Posted on February 8, 2009

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TIME Magazine Predicts New World Order 23:07:44
Geithner Delays Bank Bailout Announcement 22:08:27
**A BETTER PLAN - Statement of Congressman Ron Paul** 19:47:00
*Ron Paul "Stimulus" Analysis 2-7-09* 17:14:04
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Websites that must be banned! (brainstorm) 23:49:10
Will Jewelry stores test silver? 23:45:28
Mark Adams, Susan Lindauer live interview 7:25pst now 23:26:06
Lots Of Perks Being Unemployed?: Time For Families, Hobbies, & Health 23:20:24
Miles of Money 23:16:23
WTO Chief warns of Political Un-Rest 23:15:31
***This American Family Is Stuck In Pakistan*** 22:21:10
Maryland Honest Money Resolution (Action Item!) 21:35:09
*how many $ are we pumping into the system* 20:38:10
Where to buy pre-1965 coins? 20:29:39
Good Internet Reading 20:11:17
Gattaca is no longer science fiction? 20:04:27
Judge Rules Against Saving Ballots from Contested Election 20:03:28
"All wars are staged events with predetermined outcomes"! - Eustice Mullins Video 20:02:15
An Open Letter to my Friends on the Left 19:52:11
Criminals For Gun Control Home Invasion 19:48:14
Tennessee's Last Stand 19:38:28
Is this a serious possibility? 19:37:11
Is this correct???!!! Understanding TARP and The Federal Reserve... 19:29:48
Criminals for gun control 19:20:42
**New Tone in Foreign Policy? or More of the SAME ** 18:52:39
Michael are you going to be a sponsor of retakecongress? A banner swap is all that is needed. 18:35:37
Time for a New American Revolution 18:26:39
Wall Street Bankers About to Find Out What they Asked For 18:04:06
Russian entrepreneur floats idea for worldwide barter network 17:32:37
Rhino: Jews, bigotry, zionism and how it relates to freedom, peace, and love. 17:28:39
Coming to a neighborhood near you??? 17:27:00
500 protest bailouts in NYC 16:44:57
Misunderstandings About Government Stimulus 16:32:06
Obama's National Security Council to get sweeping new powers 16:27:34
How to be a good citizen 16:05:11
Obama forum that talks about Paulers, committees of safety 15:33:26
Bad Debt Crisis: Inadequate Loan Loss Reserves at Numerous Minnesota Banks 14:59:33
Open Secrets 14:24:09
Timely: Kennedy - Jefferson Quotes 14:23:25
Screwy! When I posted to the following topic, it did not rise back to the top!! 14:06:32
Have We Forgotten......dissolve the political bands....... 13:53:41
This is absolutley incredible. If this does not scare you to death, you are not human 13:28:00
HOW THE STIMULUS PACKAGE WORKS explained in simple terms for everyone to understand 12:52:51
Obama issues directive to expand the power of the NSC 12:43:17
Top Counter-Terrorism Experts Question 9/11 12:31:02
This is absolutley incredible. If this does not scare you to death, you are not human 11:47:36
Sectarian Strife in America 11:36:26
Buy Now or Wait? 11:34:04
Stimulus Bill Includes $150 Million for Honeybee Insurance? 11:30:48
ronpaulforums/dailypaul facebook page... 11:30:43
Cheney Dunk Tank Raises $800 Billion For Nation 11:20:08
Taxes under a pure fiat currency are pure Slavery 10:50:31
Bill Cooper---The Hour of The Time 10:43:45
Open Letter from Brigadier General Charles Jones "We the People of the United States of America" are entitled to know ... 10:41:04
The Israeli Who Runs the Obama White House 09:55:36
The Third Amendment: The Forgotten Amendment 09:46:12
How much Kool Aid has this lady been drinking? 08:28:25
Is Hillary Creepier than Dick Cheney? 06:36:42
i vote to get mike lawson UN-banned :) 04:08:09
Beware Of Associating With Foreigners In Unconstitutional America 03:51:35
Wasteful government spending at its finest! Funny!! 03:39:41
Vaccine Nation: Mass Vax is Here 03:31:49
Very Shocking!! Vaccine Nation: Mass Vax is Here 03:20:46
How good can socialism be? 03:18:03
Graham and Boxer 03:12:43
VIDEO: Bank Runs and Dollar Collapse 03:05:14
when are these sovreignty bills up for vote? 02:15:32
Learn this. You'll be glad you did 01:43:11
Where is the best place to get a student loan? 01:41:38
Kucinich on Glenn Beck: End the Fed 01:39:18
Classified Ads List 00:41:36
Did anyone else notice Rockefeller say this is one of THREE bills? 00:37:27
I got invited to a dinner for Karl Rove by the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County 00:36:58
Plague-Infested Mice Missing From New Jersey Research Lab 00:06:00