Posted on January 7, 2009

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Introducing the Leaders of the CFR!! 23:42:11
Full Page Chemtrails Ad, Redding CA 23:11:18
February 10, 2009 it will be illegal to re-sell any used children's products including toys and clothing. 23:11:17
*Peace Be With You Patriots* 15:48:34
1/7/09 - Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 23:11:17
693,000 Jobs Lost in December 10:13:51
Daily Paul, Campaign for Liberty, Rush Limbaugh Web Site Traffic 07:16:52
Peter Schiff on CNBC 1/6/2009 01:19:24
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There are currently 259 guests and 108 users tonight. 23:35:37
Israeli envoy banished from Venezuela: Chavez' door closed 23:25:42
History and 'morals' of ethnic cleansing: Reflections after Gaza invasion 23:17:48
*Alert* It has already started:Ammunition Accountability Legislation. 23:04:12
The Eleventh Hour, a television series? 22:40:28
*Results Regarding Chemtrails...Over 4000 Times Safe Levels* 22:32:06
"LET'S PRINT MORE MONEY!" Drudge Headline 22:23:39
Icelandic Bank Considers Legal Action Against British Government 22:21:15
Ron Paul: Failure of dollar will dwarf current crisis 22:15:42
*UN: no Hamas fighters at school bombed by Israel* 22:03:46
Did Zionist Regime Create Hamas? 21:51:56
Video -- Illuminati subliminals in "Fight Club" & other movies 21:37:35
Obama's Little Red Book 21:36:57
Trans Texas Corridor renamed, not dead 21:18:34
Video -- Courageous teenager urges IDF troops to think before shooting 21:12:22
Russia turns off gas spigot ! 21:02:08
We are Doomed. 20:40:00
US Could Lose 1 Million Jobs this Month: ING 20:38:54
Breaking... Obama Challenge 19:57:07
Reuters Video of a Bombed School in Gaza 19:34:05
Obama Selects CFR Member Sanjay Gupta to be Surgeon General 19:02:03
What percentage of the US population do you think will have to be enlightened & converted for the RP revolution to succeed? 18:53:37
Let the Oily TRUTH surface on these troubled waters 18:48:21
More Evidence of Pentagon War Against the Internet 18:15:18
Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 18:14:31
They Could No Longer Trust Their Currency 18:11:54
Real Letter From CEO To His Employees 17:58:39
Anarchy, could it work? 17:50:37
World War Three Has Begun 16:58:04
*Porn Industry Seeks Federal Bailout* 16:34:25
As incandescent light bulbs disappear, anxious shoppers search High Street 16:14:30
Protester Tells Jews to ‘Go Back to the Oven’ 16:01:27
Peter Schiff Senate 2010 15:41:52
With Nearly $9 Trillion in Cash, Consumers More Powerful than Government 15:39:47
"Immigrate to the Republic of Lakotah and Join us in our Work for Freedom" 15:31:49
9/11: An Analysis of the Twin Towers 15:25:25
Love the Fed? Here's a juicy rumor... 15:09:41
Is Ron Paul going crazy ? I love this article ! 14:40:56
Did anyone else read this. America splitting into six parts. 14:27:07
False Diagnosis of Deflation 13:10:43
Obama pledges to eliminate government waste and inefficiency by.......hiring another bureaucrat 13:06:05
Have Bush and the Neocons Ruined it for the Israelis? 13:06:04
Inflation/Deflation Debate 12:53:23
"The Change And Hope Deadline" :Attention Countries Get your bombing in while you can 12:51:19
Dale in Oklahoma says goodbye to the Anti-God Troll Patrol 12:40:13
The greater Depression 2009! 12:22:09
CALL FOR ACTION!! 12:15:19
Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Weapons Used To Kill Children! Paid For By U.S. Taxpayers! 12:11:04
Will President Obama Give In to Reparations? - Russian News 12:06:39
Fuel cell news! California Announces Hydrogen Highway Infrastructure Funding 11:57:50
2009 Budget deficit to be $1.2 Trillion? 11:48:31
DIGG!: Ron Paul on CNN: Stimulus Plan Will Only Make Things Worse! 11:27:00
Ron Paul: Why do we run a World Empire? 11:21:44
The Assassination of General George S. Patton.... 11:17:02
Obama's "refundable tax credits" are basically welfare checks 11:12:56
Wikipedia inspired by Austrian Economics 10:48:05
*private sector employment decreased by 693,000 in December* 10:13:05
Daily Paul House Rules and Posting Guidelines 10:04:48
ADL Partners with YouTube 09:56:26
Fuel Cell Industry Asks Congress for $1.2bn 09:31:53
is the census an invasion of privacy? 08:54:51
What The Government Plans Don't Understand About The American Consumer! 08:49:34
The Hypocrisy Of Heretics 07:47:19
Is the New World Order bad? It doesn't have to be. 04:36:47
Obama Dreaming of Deficits 04:09:24
Congress' plan would let AG 'ban guns at will' 03:37:40
Kissinger says Obama should start the NWO 03:14:05
Active Patriots post: Where to go from here 03:12:27
Judicial Watch checking on tax payer funded Laguna Beach Day Labor Site 03:08:47
TYPICAL Neo-Con hit piece on Dr. Paul about Gaza... 03:01:17
Census jobs. Do you think it is wrong to work for them? 02:11:18
Bank Of England Policymaker Predicts Unprecedented Dollar Collapse 01:56:59
"The Change And Hope Deadline": Attention Countries Get your bombing in while you can 01:40:12
** US to be CUT OFF from World - Baltic Dry Index Falls 93% 01:16:21
1/6/2009 Peter Schiff: Market Movers 00:50:29
In the spirit of "Its not my DEBT" videos, my boy just made 2 00:43:31
Ah huh, Obama might be throwing Panetta under the bus 00:15:24
How long can you store gasoline? 00:14:03
Forbes Mag explains how Paulson got it wrong 00:11:48