Posted on January 9, 2009

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Update: Solar Storms to Arrive by 2012 23:09:42
Sameh A. Habeeb ~stop blogging or I would be killed. 20:03:05
Bush to Make a Grab for Second Half of "Bailout" - Bankers Weep for Joy 20:03:06
Attention NASHVILLE Paulies, Tennessee DPers 17:49:57
Ron Paul speech on the House Floor 1/9/09: BLOWBACK! 12:12:30
2009 Census Bureau Info: National Stats About Everything - Learn About Your City, County, State, and Nation 11:13:07
Ron Paul Seeks To Block Congressional Pay Raise Rip-Off 11:01:12
A Mess 04:45:52
Update: NOW How's the site running? 16:23:07
Where should I move to live off a farm? 00:08:53
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CNN To Air I.O.U.S.A. Jan 10 and 11 23:57:52
Modern-Day Slavery in the Tomato Fields of Florida 23:57:18
Continental Congress 2009 Update 23:53:01
Biggest Full Moon of the Year: Take 2 23:04:11
You are being Lied to about the Pirates 22:03:45
Off-Topic- Upcoming 2012 movie 21:41:50
US doctors pay to hear Ore. town’s vaccine views 21:38:59
He's back from the wilderness 21:36:22
Peter Schiff Possible Senate Run? + Digg 21:20:42
*Children found under the rubble families torn apart* 21:15:18
Obama Site Linked to 'Bush Shoe Toss' Event 20:45:24
Colin Powell Calls on Americans To Serve - They Even Have A Website 20:39:07
A Philosophical Argument against Forced Vaccination 20:33:07
N.Y. Lawmaker Charged With Felony 20:23:44
Forming Networks is the key to saving your money 20:12:08
"AirForce Releases's Counter-Blog Marching Orders" 19:47:48
A double dose of Schiff 19:26:51
Is he awake or is he being sarcastic? 19:02:07
More Evidence of Pentagon War Against the Internet 18:52:01
NY Banksters stole tens of billions in bonus money over the last 5 years 18:44:53
Obama supporters stunned to find out that SCOTUS is an acronym 18:43:06
FT: German federal government takes Commerzbank stake to rescue Dredner takeover 18:36:41
Anyone Heard About Quincy Jones Wanting Obama To Have A Ministry Of Culture? 18:13:56
*Largely Untold History Of Jewish Opposition to Zionism* 18:05:40
UPDATE: I received my U.S. passport! 18:01:52
Cspan: Ron Paul - Israel Created Hamas! 17:48:19
Unfiltered News.... 17:25:38
Is this war on the Afghani people unconstitutional? 17:09:56
Obama stimulus = roughly $20 a week 16:56:51
Government will jam your cell phone during next terrorist attack 16:33:27
Has anybody ever had these feelings before?? 16:32:24
Chuck Baldwins 2009 recommended reading list! 16:25:38
Jon Lajoie Live Comedian 15:48:51
economic education for HS student 15:45:02
Can we sue the government? 15:40:53
The Great Credit-Crunch Hoax of 2008 15:34:21
Anyone have the link 15:23:35
Charlie Rose interviews Director of National Intelligence, 15:21:06
How to return our Social Security Cards. Update 15:20:33
Fellow Austrian School supporters, please assist me on this thread 15:15:29
Obama Birth Update: Lawsuit Against Secretary of State Sam Reed Dismissed 15:13:05
Why don't we all ask for a bailout? 15:08:11
Law To Open Border, Legalize Illegal Aliens 15:07:16
Entegris' Specialty Materials Division Introduces High Temperature Plates for Fuel Cells 15:06:37
UFC 93 - Ron Paul supporter fighting in the welterweight division 14:48:11
Gravity: Horizontal or Vertical Force? 13:39:54
Illinois House votes overwhelmingly to impeach Gov. Rod Blagojevich 13:31:13
SHARE THIS! 13:20:56
A sign of the coming inflation? 13:18:17
≈≈≈≈ CNN admits: "Definitely headed for Depression" ≈≈≈≈ 13:00:55
“A lie is halfway round the world before the truth has a chance to get its boots on.” 13:00:22
Powell & Biden's January 21 or 22, 2009 12:00:44
Ron Paul On Israel & Hamas 11:58:59
Edgy China blog site shut amid "Internet porn" sweep 11:47:00
5 soldiers killed in Afhganistan 11:35:58
*US Financial Aid To Israel Issue* 11:29:20
Sick Truth About Global Banking 11:14:47
VIDEO- Humanity's Greatest Challenge - Fear or Love 11:12:59
Texas C4L Regional Conventions - RSVP - CAMPAIGNforTEXAS.COM 11:02:31
The dollar is fine, stop worrying 11:01:27
Great Depression jobs parallel may not be far flung 11:00:48
MUST SEE: Oakland Police Shooting Video 10:37:56
Consumer borrowing falls by $7.94B in November--BIGGEST DROP IN 65 YEARS!!! 10:37:12
alex jones ebay 10:34:30
Song: I Want My Bailout Money by Mike Adams (Health Ranger) 10:27:50
Unemployment Hits 7.2%, a 15-Year High 10:14:59
Sale of used toys, books, cds for children banned? 09:35:11
Healthcare, Libertarianism, Religion, and the Atheist's paradox 08:58:47
GM can't find buyers for Saab 08:31:46
Are Rich People Listening to Ron Paul? 08:25:16
Swiss bank UBS is closing the hidden offshore accounts 07:26:41
Exciting price for various items, discount coupon cards 06:59:05
web solution, outsourcing 06:57:43 book review: 'Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed' 04:19:38 book review: The Case Against Adolescence by Robert Epstein 04:07:21
America First 04:00:20
The Greatest News in 65 Years 03:58:26
Fred Thompson explains the bailouts 03:26:59
Change.... OBAMA wants Change?? where is it!! 02:47:30
Celente - Israel's Propaganda War could Cause Major Oil Increase 02:38:56
There are plans, within plans, within plans 02:01:36
Flight Termination System (FTS) 02:00:36
"BREAKING" Obama wants dialogue with Hamas 01:27:29
Barack Obama: we must spend our way out of recession 01:01:45 - good learning. 00:54:15
Deflation??? where is the deflation??? 00:27:50
Merril lynch says wealthy clients turning to Gold! 00:23:31
Great video!!! Gaza: The Killing Zone - Israel/Palestine. please BUMP 00:16:59
Why I Would Vote No On Pot 00:11:50