Posted on January 12, 2009

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Ron Paul: Stimulating Our Way to Rock Bottom 21:31:24
Today Something Strange Occured 18:33:38
Ron Paul Pressing for MBL Easing in Stimulus 17:31:47
Obama Says Recession Causes a Scaling Back of Promises 16:01:30
Jews that are Zionists are the Minority 13:15:47
Embassy Video Interview, Dr Keyes on Obama eligibility. 10:48:24
When Corporations Rule the World 11:22:45
Here's Your Chance, Ohio 10:48:23
Constitution Worship Undermines the Cause for Freedom 01:01:46
More of Dr. Edwin Vieira on Constitutional Homeland Security 11:22:47
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The Battle of Grozny - Timothy Thomas, Lt Col 23:57:41
Modes of passive resistance 23:57:26
2011~2013 Dust bowl. 23:36:22
Here we go into the dark night 23:33:28
FREEDOM related internet radio? 22:44:46
Moses? Now they are just ticking me off! 22:32:39
Latest Obama Eligibility Suit Was Denied Hearing By Supreme Court 22:24:35
Obama on Investigating Bush Crimes: "Need to Look Forward" 22:04:00
Please Vote and bump for Health Freedom 21:53:15
Wallstreet in sharp retreat, Gold down $33 - Platinum down $30 - Crude oil at $38 a barrel 21:48:50
Free Global Energy 21:48:10
"Obama Climate Czar Has Socialist Ties" 21:45:16
The Best Congress Money Can Buy: Ron Paul Stands Alone Among "Republicans" 21:44:04
Just for Fun and our Health - Lets go Bananas! 21:42:06
Gaza Strategies 21:33:47
Mass Freeway Blog For Liberty January 20th 2009 21:33:06
"Jewish state" Bans Arab Parties from Elections 21:28:49
The Fed Creates a Crisis and Hampers the Recovery 21:27:56
Anna Baltzer, She is Pretty & Jewish... 20:59:25
"Top 11 Compounds In US. Drinking Water" 20:54:55
*** ASA Medical Cannabis Alert *** 20:46:48
Joe the plumber in Israel? 20:37:30
Getting your thoughts on this? 20:23:51
17 - year old tasered to death by Martinsville Police!! 20:21:01
Granny with a Glock! Check out the video... 19:58:51
Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves!!! 19:57:04
The untold struggle of American workers 19:54:40
Israel admits: "No Hamas rockets were fired during ceasefire" 19:41:40
List Of Dual-Citizenship REAL Leaders: Notice Anyone You Know? 19:13:09
What's The Real Story Regarding Conspiracies, Prophecy, and 2012? 18:58:39
Ayn Rand for Treasury Secretary 18:50:49
2 million acres of new wilderness land 18:42:14
You Want Proof of the Zionist Control of Congress — Here it is! 18:30:22
Congress, YouTube Team Up On Custom Channels 18:24:05
A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America 18:16:21
Three Ideas That Should Scare The Hell Out Of You 18:15:19
New talking points for Fox News say "We need a military Draft." here we go.. 18:01:22
Sludge Report shut down by Israeli agents. 17:51:12
HELP with rubuttal...Obama being a citizen 17:50:00
How the House voted on Gaza genocide 17:44:30
Steve Quayle on talkback with AJ, 17:44:15
Dr. Paul: Stimulating Our Way to Rock Bottom 17:04:57
Obama's censors topics for change 17:03:20
Merck Vaccine Chief Brings HIV/AIDS to America 16:44:44
Video Surfaces Of 9/11 Commissioner Referring To “Missile” At Pentagon 16:24:21
Obama Energy Czar Leads World Socialist Group 16:23:03
DOW 1/12/09 Close 8,474.05 down -125.13 -1.46% 16:21:29
Ron Paul is expecting another False Flag 14:39:11
yep. could TOTALLY see myself in one of these!!! LMAO!!!!!! 14:29:31
Gold could drop substantially in the next couple of months 14:22:09
Libertarianism: If Not Now, Then When? 14:20:56
Hamas booby-traps a school 13:40:47
This is What Naomi Wolf supports 13:39:48
In Defense of Humanity: Let Gaza Live 13:14:06
How can the 9/11 Commission be taken seriously when they refer to alive 'hijackers'? 13:11:26
OFF TOPIC: Does anyone know what people pay for web design services? 12:57:01
Sex offender wins $500K in lottery run by rape support group 12:54:40
Please add your video posts to 12:48:57
Obama Wants Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General 12:37:21
Have your question put to business men at the World Economic Forum by CNN's Charles Hodson 12:12:57
Rothschild Controlled Britain Taking over Citigroup Banks 12:06:42
GOOGLE* Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim and Right 11:42:52
Capitalism and the Laws of Nature 11:28:23
Republican party needs continued spanking 11:13:34
Wrong on so many levels 11:09:14
Socialist in Obama admin, well duh 11:02:01
Berg vs. Obama - Update!! 10:44:26
Joe Biden Leads 30,000 More U.S. Troops to War 10:00:22
Couple of good articles 09:54:03
Colorado: Benefit of Yellow Timing Increase Documented in Denver 08:52:11
Electronic Medical Records: Good or Bad? 07:49:49
For Those Who Want To Know 06:29:15
U.S. sending millions of pounds of munitions to Israel 05:28:13
NYPD incite riot at Pro Palestinian rally 03:59:27
Opposite Day on DailyPaul - 1/12/09 03:48:19
You're Fired 03:08:13
I have an addiction problem !! 03:02:09
The Hell With Bipartisanship 02:50:13
The Rockefeller Plan 02:38:36
This is CRAZY! 02:26:46
This is what we need for the victims in Gaza !! 02:21:54
Joe the Plumber; A true neo-con! 02:21:36
I Need Financial Advice 00:31:29
I.O.USA-"One Nation Under Stress, In Debt": Airing On CNN 00:25:37
Agenda 21 legislation passed today 00:18:31
Israel's military has fired artillery shells with the incendiary agent white phosphorus 00:14:55
Outline For Advanced Combat Tactics (For academic study only) 00:09:03