court of Appeals 22:20:05
"U.S. Drone Strike Kills Five In Pakistan" 22:16:17
Tonights Education THREAD!! Help...? 22:11:49
Federal Reservations [PIC] [digg it] 22:10:00
DIGG this if you like money. 22:07:13
Don't forget the Medical-Industrial Complex is evil, too! 22:06:42
FRONT PAGE OF DIGG: The Federal Reserve is destroying the dollar and our economy watch! 22:05:07
Arizona offers military online voting 21:55:54
Well known, 'Dr. Mercola' praises Ron Paul- check out his website 21:53:51
>>McCotter Rejects 700-pound Billion Dollar Bag of Dung<<GREAT vid>> 21:52:55
Will your Senators vote for the bailout bill? 21:46:11
Sorry! Bail out by is the article 21:28:47
Bail out by Stealth 21:25:50
Not all politicians are bad. 21:19:41
God Bless the House Republicans 21:15:43
Someone Give Me the Basics on Freemasonry, Please 21:15:09
national assoctiation of realtors supports this bill, they emailed me this 21:12:38
House Roll Call - how they voted!! 21:11:40
It is Global - Banking crisis claims Belgo-Dutch giant 21:09:01
*Just sent to Senator Elizabeth Dole...* 21:05:27
Help Put An End To Financial Fabrication 20:45:24
Money as debt, help inform America 20:34:50
Ron Paul segment on Monday night's The Daily Show: RON PAUL WON THE DEBATE on Friday!!! 20:17:43
Want to see something real scary? 20:16:44
Political Ad against Norm Coleman(R-MN) is powerful 20:16:24
3 Steps To Change The Nation's Future 20:15:49
Start Calling Your Senators and House Members Now!!!!!!!!!!!! 20:11:59
I called my senators office: "The Dems are playing you like fools don't fall for it 20:09:09
American & global genocide, literally 19:55:43
Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle LIVE today September 30 at 8pm central time 9pm eastern 19:44:02
Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Obama! 19:42:02
Digg For.....VoterBomb. 19:39:12
Deception and greed: the Federal Reserve 19:38:07
House of Representatives' Web site overwhelmed 19:28:48
If Bloomberg gets to run third term will Bush ? 19:27:23
What I heard this morning 19:21:18
I THINK I CRACKED THE CODE! It's All Smoke and Mirrors 19:20:12
Kitco site shut down.... 19:13:24
Why Are So Many Incumbents Retiring in 2008? Here's The List. 19:12:19
sunzabitch ★Messaging Service Unavailable★ 19:10:38
The Bailout by stealth 19:00:12
Unbelievable!! From the WSJ: "No one can believe in the omniscience of central bankers anymore." 18:54:56
straight up ":00" time to ★email ★fax ★call your reps★ 18:52:23
Bailout 2nd Round- Weigh In 18:40:13
Unreal Media Elitism on Display. 18:38:34
*Chuck Baldwin*Preserve Your Liberty* 18:29:11
Dear law enforcement, FBI (and soon to be abolished CIA) 18:15:44
))**)) Where is post about value of dollar surging today?****** 18:08:48
Cafferty - He Doesn't Get It 18:07:25
Bailout Fallout in Republicrat camps? 17:54:50
***Nader says third party key to change in U.S.*** 17:48:41
CNN Owes Ron Paul An Apology For Misquoting Him In Interview 17:48:37
CNN's Phone Number 17:48:14
McSame WAS shapeshifting- PROOF! 17:44:09
ALERT! Senate May Bypass the House? 17:36:18
National END THE FED event 11--22 17:32:57
10 Kiloton nuclear device response tested in America's Heartland 17:28:53
What is Up with the symbol of fascism in congress? 17:27:27
Baldwin Announces Debate Participation. 17:22:33
House of Representatives' Web site overwhelmed 17:18:51
Why the Crooks (Fed) are in a Panicked Rush 17:15:44
America Unites to Slay the Monster Bank 17:11:51
