Posted on January 8, 2009

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Obama promises to give public answer January 16th on most popular topic 21:28:18
Ron Paul and Dick Armey on FOX Cavuto 1/8/09 Today 20:34:43
How To Bake Bread Without An Oven 18:56:04
Millions of Homecrafters Face Bankruptcy after January 20, 2009 13:44:27
Peter Schiff predictions from Russia Today! 13:10:35
"European Leaders openly Endorse New World Order" 11:33:12
"The Dark Bailout" - Bush and The Joker 11:15:14
Plato’s Allegory of the Cave 11:43:28
Air Force Releases 'Counter-Blog' Marching Orders 08:37:49
The RP movement desperately needs a full-time plan to increase our numbers. 07:53:25
Ron Paul Speaks in Prague 13:26:12
U.S. Debt Losing Appeal in China 01:14:36
Edwin Vieira on Alex Jones 19:38:08
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So what music do peace loving, liberty minded people like, please post: 23:47:18
Hackers take down ring of key progressive blogs 23:42:47
Founder of JBS has an interesting quote for us in this post 23:20:34
Gaza Crisis: Is Bush to Blame? 23:03:15
Off Topic but may save lives: Aged Tyres, a Driving Hazard 22:56:10
Gaza Crisis: Is Bush to Blame? 22:48:23
Read Daily Las Vegas Sun Newspaper: Most News Not Very Sunny In Vegas 22:14:22
Ham Radio and Heirloom Seeds 21:52:23
New world order will emerge in 2009, with U.S. plunging 21:17:59
The shoe as politics 21:12:16
The Opposite of Dr. Paul 20:48:10
McCaffrey Warns of Mexican Border Rush 20:39:13
Official Government Conspiracy Theorist Guide 20:32:30
And the survey says......... Funny Abrams left MSNBC abruptly 20:29:52
1933 Encylopedia Description of "Fiat Money" 20:26:19
Mumbai like attacks coming to America? 20:09:21
Is anyone hearing about the latest salmonella 20:08:53
China Losing Taste for Debt From U.S. 19:45:46
FT: German bond sale’s fate signals trouble ahead 19:40:59
Ron Paul Says 9/11 Investigation "basically a cover-up" 19:38:07
FT: German bond sale’s fate signals trouble ahead 19:20:56
FT: German bond sale’s fate signals trouble ahead 19:20:37
FT: German bond sale’s fate signals trouble ahead 19:19:54
Dept. of Health cracks down on WWII vet's fruitcakes 18:55:36
DRUDGE: Sarkozy, Merkel, and Blair make demands for a New World Order 18:46:37
As Bush leaves, Republican National Committee finally criticizes his bailouts. 18:43:03
"Way off topic" Do you believe in ghosts? I do after seeing this video! 18:36:16
FDA Globalization Act 2008 is Dead...for now 18:26:43
It's Official -- Obama is President 18:19:45
CIA LSD lab rats want healthcare 18:17:16
Riots erupt in Oakland after slain father laid to rest -CNN 18:09:19
Tom Sullivan (FOX Business) predicts RP vs. Obama 2012 if economy continues collapse 18:06:23
DIGG ALERT! PETER SCHIFF on the Economic Crisis (1/08/09) from CFL website 17:52:57
German children will be forced to see concentration camp sites 17:52:47
Young Palestinian Victim interviewed 17:49:28
Israel backed by cyber-soldiers 17:28:47
worst predictions of 2008! 17:13:16
obama and israel and aipac 17:02:46
*Read Watch Weep* 16:57:07
Oakland Cop shoots and kills unarmed man while he lay face down 16:23:52
Ron Paul On Neil Cavuto @ 4:25!!-Thu. Jan 8 16:23:52
*NSA sub-contracts majority of its work to Israeli high-tech firms* 16:08:39
The allegations of Sibel Edmonds - "Kill the Messenger" 16:01:27
Lakota, important topic 15:23:50
The Internet Is Dying 15:14:23
Obama in Spiderman 15:09:35
rhino: No more foreign aid = peace aid. 15:09:25
The Great New Jersey Deer Kill 15:08:18
Supreme Court agrees to hear case of Obama's eligibility for Presidency: Suit brought by California Libertarian Gail Lightfoot 15:07:18
A message to all supporters of Ron Paul 15:06:50
