Posted on September 5, 2008

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EXCELLENT Rally video - British reporter interviews Dr. Paul (Guardian U.K.) 00:46:24
Ron Paul on Colbert 00:31:22
Good Al Jazeera - Ron Paul Riz Khan Interview 00:29:03
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I can give you a clue........ready. 23:44:37
Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura were just on funny skit on Real Time w/ Bill Maher on HBO 23:28:15
A Speech for the RNC Supporting a Ron Paul Candidacy by Szandor Blestman 23:27:02
Alaska - what they say about Men, and Women 23:25:58
I have a plan, help me elaborate.. 23:20:55
F.P.! Russia Today again! Martial law at the RNC ~ Digg 23:16:42
Check out this Digg code pink in action at the RNC 23:10:02
Slogans, Bumber Stickers, and Talking Points 23:00:56
Gov't to Take Over Fannie, Freddie 23:00:50
U.S. to seize mortgage giants Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac 23:00:48
Ron Paul Policies taught in High School 22:49:47
Great!-The War Party by the Southern Avenger 22:31:40
Citizens in Utah paying 87 cents/gallon for fuel 22:28:58
Digg this for McCain and his Son!!! 22:15:13
This is kinda funny...we all need a good laugh now n then 22:09:21
I just watched Ted Nugent on Glenn Beck.. 22:07:38
Screaming Activists Confront Their Government: This is What The Revolution Looks Like 22:06:41
We'll get blamed for an Obama victory 21:47:24
DIGG for Adam! 21:46:26
Chemtrails now in mainstream media ? 21:38:53
Silver State Bank just failed. Bad news for McCain and his son. 21:38:12
all of the questions are here- what are the answers? 21:36:08
health freedom info (including health freedom comment by RP) 21:15:05
Fox News censors Jesse Ventura: The Cavuto interview that didn’t air.(09/02/08) 21:14:17
Anyone here still think Ron Paul is going to win the election? 21:03:40
"Look at their record side by side" 21:03:15
Adam Kokesh protester during McCain speech and speaker at Rally for the Republic will vote for Bob Barr 20:49:42
Cheney is incredibly unpopular!!!! 20:48:42
Secret Service confiscates books & buttons from Ron Paul delegates - Updated 20:46:48
Ron Paul Presidential Ballot Bomb 20:45:43
Since Democrats took over Senate and Congress gas prices increased by .82 cents a year 20:34:33
More evidence as we approach the anniversary of 911. 20:21:06
Jack Caffertys' Wife Passed Away 20:08:22
This man gary johnson is the real deal great video 20:07:11
Activists Charged With Terrorism Under the Patriot Act at the RNC 19:54:24
What should I do? UPDATED!!!! 10:03pm 19:45:04
Ron Paul steals McCain's thunder 19:38:16
Right now on Glenn Beck 19:37:48
* RP JFK MLK...* 19:36:35
Well, I guess we won - who is with me ? 19:32:39
Who might you consider supporting for president in 2012? 19:14:18
Anyone want to vomit??? 18:38:52
Ron Paul and his Vice President 18:35:06
Questions for all the Palin worshippers... 18:32:06
for those of you doubting manipulation in the silver market! 18:30:00
UPDATE: Help Me Tell People The Real Deal 18:14:18
The world should Vote and Digg like F*%k!! 18:06:04
Shame on Jon Stewart 17:34:09
Cindy McCain 300k dress-up night 17:23:22
Impressive, simple and inexpensive partial energy solution. 17:13:58
My employer is making me do direct deposit with my paycheck. 17:05:17
Ron Paul is a Fighter and So Are We!!! 16:48:25
Should RP call for a Summit to include Kucinich, Nader, Ventura, Barr, Baldwin etc. to consider forming a Unity Party? 16:33:15
And now. We are China. Activists Charged With Terrorism Under the Patriot Act at the RNC 16:22:52
We Live Under Such Well-Crafted Illusions.... 16:20:05
Friday.... waiting for the next bank to be 'annexed' by the feds... 16:15:44
Ron Paul supporters Fantasy - If only this could be true 16:07:51
Was this what it was like??? Police State?? 15:56:07
"Don't Blame Me,...I voted for Ron Paul" bumper sticker 15:55:04
I gotta roll 15:23:24
Bob Woodward: U.S. Spied on Iraqi Leaders, New Book Says 14:57:58
The Largest Vote for a Third Party Candidate in History 14:54:06
To Hell With This Patriot Act 14:37:39
Post on speculates about Ron Paul's big announcement.... 14:36:18
Old school MSM attempt to disspell international bankers and gun control conspiracies 14:27:22
FDA/Congress allows Bayer to sell AIDs-infected medicine overseas 14:17:36
Special Detroit mayoral primary could be Feb. 24. Any takers? 14:06:01
**peaceful** mccain heckler a ron paul supporter 14:03:12
LIBERTY BELLE AND FANOFWALT Please respond to this!! 13:49:49
