Posted on January 11, 2009

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Ron Paul: Israeli Acts in Gaza 'Immoral' 15:51:09
Ron Paul on Russia Today: 1/10/09 DIGG and Rate it! 13:54:37
This Bail-Out Rap is Da Bomb! 13:49:56
What is this, Communist China? **Video link added** 11:48:47
Take the Rothbard Depression Quiz 13:54:35
Zimbabwe: 50 Billion Dollars Buys Two Loaves of Bread 13:49:57
Naomi Klein Calls for Boycott of Israel 13:54:36
New Download: Fed / Inflation Poster 13:54:37
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W. And The Damage Done 23:53:42
For Shelby County, Alabama Ron Paul supporters 23:38:05
Obama on Investigating Bush Crimes: "Need to Look Forward" 23:36:18
NWO Conspiracy Bullcrap 23:31:51
scenes from Gaza - video - 11 Jan 09 23:23:06
BREAKING!!! U.S. sending millions of pounds of munitions to Israel 23:22:13
Having trouble waking the mind controlled people? 23:09:22
Andrew Carroll Marijuana Civil Disobidience Arrest 23:00:15
seriously, this is how a president answers a question. Big fail. 22:54:59
The world protests Israel's attack on Gaza 22:51:56
8,000,000,000 people on Youtube watched this! 2008 news summary... 22:42:58
First Person: Government ignores constitutional principles 22:27:49
Swedish health clinic destroyed in Gaza. 21:40:14
CNBC currently airing BigBrother BigBusiness. How every electronic device you own tracks you. 8:14pm EST 21:16:57
Year of 2008 -- From "Free" to "Not Really Free" 21:13:56
This Revolution The Movie! 21:13:43
George Galloways Amazing Speech about Israel on Stop Gaza Massacre protest 21:07:23
Today I talked to Michael Steele about Ron Paul and the Fed 20:57:37
Zionists on recieving end... 20:49:30
New NWO music video 20:32:58
2005 SUNDANCE FILM MOVIE: This Revolution (WELL WORTH THE WATCH!) 20:27:09
A Lecture: Arab and Israel, Conflict or Conciliation? 20:24:01
To those on the DP who support tariffs 20:18:53
Guess What? Lots of Oil Natural Gas in Palestine! 19:58:15
Is Israel Setup for Destiny or Destruction? 19:45:53
Islamic nation civilized the west 1001 inventions 19:25:12
Peter Schiff - predicts Imminent Doom 19:12:33
TONIGHT: "Free Spirit Radio" with Steven Vincent 19:03:02
Our beloved Barney Frank talking about the bailout experiment in Plymouth Country Democratic legal Chairs Brunch 18:28:14
Videos~ Jan 10, DC Rally for Gaza Support 18:14:42
The NAFTA Superhighway is NOT DEAD! It has been RE-NAMED the "Innovative Connectivity Plan" ! 17:56:05
Here Is A Great Way To Keep The Message of Freedom, Liberty & Small Government Out There! 17:44:41
Music and "The Message" 17:42:36
Silver face value 17:40:00
Free Gaza Movement~Ship to Arrive on Tuesday 17:26:09
Only Silver and Gold work and other 2009 events to come. 16:48:39
Obamas hypnotic message 16:36:01
IOUSA 16:32:31
Unemployment state by state 16:26:40
*14 Percent of U.S. Adults Can't Read* 16:15:16
Rumsfeld makes 5 mil from bird flu vaccine 16:13:49
Physicist Says Google Searches Bad for the Earth 16:06:26
Socialist Action statement on Gaza ... 16:06:23
No War for Oil 16:05:43
Unusually Large U.S. Weapons Shipment to Israel 15:04:15
People Need Money Now: Bank Robberies Way Up 80% 14:53:07
Gaza Conflict 14:52:14
Judge Napolitano's Verdict: Free Speech Must Be Truly Free 14:11:23
Budget crisis drives California to close offices twice a month 14:11:08
Lakotah Russell Means - Alex Jones Interview 01/10/2009 14:07:51
Silver Shortage? My maple leafs were ordered in sept. 13:59:13
Teen tasered to death by Martinsville Police!! 13:23:30
Mr. Obama on Foreign Policy - Re Clinton and Bush Similarities 12:57:08
Ital diet 12:41:36
lakota sees through obama 12:39:58
Lakota see thru Obama 11:58:46
After You Wake Up, You'll Notice You Have a Memory 11:51:40
Arrested for touching a plant. 11:36:32
Ron Paul says Israel created Hamas. Not sure if this one went to post yet 11:04:25
Just heard Pink on the radio 11:03:20
A quiz to test your political leanings! Are you Libertarian, Neocon, Paleocon? Find Out. 10:55:24
Mass. Republican Assembly to Meet Saturday, Jan. 17 10:34:19
America's Final Collapse: When History Repeats 08:33:52
VIDEO- Terrorstorm Final Cut - Alex Jones 08:09:14
Some (new) Ideas 08:05:58
Lew Rockwell on the Constitution vs. Articles of Confederation 06:52:16
When history repeats 05:29:09
Loophole for Real Home Ownership? 05:26:08
Who benefits from recession? : Inmates 04:52:17
The New Way to Give: Venture-Cap Charity 04:31:14
Could those who have an answer to this question post? 04:29:32
From Carpavel: Do you think i'm a kook? about my arrest. 04:19:21
Reporting back to you from my county Republican executive elections today 04:15:08
Berg says U.S.Supreme Court has not made a decision 04:12:35
Why the secrecy on the bailout money? 03:58:25
Moving Minutes - John Adams - "Liberty Will Reign" 03:25:31
Hypothyroidism. 03:07:31
The case for non-intervention 02:29:00
Easy forms make all problems disappear! Guaranteed to work! 02:19:44
I want my bailout money (Song) 02:18:29
Words of Warning of the Coming Collapse By Peter Schiff: Bubble Trouble! 01:50:07
>>>>Defendants claim Sovereignty and lose KINDA <<<< 01:49:19
Kucinich: “Federal Reserve No More Federal Than Federal Express!” 01:32:11
What do soveriegn people do for a living? 00:15:48
The United States is still a British colony* 00:13:28