Posted on January 3, 2009

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Food for Thought: Meet Your Meat 15:17:28
C-Span video: Rahm Emanuel discusses his "universal service" plan 15:10:13
Will Obama Change? 13:10:22
Collapse of the Dollar by Larry Parks, Ph.D. 14:00:21
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TIME: Yellowstone might blow ! 23:50:00
Gaza footage that YOUTUBE deleted! *Very graphic* 23:24:48
I Spoke With Ed Hale From Plains Radio 23:20:56
Boy takes on city hall and wins! 23:19:16
The Rahm Emanuel Interview with with questions and full answers 23:08:17
2006 Roast of Rahm Emanuel--Speakers Include Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Chris Dodd and others 23:02:08
LOL!!! THIS IS FUNNY!!! 22:52:37
Sheriff Paul Babeu just eliminated the video Surveillance Fraud via Redflex Traffic System 22:24:31
Israel INVADES Gaza! 22:18:41
KOPBUSTERS online poll 22:16:42
Exactly How Do "They" Benefit by Controlling the Currency? 22:09:29
IDF wary of Hizbullah attacks in North 21:42:05
Dr. Paul discusses the invasion of Gaza on January 3, 2009 21:19:33
Pepsi Logo 20:54:26
Everyone is throwing shoes !! 20:26:52
5 Misconceptions about Gaza conflict 20:18:29
RNC Chairman Debate on C-SPAN: VOTE for this Ron Paul question!!! 20:13:23
New C4L Video: Ron Paul Comments on Israeli Invasion of Gaza 19:58:29
DIGG: Ron Paul on Israeli Invasion of Gaza: We Shouldn't Take Sides!! 19:57:12
Learned about this at "End the Fed" Rally 19:42:11
Patriot being tortured in Utah right now 19:37:14
Saving Money Ideas 19:37:07
Equation of Death?: Obama's "Universal Civilian Service" + "Homeland Security" Series = ? 19:15:38
New EU Pres dismisses man-made "climate crisis" 19:10:59
Three Cheers for Roseanne Barr! 18:52:43
NOMINATE World's Greatest Book!!! 18:40:45
IRS double standard 18:31:00
Ron Paul President of the Republic of Texas 18:22:56
!EXTREMELY IMPORTANT VIDEO! Please help, digg and spread so people will stop this MADNESS!!! 18:22:06
Start of WW III? 18:02:49
7.6 earthquake strikes near West Papua, Indonesia -cnn 17:58:32
*Letter to Bush on Gaza Crisis* 17:43:44
What helped the rise of Hamas? U.S., Israel policies, turns out 17:27:36
One person can make a difference. 17:18:37
Is there more to this story? 17:00:56
Slideshow: Where the bailout money went 16:50:02
Living a Nightmare: Animal Factories in Michigan 16:43:22
Why We Are Just Spinning Our Wheels 16:43:00
Emergency Preparedness - Part 1 - Essential Item List 16:41:34
Peter Schiff: Predictions For 2009. Bloomberg Interview: 1/2/09 16:37:13
Fear mongering a no-no with these guys 16:35:58
Who wants to bet that Iranian rockets will be found in Gaza? 16:09:15
Bergs Case on the Cover of the new GLOBE magazine! 15:46:24
Al Bielek - The Philadelphia Experiment Montauk Project 15:40:12
Who will be the next RNC Chairman? 15:37:33
Evaluate: GOP Rebranding Attempts.... 15:34:50
More Media Press on the Break-up of the U.S.A. 15:28:21
Bring the Feds to their knees 15:13:53
The Primary Owners of the Federal Reserve Bank Are: 15:07:35
Israel is using shock and awe right now 1/4/2009 1130am 14:54:53
HAARP a good video! 14:46:04
Ron Paul Takes Aim at Big Business 14:39:21
Free, online course with real lessons to help you wake people up 14:34:54
False Diagnosis of Deflation 14:30:11
They admit we're taking over the party 14:26:24
These VETS want a bailout 14:20:22
Anyone else cleaning up Xmas today? 14:06:29
Gerald Celente Economic Update 12/18/08 pt. 1-4 14:05:52
U.S. could be facing debt 'time bomb' this year 14:02:34
Unconstitutional Agenda 13:37:09
Obama's Plan for The Draft- MANDATORY SERVICE everyone 18-25 13:32:51
US Patent for the HAARP Project 13:10:21
The NWO-Apocalypse and the End Times 12:48:34
Obama: We need an American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan 12:43:31
Liberia, Hope for the Ideals of Liberty 12:32:00
Urban survivalist predicitions 2009 11:48:58
A Liberty Project you can do from your computer for free! 11:46:53
Biggest Losers in 2008. 11:45:44
20% pay cuts...Just for starters. See where it has begun 11:41:54
Britain On The Brink! 11:34:52
Detroit Average Home Price $18,513 Unemployment 21% 10:37:38
WHAT MUST WE FACE AND DEAL WITH IN 2009? By Dr. Laurie Roth 10:36:38
Ohio Family Farm Food and Health Alert Issued Prompted by SWAT-like Raid on Family Farm 10:34:46
Chickenpox jab for all children and pregnant women 09:25:33
Obama is going to do EXACTLY what he is told to do! 08:53:44
Seattle police fatally shoot (7 times?) armed history buff... 08:14:20
Fannie Mae's Last Stand: excellent article from Vanity Fair 08:13:09
You must DIGG THIS PLEASE!! 05:24:02
Media Banned From Gaza as Humanitarian Crisis Escalates 05:00:59
Aimee Allen Ron Paul Song - Revolucian Remix - Revolution Anthem 03:39:21
Ok here's what I think... 03:12:56
Good activism in high schools, telling truth about military recruitment 03:10:56
Govs ask for 1 trillion for States; Steel industry asks for 1 trillion. 03:09:50
MSNBC/Washington Post: The coming U.S. Debt Time Bomb... 02:55:01
INFLATION/deflation 02:47:55
Ten Major Threats Facing the U.S. Dollar in 2009 02:33:50
"Oregon looks at taxing mileage instead of gasoline" 02:13:29
Microwave Beam Gun... 02:05:43
'Financial 9/11' struck over $6.9 trillion from US economy during 2008 01:54:58
6 more new "state" quarters for 2009 01:47:29
I think this short Video speaks Volumes! 01:10:58
Should the umm Govt, well .. Bailout the.. Media? 00:46:28
Government pipedreams on internet ratings doomed to fail 00:38:41
Everything you need to know about Iran 00:36:02
August Dunning of ASAP Organics is making a mockery of Global Warming! 00:16:43