Posted on January 4, 2009

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Over 10,000 Israelis attended HUGE anti-war rally in Israel (1/3/09) 20:56:19
Ron Paul Freeway Blogging: Take Action *update: date chosen* 15:04:24
Who do you think is paying for the weapons, armor and bullets used to kill the Palestinians! 06:37:03
2012 ? 21:42:01
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Support Mike Franco for Chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party ! 23:48:17
Chaos on the Horizon? Invest in Real Assets 23:31:02
1147 "Carbecues" In Paris on New Year's Eve And More Later Help Struggling Auto Industry: France Has "No Explanation." 23:15:33
States seeking $1 trillion to 'keep afloat' 23:12:45
Police Murder Unarmed Man @ Fruitvale BART 12/31/08 22:35:06
Good book for Patriots! 22:24:59
WTF are they spraying over Gaza??? 21:55:01
Peter Schiff for Senate 2010? 21:54:35
U. S. Supreme Court takes the teeth out of the Second Amendment 21:49:06
CBS 60 Minutes Mind Reading Tech 1/4/09 21:15:50
Go rent the movie Eagle Eye 21:10:24
No smoking or chewing tobacco on campus grounds 21:10:01
MUST READ!! Your Land: Collateral for the National Debt 21:05:10
Who's Ron Paul? 21:03:20
Just finished Hayek's : The Road to Serfdom 20:46:24
Speak Out: Ron Paul Didn't Even Make Top 10 20:38:26
Federal Government regulating the bike industry 20:24:02
Horror Emergency Laws Set To Kill 19:58:47
Dennis Kucinich is seriously taking the Federal Reserve to task! 19:14:16
Do we have a "For Sale" Thread? 19:06:41
Food Riots, Civil Unrest, and the Disunited States of America 18:44:08
Missed Opportunities by Professor Fekete 18:40:22
Send this to your law enforcement...sorry its so long 18:23:23
More Corrupt Blagojevich Deals Point Out the Utility of Transparency in Government. 18:22:35
***Vote for Ron Paul in Republican Party Poll*** 18:00:26
Your New Car 17:47:20
Constitutional authority 17:42:20
*Top 5 Lies about Israel's Assault on Gaza* 17:25:04
*Depleted uranium found in Gaza victims* 17:07:32
Do you disagree with this question? 17:06:06
DIGG: Iraq War Cost is 50 Times Original Estimate (YOUTUBE) 17:05:52
Become Law Enforcement officers. 16:25:39
Obama's Economic Plan of No Confidence 16:23:30
Bye Bye Bill Richardson. 16:19:59
Uncle Jay 15:19:24
Manna Storehouse Raid: It’s about Control 14:56:57
Is a Tax Revolt in the making? 14:31:03
Sir Rothschild "action has to be taken and action must be taken very soon". 13:43:36
Animal Rights 13:41:09
The True Story Behind this War Is Not The One Israel Is Telling 13:38:05
A Open Letter to WTP's Bob Schultz on the "Continental Congress" 13:32:13
List of United Nations resolutions concerning Israel 12:56:46
US blocks cease-fire, gives Israel carte blanche to continue killing in Gaza 12:37:33
US and global manufacturing collapsing 12:32:02
jimmy justice 12:30:17
Russia cuts off Ukranian gas supply 12:25:53
US Preparing for Martial Law? 12:17:28
Real ID mandate resisted in Virginia 11:58:12
The Ruling Elite Do Not Want Your Money. They want you to shut up. 11:16:44
Haha! Selling weed for the lord 10:23:38
E-Mail to the UN 10:00:12
Ron on Invading the Gaza Gulag: "We, the US, will be blamed for it." 08:58:25
Be Careful Who You Put Your Hopes In… 08:52:44
BBC News: Could Interest Rates Go Negative? [not a joke] 07:56:35
VIDEO: Dr. Paul discusses the invasion of Gaza 06:58:14
Sorry, I can't hear you over how Awesome I AM! 03:04:07
Ron Paul Condemns Gaza Invasion- Video 02:35:20
The Militarization of NASA 01:14:13
Rabbis Protest Against Zionism 01:07:58
People arrested for clapping 00:47:29
The Turner Diaries Audio Book 00:36:26
"The Turner Diaries" 00:31:49
*HOW WE FEEL ABOUT THE PALESTINIANS…* from the Lion and Lamb Ministry 00:23:43
Next Federal Bailout May Go to States; Democratic Governors Seek $1 Trillion 00:20:04
Israel Backed by Army of Cyber-Soldiers 00:18:17