Chuck Baldwin on now september 30 5pm eastern 4pm central 17:10:13
Bailout - The Real Reason Paulson Is Crying "Wolf" 17:09:54
Grassroots Action Alert for HR 2755 "End The Fed" 17:07:31
Bailout marks Karl Marx's comeback 17:04:24
Video: Speaker tries to steamroll vote -but the Nay's have it! 17:02:01
If you don't know what to say to your senator read this to them it works 17:00:50
MSM talking about the Credit Default Swaps. (Derivitaves) 16:57:43
FDIC Question 16:55:52
Mark to market reform - IMPORTANT 16:53:34
NYC mayor Bloomberg trying for 3rd term.Your only allowed 2 16:46:49
Here's Your Surge 16:45:58
Gold and Silver Plummet 16:45:32
What we need to do to make our point across......... 16:34:27
Don't try to make sense of the markets, gold, silver... 16:33:22
Surprising 5 year Dow chart, today WAS NOT the lowest in five years! 16:32:06
My Congressman Tom Feeney. 16:27:42
DIGG - God Bless Our Two Party System...... 16:26:53
Creative Capitalism vs Manipulative Capitalism 16:18:30
A positive response from my congressman? 16:07:18
C4L 10-1-08: Dr. Paul will be on CNN American Morning at 7:24 am ET with our favorite host, John Roberts. 16:06:59
Garnering acceptance for the police state 16:06:09
CNN Poll: What should Congress do now that the bailout bill has been defeated in the House? 16:00:14
House Website Crashes! 15:59:30
The markets roar right back.... 15:58:37
DOW up almost 500 pts. "Congress you're fired!" 15:55:04
Choose Your Favorite. 15:39:08
The terrifying Obama-Youth 15:36:16
CNN just reported this "news" about the US dollar 15:31:15
Notice how stocks are up 15:30:15
PressTV 9/11 Truth Debate! 15:23:04
White House shut down e-mail server? 15:22:30
SHARE THIS ARTICLE: Why This Failed Bailout Is Good News, Not Bad News 15:20:13
Fannie & Freddie ordered in front of Grand Jury 15:19:10
***Vote Pact*** 15:18:31
*Adam Kokesh Speech University of Mississippi* 15:12:12
***Nader And Palin On The Bailout*** 14:53:49
It's a Constitutional Crisis, not a Financial Crisis 14:53:09
Use up your gift cards now 14:45:29
What needs to be done to "fix" 14:40:23
LOL, Now It's A "Rescue" Instead Of A Bailout!! 14:34:40
NOW IS THE TIME!!! 14:28:47
*Ralph Nader Schools Sarah Palin* 14:24:05
We are melting their servers 14:23:25
have they gotten ride of shorting 14:22:01
Martial law october the 1st???? 14:16:56
Were 5000 americans executed during hurricane Katrina ? 14:14:28
wtf 14:07:48
The media is "limiting" the debate 14:03:45
PPT “President’s Commission on Working Capital Markets” A conspiracy 13:57:08
Freedom is Not Free!! 13:47:52
a VERY interesting write up on the hidden treachery of the bailout bill 13:47:48
Don't let up, keep calling your legislators! 13:44:13
Conservative commentators showing their hand 13:33:53
It's Bull That Credit Is Unavailable 13:33:24
The Shadow of the Pitchfork 13:33:03
Take a laugh break 13:32:12
Road Signs - Suggestions PLEASE 13:30:14
VIP - martial law in the congress... 13:27:19
The Madness Of The Crowd 13:27:11
*Sign the Open Letter to Congress*No Bailout* 13:27:09
Why America Should Listen to Ahmadinejad 13:27:00
Anybody Visit Costa Rica or Live There? 13:17:02
Where's the Daily Show clip? 13:16:12
*Runaway Bailouts*Welcome To Fascist USA* 13:13:15
Bailout Votes by State 13:12:24
62300 Silver eagles at APMEX for 4.49 over spot 13:03:32
Jesse Ventura working on new series for truTV 12:59:24
Bailout Cost per US Tax Payer Analysis 12:57:11
