Posted on January 2, 2009

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Amazing Pictures from 2008 23:51:24
*War Vet Age 50 Stunned By New Deployment* 16:17:13
They Don't Call It "Programming" for Nothing 14:14:50
Candidate Pool 14:08:36
MOCKINGBIRD: The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA 12:42:30
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Don't miss this original thinker of the freedom movement 23:43:21
The History Channel has a program on the depression on now 10:33 EST 23:38:13
KEEP THE PRINTING PRESSES RUNNING !! another trillion ? why not ! 23:17:31
Chrysler get's 4 billion , DOW jumps back over 9000 23:08:35
Iran Warns of Bilderberg Plot to Plunge the World into Total Chaos 22:37:39
Bank of America requires finger print to cash a check. 22:35:52
Let's make a pact to help each other out when the going gets rough 22:24:41
Had McCain and the Republicans Won 22:05:47
Why do the CEO's feel they deserve these big pay increases at this time? 21:43:28
You have only 2 choices: Gas tax or Mileage tax 21:29:45
Ron Paul to stand up for the Constitution 21:02:27
Just stumbled upon fantastic online resource: Freedom Library 20:52:22
*Peace Patriots* 20:23:48
RAW (Graphic) Scene After IDF Attack In Gaza On 01/01/ 09 20:10:44
Neil Cavuto interveiw with Ron Paul missing? 19:22:41
Barack Obama's Unconstitutional Agenda 18:53:35
HELP: Need Definitions for "Person" and "Resident" 18:48:08
Bombing Gaza is seen around the world as a Israeli/US operation 18:04:02
Four Steps to a Depression 18:02:38 Live Vote: Would you support increasing the federal gasoline tax by 10 cents a gallon if it went for road maintenance 17:59:46
What stops people from wanting to hear the truth? 17:56:18
Did you get the USA Tommorow paper today? 17:38:33
Forrest Gump Explains Mortgage Backed Securities 17:18:04
Reading Recommendations for SoCalPatriot...and others. 17:06:30
More government intrusion in our daily lives 16:58:13
8 Easy ways to make sure your house doesn't get robbed (All Lies) 16:58:08
More Top brands disappearing in 2009 16:47:54
Panel Urges 50% Gas Tax Increase 15:55:42
Paul Krugman-Economist 15:16:22
Newsweek: Humbled by our ignorance 14:55:12
911 Video evidence... What does this video say to you? 14:55:12
Zionist Don... Keeping it in the Family. 14:47:59
9/11 Photographic evidence... What does this picture say to you? 14:26:07
how do you embed a photograph in a post? A little Help?? 14:17:43
*Banker Buys $37M Apartment After Getting $25M Buyout* 14:03:32
What is Wrong With the UN Population Fund? 13:44:13
2009 Top-Ten List for Boys Crying Wolf 13:35:24
The true moral hazard of bailouts 13:21:02
Video: Depression Hits Detroit 13:20:45
Web bots look into 2009! 12:52:17
post a comment if you want... 12:43:14
Mid-America economic activity gauge hits record low (news) 12:05:15
Did anyone catch Kathy Griffen on CNN New Year's eve ...LOL... 11:30:50
"What Could Go Wrong..?" | Peter Schiff 2007 10:38:47
"Time" Is Upset With Me by Lew Rockwell: 09:48:09
VIDEO - Evelyn De Rothschild Warning Masses 09:45:46
AP: 50-cent gas tax and GPS monitoring system proposed 08:22:31
Okay FINE I lied 05:59:16
Turn The Key 05:26:23
New Homeland Security secretary will advance Security Tech 05:07:28
Did George W. Bush save us from another 9/11? 04:50:31
The conspiracy of the sugar interests to block out the natural sweetner 'stevia' 04:35:17
Russia cuts off gas deliveries to Ukraine 04:29:59
The conspiracy of the sugar interests to block out the natural sweetner 'stevia' 04:27:53
What do you think of the political theory of panarchy? 02:59:54
Heres the first truthful and objective view on it, send to all your contacts? 02:51:33
Atlas Shrugged VS Tai-Pan 02:29:09
New Years Update 01:53:13
Would WTC 7 have survived the 1906 SF Earthquake? 01:40:34
Useless T.A.-T.A.'s 01:33:06
Many illegal immigrants live in public housing 01:27:35
Organizer's Toolbox: World Cafe Process 01:15:39
We Lived to Tell the Story: Lebanon Rescued Us 01:13:19
Libertarian New Year's Resolutions 01:05:54
Now Where'd I Put That $700 Billion? 00:12:58