Posted on January 15, 2009

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Mexican Collapse and the Plan for a North American Union 23:00:58
Starbucks Makes It Easy to Join Obama’s "Civilian National Security Force" 22:26:50
"Brits 4 Ron Paul" Blog Emerges From Deep Freeze. 22:21:22
Happy Anniversary to Me !!! 14:53:27
Can We Trust the GOP? 12:08:12
Dennis Kucinich to introduce legislation against the Fed and Fractional Reserve Lending 08:45:04
GOLD STANDARD RETURNS!!!!! Indiana State Senator Files Gold Money Bill! 03:41:35
Time is running out.... 03:13:08
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Trial in AIPAC case set for April 21 23:49:08
Digital TV: Mind Control by the "Sound of Silence" - Yes or No? Is this for real? 23:31:34
Ted Nugent in Obama's cabinet ? He's officially lost his mind I think. 23:17:54
"Obama in The Belly Of The Beast" 22:59:08
The truth about life in Gaza 22:57:08
Can we please please please please please make a poll on Daily Paul 22:51:58
Do you hate the Israeli aggresion? 22:14:00
I Got My Ron Paul Calendar 2009 21:36:24
*Release Of 9/11 Secret Document Sought By Kin* 21:35:54
Lewis Black on bailouts 21:22:35
I just puked on my keyboard... 21:16:15
*The humiliation of America* 21:10:22
Israeli Journalist says it like it is. 21:10:21
Finance the Islamic Way at Michigan Bank 21:10:10
The Chimerica 20:59:50
Ron Paul Congressional Speech 1-14-09 20:46:23
Historic Peter Schiff interview from 12/13/08 20:35:40
Canadian geese hits US Plane, Pres. Bush declares War! 20:35:20
If I Were President of the USA by Russell Means 20:14:37
A Well (un)Managed Depression Is Not All Bad ( Light this Fool Up) 20:08:20
California "faces insolvency within weeks" 19:55:13
Former BART officer pleads not guilty to murder charge 19:51:01
ladder to nowhere - this is a sensitive video 19:47:35
Senate Votes to Release Second Half of TARP Funds to Obama 19:33:37
Awesome hardhitting Channel 4 interview of liar Israeli spokesman Herzog 19:27:17
DP Market Thread for Wed. - 1/21/09 19:15:58
The Largest Pharma Fraud Whistleblower Case in U.S. History 19:06:01
**Senate vote fails, Obama gets $350B** OBAMA VOWED TO VETO ANY RESOLUTION DENYING 18:24:37
Oscar Grant video 18:22:32
Is Madoff the tip of a money laundering pyramid in Israel? 18:05:56
Mr. Obama Comments on Osama Bin Laden 17:51:33
I don't believe the FED is as important to the bankers anymore... 17:32:32
Israeli shells UN HQ and warehouse destroying thousands of pounds of food and aide intended for the Palestinian people. 17:11:17
Bank of America's Secret Backroom Bailout 17:02:14
US Airways plane just crashed in Hudson River NYC 16:50:05
Obama: Soother in Chief 16:45:55
Plain Truth by John Tait 16:26:35
Video banned -- (DVD) 16:19:33
New "climate czar" appointed -- socialist ties 16:16:37
Ben Franklin on banking and national security 16:05:29
Declaration of Enjoyment 16:03:56
Can't You Just Feel the Love? 15:58:19
Amazing letter sent to me by a friend. 15:56:15
PPT hard at work today 15:40:00
Obama Adviser Presents Plan to Alter Global Financial System 15:39:24
Three Terms for Barack Obama? 15:33:28
The United Socialist States of America step 1: Offshore manufacturing 15:15:45
Witness the power of propaganda. 15:11:06
Dailypaulers opinions on 15:05:12
Supreme Court Rules Against Fourth Amendment 14:55:39
Tom Cryer in Baltimore & Philadelphia Jan 31st & Feb 1st 14:54:45
Essential viewing - If Americans only knew 14:54:26
UNEMPLOYMENT....17.5% in December from 16.6% in November.” 14:31:54
HR 2009 "Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2007" 14:26:59
Our TARP Money At Work: Morgan Stanley Said to Seek Supertanker to Store Oil 14:23:15
Could this financial crisis bring about an end to the FED! 14:20:16
Great Article Supporting Gun Rights 13:54:22
Obama inuguration 13:42:09
Supreme Court denies petition in Berg v. Obama 13:24:18
Give Us The Loot Or You're All Gonna Die! Economically 13:17:47
12,500 troops to patrol DC for inauguration 13:15:26
"chief john roberts meets obama in private..." 13:02:32
Email from D o w n s i z e r - D i s p a t c h Subject: End the FED 12:59:28
Spiderman teams up with Obombya! 12:53:35
Depression Ahead, Prepare for Stock Rout: SocGen (CNBC) 12:45:29
New movie coming out about International Banks taking over 12:40:24
Bank of America..... 12:29:02
Evolution or Extinction 12:19:02
Should we fly our flags upside down on inauguration day? 11:46:28
How is this not Front Page? Grayson DESTROYS Kohn 11:25:43
The Prisoner - Patrick Mcgoohan Dies at age 80 11:21:14
So.... will the market close below 8K today? 11:13:24
Rhino: If you skf'ed at the start of the year ... you're up just about 50% YTD. 11:04:33
"Headlines from Hell" Gaza ( and more News links) 10:32:44
US house prices in Gold Chart 10:31:32
The Baltic Dry Index updated 10:24:45
Bush War on Terror Branded as Mistaken and Misleading 10:24:44
Spirit of Humanity~ Gaza Relief / Mercy Ship ~news 10:16:08
What Does Leon Panetta Know About TWA 800 09:26:07
Gunny G: Devvy On That Private Meeting Between Obama and Justice Roberts... 08:01:06
Excellent, Inexpensive Water Purification! 07:56:11
War on Terror was a mistake 06:13:39
Is Gaza a testing ground for experimental weapons? 05:54:40
Mike Wallace and Ayn Rand 04:53:50
Israeli army masses along Lebanon border 04:42:07
Massive Inflationary pressures! 04:20:46
Genetically Modified Crops Implicated in Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder 04:08:45
The EU Ron Paul: Nigel Farage on the PIGS 03:24:21
UK Foreign Minister " Milbrand Regrets War on Terror" 03:13:19
Peter Schiff is on Jeff Rense 02:14:32
9/11 Truth Written into Script for "Rescue Me" TV Show 02:12:33
"Conditiontiong The Masses For Robots"? 02:02:35
Corruption Begins with Obama's Inauguration 01:56:53
The Zionist Must Be Stopped!!!!! 01:50:14
Paul Craig Roberts: The Humiliation of America 01:43:30
ISRAEL–PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE - Message from a Liberty Survivor 01:36:57
Ron Paul speaks against TARP and bubble cycle on the House Floor: 1/14/09 01:31:52
Sometimes I like to reminisce 01:29:06
9/11 Truth Written into Script for “Rescue Me” TV Show 01:25:56
Anyone else catch Jay Leno with Tony Blairs exwife? 01:24:03
Obama’s Hope For The World 01:01:39
IDF invades the DailyPaul! 00:53:45
Geithner for Treasury Secretary!!! GO,GO,GO!!! 00:47:58
Boulder, Colo.: America's First 'Smart Grid City' 00:32:10
The GOP Planned to Violate Federal Law, Use US Military Against Civilians 00:29:59
False Flags 00:23:14
Gold Revaluation is more than a possibility. It's a freight train! Obama Style 00:14:20