$$$ The dollar is having a nice rally $$$ 12:49:51
HOW do we get out of this financial mess? 12:45:47
OIL, MORE OIL, Enough for the next 200 years 12:44:42
Olmert advocates withdrawal 12:42:44
Remember to sign peitition for a 3rdParty Debate!! 12:40:15
Cynthia McKinney Claims 5,000 Executed During Hurricane Katrina 12:39:57
Bob Conley to debate Sen. Lindsey Graham on CSPAN 12:38:35
Senate Leaders Pledge Action on Bailout - They say it will pass no matter what! 12:37:13
RP's Solution - Let the wisdom of the market place set interest rates and - 12:31:23
WHERE DID THAT 700B number come from?? 12:28:51
A Question for G. W. Bush 12:19:39
How to get even more people against the bailout: 12:05:22
Good Financial Coverage 12:03:16
Highlights from the Republican Platform 11:58:28
Khan's Over The Wall Strategy - October Vortex - POW's Up Front 11:53:33
October 7th 11:53:05
Glenn Beck & Ron Paul on YouTube NOW! 11:50:20
Anybody from Florida district 9 know anything about this guy? 11:45:12
Submit Your Own Guest Editorials 11:44:43
No bailout = massive unemployment ... right or wrong? 11:44:29
Meat & Milk should be rationed due to Global Warming!!! 11:31:36
I am looking at 3 ETFs 11:24:21
CNBC folks are testing my disgust meter 11:24:09
New York Campaign for Liberty Meeting tonight 11:24:00
Okay now why do we need to be messing around in Africa ?? 11:23:31
One more thing about the bailout 11:21:25
All Hail the Pompous Ass Lord Gary Miller of CA.... Miller's office responds by directing calls to Ron Paul's office! 11:15:10
The Start of the Beginning (of the End) 11:12:25
CNN Poll 11:10:54
Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Miss., N.& S. Dakota, Rhode Island and S. Carolina 11:10:42
From abroad 11:08:46
401k 10:45:52
Great article: Bailout marks Karl Marx's comeback 10:42:20
Help - Conservative Education - Seeking Recommendations 10:20:47
Two URGENT calls to make TODAY 10:18:53
Help Me Understand 10:17:13
Presidential poll Chuck Baldwin winning with 71% Barr at 11% Nader 5% Mckinney 2% 10:14:40
Is There A Protest or A Sign Wave Planned For VP Debate Thursday? 10:11:52
The Home Stretch for Liberty in Florida is ON! 10:05:57
More from president Palin 10:03:29
Why is Silver and Gold down??? I mean there is virtually no supply... the market is down... You would think it would skyrocket.. 09:59:32
Great video: The Hidden Cost of War 09:56:20
I would Agree To The Bailout If - 09:47:12
Another soldier died today(Sept 30) 09:42:15
How did the elected rep from your state vote on the bailout? Complete list of how they voted here. 09:40:19
Market Up ~$230 09:37:33
Medias' Failures: MSM failed to vett evidence for Iraq war, so it is with CNBC 09:33:22
They're systematically turning this into a World Wide Hyper-Bubble 09:31:55
Message from my Credit Union President 09:27:30
*** "The American People Must Grab Their Freedom Now" *** 09:26:32
Silver -Fixed $10.92 - 10/15/08 - 09:17:41
Should House reconsider bailout? VOTE NO! 09:14:04
Fox TV M&J Show Working to calm Folk down with frightening Pictures? 09:07:48
Alternatives to the Bailout! 09:02:05
GOP Nominated Wrong Guy! Vote in Obama vs Dr. Ron Paul POLL! 08:55:11 Quick vote 08:49:04
GW "WAS" live on TV--over 08:42:10
Steve Forbes-Selling us all out 08:38:32
Novel Reason for Economic Problems: Lack of Regulation 08:35:29
This whole drama is far from over. 08:26:49
The scumbags that have brought us financial & social ruin... 08:24:39