Sheriff Richard Mack, another tool in our arsenal! 13:44:30
Meet the Senator Most Likely to Start a Nuclear War!! 13:34:20
Mass arrest of journalists at RNC ~ DIGG! 13:33:53
The Wave - Must see 13:17:25
Army broke another record: In suicides 13:16:18
2 Questions That Can't Be Ignored 13:08:53
CLASSIC! CSPAN transition from R4R to RNC shows contrast! 13:01:41
re: Ron Paul Delegate: 'The Republicans Are Nazis' 12:57:58
Are the negative reactions generational? 12:57:56
Calling RP supporters for feedback at Local MN Paper 12:40:18
"Major Announcement" by Ron Next Week 12:35:58
If the LP/CP care about the Country then combine forces & let the GOP go 12:34:36
Vote Them Out of Office 12:29:19
~Al Pacino: "Between Winning and Losing"~ 12:26:20
2008 Texas Ballot... 12:13:28
I have a McCain bumper sticker... 12:08:07
The OUTSIDE PARTY! 12:03:07
REAL ID ad during football game 09/04/08 11:58:15
Obama: The Surge Is Working, My Friends 11:46:41
RP Supporters' Magical Disappearing Act 11:43:36
What kind of Vote do you have? 11:38:07
boo-friggin-hoo. "Paul supporters dropping like the whithered leaves of trees in the chilly autumn".. BULLS***. 11:35:49
Will you pledge to each other your Lives, your Fortunes, and your Sacred Honor. 11:24:56
More Awful Truths About Republicans 11:18:09
Yes it's another poll! But worth our 2 cents 11:17:07
War room round table 11:07:36
Book Recommendation - It tells why psychopaths rule the world 11:05:54
CLASSIC: Are you suggesting that wresting is fake? 10:56:28
Supply Dr. Paul - Remeber the 5th- Money bomb 10:34:02
Remember their words 10:26:02
I won't back down! What say you? 10:21:09
Ron Paul Delegate: 'The Republicans Are Nazis' 10:04:54
lets support Aimee Allen, cause she supports Ron Paul 10:04:00
Acid Rain and Health Problems Care of our Government 10:02:14
Civil Disobedience 09:58:02
My letter to Dr. Paul 09:47:30
Catherine Austin Fitts/Solari (Delving Into the Corruption) 09:34:23
Adam Kokesh at the RNC 09:31:09
Ron Paul Likely Won’t Endorse McCain, Eyes Third Party Candidate (video) 09:10:06
(VIDEO)Fox News censors Jesse Ventura: The Cavuto interview that didn’t air.(09/02/08) 08:53:57
I came to bury the Republic ... 08:53:44
Let me tell you something you already know. 08:30:22
Republican delegate pro liberty and against McCain 08:18:48
Sept. 5th Jury Rights Day, please Digg! 07:57:02
McCain/Obama 2008 campaign slogan.. 07:55:28
U-S-A Chants at McCain's RNC Speech Last Night 07:45:50
Once diehards are snapping like peanut brittle 07:16:46
PLEASE-PLEASE READ THIS - ***This may be the most important piece you'll EVER READ.*** 07:03:40
MySpace has teamed with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 06:47:01
Fabled Enemies, now on video google 06:14:47
Oct. 1st C4L to roll out next phase! 05:51:38
What a joke! McLame trying to act like Ron Paul now..."distancing himself from GOP" 04:51:09
Two Republican Conventions in 2008: An Eyewitness Contrast 04:09:31
Painlin tried to BAN books in Alaska!??? 03:51:00
Third party strategy after the elections 03:24:54
The coming days: The week ahead 03:09:37
Why a McCain victory would be bad for the GOP! 03:06:33
Did anyone here see the protest besides me?? 02:40:06
Thank you, Dr. Paul, Mr. Nystrom, and all of you good delegates. 02:38:57
Picking the Running Mate! 02:30:37
Olbermann Delivers Stern Rebuke for Exploitation of 9/11 by RNC 02:30:27
Is there a official roll-call published yet? 02:22:30
Joe Biden denies report: 'No one's talking about pursuing Bush criminally' 02:05:38
Adam Kokesh Protests McCain At RNC 09/04/2008 01:53:05
Biden: Obama Will Prosecute Bush's 'Crimes' After Election 01:28:18
Now What? 01:11:03
Louisiana Asked to Print Ron Paul on Ballot as Presidential Candidate 01:10:53
McCain's VP Sarah Palin Wants Creationism Taught in School 01:08:23
Paul on Late Nite w/Conan O'Brian 01:06:53
Did anyone see the disturbance during Palin and McCain's speech? 01:03:27
The Colbert Report: Ron Paul II THE VIDEO 00:34:17
Civil Disobedience per RP - Police arrested an estimated 200 anti-war protesters Thursday night 00:27:41
I was investigating some things....and I found something that dissapointed me.... 00:23:26
High quality videos of the Rally for the Republic 00:18:56
USA USA USA 00:04:08
How Americans Lost Their Freedom: The Story of the Most Renowned Hacker in History, Kevin Mitnick 00:03:28
McCain speech clip...riddle me this... 00:01:01