Posted on February 4, 2009

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John Stossel on the bailout. 23:45:40
The War on Terror is a Hoax *Paul Craig Roberts* 18:41:57
Dr. Paul Introduces HR 833 17:51:03
The Rise of States' Rights and the Race Card 13:43:47
Support Explodes for Peter Schiff Senate Bid 13:43:45
States' Rights Conference Call Tonight 21:58:52
Kucinich: We Should Be Going From Golden Parachutes To Golden Handcuffs! 12:07:05
How to Abolish the FED! - 8 Minute Video 09:23:01
Department of Justice "It would be easier to Legalize marijuana" 09:04:40
The Forgotten Right 12:07:07
Obama Orders $500,000 Limit on Executive Pay 01:24:53
If you're getting behind NH, MO, OK, MT, MI, HI, SC, GA, CA, UT, CO, and WA in standing up to the Fed, AZ is also now on board. 12:07:06
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anyone buy from onedollardvdproject ? 23:25:00
Your views on the executive pay cap that Obama mentioned 22:23:42
Great current economics video for education 22:06:42
They must think we’re just going to sit back and take it! 22:02:28
Shooting in Portland last week 21:19:26
Help my daughter. 21:19:01
Federal Reserve meeting on Nov. 23 closed to the public? A timeline. 20:56:34
Ron Paul Freedom Train 20:52:46
Campaign To Save Lives 20:52:07
Cash strapped states mull seat belt law changes 20:14:23
The right to R3volution is a valuable sacred right that can liberate the world. 20:10:59
Torture: Britain succumbed to “blackmail” from America 20:00:59
Missouri to get two more elected Libertarians! 19:56:26
Video: Nanci Pelosi says 500 Million Americans will lose their jobs... 19:38:56
US gambles freedom on risky printing press policy 19:20:54
How is Obama handling the Winter Storm Crisis in Kentucky! I Haven't Heard Anything From the MSM 19:18:54
The Greatest Destabilization Is Yet To Come 19:07:01
Great video: Something to tell the world! 18:56:33
180* turn in my belief on Obama.......... 18:47:02
Report on HCR13 and HB361 Hearings. Attention MO...You are needed in the capital on 2-10-09. Help the 10th amendment. 18:45:51
Israeli Spokesman Says We Control Stupid Americans 18:27:04
Arkansas Doctor critically injured when bomb erupts in Lexus 18:08:38
Something to think about! 17:56:08
Can yours be as successful as Washington State's Freedom Movement? 17:47:40
This made my day 17:46:18
DOW close 2/4/09 7,956.66 down -121.70 -1.51% 17:43:55
Its About Personal Survival 17:43:30
Washington State Against the Fed! 17:37:12
A Japanese economic lesson for the US? 17:20:14
MADD Spends Like Drunken Sailors 17:03:25
Should we MAKE our friends take the "Red Pill"? 16:59:47
Gordon Brown: World Heading for a 'Depression' 16:55:01
We need a list of all Senate and Congressional email addresses! 16:54:57
Any 17th Amendment Experts Here 16:44:55
Obamas Fainting Women Travelling Circus Act 16:43:20
*From the MEDIA - Full Disclosure Ethics and News Standards* 16:35:49
U.S. dollar devaluation on its way 16:29:28
rhino: To Sunny and the rest of the people that thought the BDI was predicting the end of times 16:27:58
"The Trinity of Global Empire" 16:25:08
C-PAC,Ron Paul and the power 16:19:07
please read the DP Guidelines on the homepage 16:05:02
ACTION ITEM: No-Stimulus Bill "PETITION" 15:54:52
Google Offers "Latitude" To Track People 15:17:57
need advice guys! arguing with a coworker who wants socialism 14:57:35
Comedian Wanda Sykes on the bailout plan 14:26:55
Critical Question: to Love or to Protect? 14:17:17
Peter Schiff on Alex Jones 1:00 pm CST 2/4/09 14:13:50
Washington Could Use Less Keynes and More Hayek 14:07:14
Obama Gets Most Disrespect Possible In A Mere Three Minutes 14:04:20
Still not a peep from the MSM 13:54:04
Obama Again Using The FEAR Factor With Stimulus Bill Passage 13:51:05
Sue them for fraud? 13:38:16
BREAKING: Major Terrorist Warning Of New Attacks 13:19:03
Tax Rebellion 13:14:38
Israel Urged to Attack Iran Within the year 13:13:35
MO Resolution: Bailout money to be returned to MO taxpayers 13:10:05
**Obama Woos the Opposition with Whitehouse Parties** 12:19:48
At the risk of having my virtual-butt kicked - I dare post this 12:16:24
Madoff Whistleblower ~feared for his safety 11:54:18
9/11- WTC1 Acceleration/Resistance Analysis 11:31:12
States mull seat belt law changes to be eligible for millions in federal money 11:31:04
Was the SEC ordered to stand down in Madoff's investigation? 11:14:50
Any other acapella fans here? 10:57:33
"Washington State Plans to Collect DNA from Arrestees, Even Before Charges." 10:55:37
UPDATE: Question About *Early Warning Sirens* In Your Area 10:50:22
Kyrgyzstan to close key U.S. base 10:37:33
Soldier asylum seeker in Germany goes to court 10:13:18
NADER: Law changes gave banks too much power 09:56:30
usa tommorow scam 09:35:44
Colorado takes on federal gov't 08:09:16
We need a list of all Senate and Congressional email addresses! 08:02:44
47,333 Messages to Congress and other officials 07:50:58
New Obama plan to solve the debt problem 07:40:09
I have a financial question..I would love some help here.. 07:25:43
Obama makes Bush-like verbal gaffe in FOX interview 05:20:00
Devy Kidd weighs in on claimed California State financial crisis 04:46:09
Midweek briefing ... sadly, the curtain has just opened 03:33:42
Canada AT WAR new Documentary 02:55:59
I suggest that my dear DPers watch these 2 videos I found on Youtube 02:55:05
a little birdy told me 02:45:30
Two more quick questions on metals.. 02:44:58
HJR 5 Proposes repealing 22nd Amendment 02:44:45
Late night listening right now C2C 02:43:29
Music Video on 2 party system "One Way Ride" - original song 02:38:52
UPDATE: Campaign for Liberty needs 153,636 precinct leaders to meet its goal 02:34:56
Got gold? Why TV ad men want yours 01:55:06
Don't be a patsy! 01:28:37
A Winning Strategy 01:19:00
South Carolina sheriff may seek charges against Michael Phelps 00:21:38
UH OH ***Russia influences Kyrgyzstan to close key U.S. airbase*** 00:20:39
★ Operation Melt the Phones ~ Kill The Stimulus Bill 00:15:31
"More Than Historical Stupidity in Paul’s Slavery Crack" 13:43:46