Olmert wants complete withdrawl 08:24:34
Hmmm.... stocks crash as well as the price of crude oil 08:24:11
Cyber Security Expert: Hackers Planning To Steal Election For McCain 08:23:01
Fannie, Freddie, and others are being investigated for fraud... 08:18:30
"End The Fed" Conference Call Tonight 9/30/08 08:12:02
Talking Heads Shift Into Overdrive 07:52:08
How to post video? 07:47:29
BASEL 11 07:44:42
Karl Marx said "Religion is the opium of society". Thanks 07:34:44
Why not doing the bailout is best for the markets 07:18:11
Look, this guy deserves our help. We know what we can do as a team, let's get to it! 07:13:25
Does anyone remember yesterday 07:12:30
Dr. Marc Faber: Bernanke should resign immediately 06:58:11
Bank of International Settlements 06:50:29
Local media covered our protest! 06:39:29
The Empire Strikes Back 06:19:58
MI searching foreclosure lists to remove voters 06:09:25
Ron Paul on the Fed's Transfer of Wealth - 1983 - Video 05:51:25
sunzabichez are ALREADY at it again! CALL, FAX, EMAIL 05:49:32
Financial Armageddon is here!!! 05:48:00
A Dissenting view from the Kansas City Fed Chief, Media differences in the US and Hong Kong- interesting 05:42:19
THE LIST: Thank them/Scold them 05:40:38
Bankruptcy, not bailout says Harvard Economics Lecturer 05:30:58
WARNING: The MSM is pushing for the bailout HARD 05:25:57
Can we Digg It? - Fox News "We Can't Let Bankers Try to BlackMail America" 05:08:29
DID THE RP EMAIL ARMY - lead the charge in defeating the bailout? 05:00:06
Wall Street Bailout trips over grass roots 04:42:33
While the congress was voting, the Fed was creating more money 04:13:14
White House, lawmakers plan new bailout deal 03:59:59
Little does the everybody know, but Ron Paul and the C4L may have just saved the country and the dollar!! 03:56:12
Bush Got His Wish Didn't He? Guess That Old Saying Is True After All: Be Careful What You Wish For 03:39:58
Wow...just WOW.... 03:13:35
ACLU Petition Against New FBI Guidelines 02:51:13
Bankruptcy, not BAILOUT, is the Right Answer 02:32:55
Fannie, Freddie disclose subpoenas, investigations 02:30:23
Recall Infrastructure to enforce responsibility in DC 02:28:21
Credit Crunch 02:26:52
CNBC: Internet terrorists who are like Timothy McVeigh are stopping the bailout 02:12:00
Bush, Paulson, and Bernanke caught with their hands in the cookie jar 02:09:35
Retrospect On Moshing The Oval Office 02:07:00
Cyber-security expert reveals Karl Rove's plan to steal this next election by ... 02:05:42
Three minutes of heaven in Michigan 01:56:06
Has anyone seen I.O.U.S.A ? 01:53:16
The Time to Keep on Calling, Faxing & Emailing is NOW 01:38:09
There is nothing better than when you email these idiots voting aye, including a little backround information on their campaign 01:21:33
Article: Main Street Pans Bailout 01:20:40
Disgusting, New Rochelle police officer sexually assaults teen, gets one year probation 01:20:35
Ron Paul mentioned on the Daily Show 01:16:19
Floridians in district 15 might want to have a look at this 00:51:21
Property Tax Reduction 00:48:11
McCain is soooo...stupid... 00:47:02
Nelson Aldrich here, imploring you to save the fed!!! Please read! 00:44:03
Chavez not waiting for us to try to Grab Venezuela--just signed deal with China 00:40:44
LOL.. Anyone seen this yet? 00:35:56
A Crucial Lesson of the Bailout Victory 00:32:29
They're Bringing the Boys Home From Iraq -- So They Can Taser YOU! 00:21:17
Cavuto and Beck 00:13:53