Obama Warns of Consequences Without Stimulus 14:53:52
Anyone catch the electoral college vote count on CSPAN today? 14:52:42
Madoff Exposure Spreads to Labor Union Pension Funds 14:46:03
Top 5 Lies About Israel’s Assault on Gaza 14:42:53
Unemployment Claims Crash Multiple Websites 14:37:40
UN Suspends Aid to Gaza 14:33:10
Most politicians are like 14:32:09
Action Alert ~ Emergency Protests to Stop the Attacks on Gaza 14:30:50
Want to protect yourself from traffic cameras? 14:18:16
Sarkozy, Merkel, Blair call for New Global Order 14:08:54
Obama Designate for Agriculture Vilsack in Pocket of Big Agra and Bio-Tech 14:07:43
After January 12 Homeland Security locks down America 13:57:30
History of paper money! 13:41:17
Does anyone remember the thread 13:29:24 article by Rachel Marsden calling Ron Paul a liar 13:28:30
CNN's John King "Obama is in for a New World Order" 12:59:39
'World's smallest' fuel cell for portable devices 12:55:54
New World Order Being Taught In Schools! 12:41:09
Bush Legacy Cost 2.2 MILLION Dollars Per Minute! 12:02:07
Happy birthday- ELVIS 12:01:57
Emergency Preparation Part 2 - Spiritual Preparation 11:45:17
Obama & the Israeli Lobby AIPAC 11:43:27
Israel Created Hamas to Split Palestine:Israel’s False Flag Operations Know No Bounds 11:36:23
Humor~ Adventures in EyeCare 11:28:29
Obama: Deceiver, Cheat, Swindler, Liar, Fraudster, Con Artist 11:15:25
Detroit Debt downgraded to Junk Status 11:13:53
BAYER EXPOSED ,One more example of our MAFIA government ! 10:38:46
Here is my pledge to all my friends at the Daily Paul..Whos with me? 10:31:33
A rare peek at Homeland Security's files on travelers 10:23:08
One of the best articles on what has happened and what will happen 10:12:36
Former Israeli Air Force Captain Calls for Peace. 10:11:57
Wal-Mart Stores posted disappointing December sales...oops 09:43:34
Homeland Security USA (The whole showfrom Tuesday, 06JAN09!) 09:03:32
Israel almost takes out 11 year old terrorists playing stickball.... 08:01:58
The Globe Is Requesting 07:56:58
The Swede speaks out 07:46:59
Health Revolution Tour 2009 06:46:39
Facing Jihad Conference in Jerusalem 04:01:38
Alex Jones - KOPBUSTERS Barry Cooper 03:52:19
Immigration Lobbying: How America's Rich Take Advantage Of The Middle Class 03:32:58
Protecting American Jobs Is a Bad Thing 03:26:00
Mexico takes urgent economy steps (BBC News) 03:14:13
Begging to see Obama's passport, college records, real birth cirtificate! 03:11:49
Obama Is Reported Set to Revise Counterterrorism Efforts 03:11:27
Israel fires artillery into Lebanon 03:10:44
Obama Says He Will Seek Overhaul of Retiree Spending 03:09:50
Barack Hussein Obama wants to give a shout out to the Muslims. 03:08:16
Lawmakers and Financial Experts Question Obama's Tax Cuts 03:07:46
Israel Violated Arms Export Control Act? 03:01:02
Get connected to each other in many ways! 02:51:02
Shop, Damn You, Shop! 02:41:14
Here is something that gave me hope. 02:33:50
"China Losing Taste for Debt From the U.S." 02:33:24
Peter Schiff 1/7/09 - Brian & The Judge (Napalitano) 02:29:36
1/21/09..What do you guys think..? 01:48:52
A Proof of Property Rights 01:45:26
Police Shoot Unarmed Father in the Back Execution Style New Years Day 2009 in CA Local News Report 01:37:02
Which AKA of Barack Hussein Obama Jr. do you like best? 00:56:39
REPUBLICAE..... 00:50:33
A reminder for those who may have forgotten....... 00:45:05
Saw on yahoo that the Bush's just ordered $485,000 worth of China for The White House, are they just laughing at us now or what? 00:26:22
Entitlements vs. Obama: "I'm Gonna Get You, Sucka! Part II" 00:17:56
"Feingold-McCain" attempts to eliminate earmarks with an earmark 00:15:07