Posted on February 9, 2009

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New Hampshire Resolution Immediately Voids Several Federal Laws, Threatens Counterstrike Against Federal “Breach Of Peace” 16:05:02
What's Ron Paul Up To? *Atlantic Magazine* 16:03:23
Trevor Lyman's New Project: Five for Freedom 19:40:20
Tom Woods On Glenn Beck February 9, 2009 19:40:22
Harry Reid Doublespeak: Taxes are Voluntary 13:49:01
GM to Invest $1B of US Taxpayer Bailout Funds in *Brazil* 10:48:46
Lew Rockwell: The Answer To This Mess Is Freedom 09:13:27
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Daily Paul will be down tonight at 11pm ET 23:16:50
I would really like to know 23:14:19
Vindication!!!! 23:12:53
*Fema Camps RFID...* 22:58:52
Max Keiser Interview On The Economy, Peter Schiff, and Ron Paul 22:30:38
16 illegals sue Arizona rancher for 32 million 22:21:50
Obama's Earpiece? 22:18:12
ACT NOW! Protect your Medical Privacy and Patient Control! 22:15:39
Dr. Doom & The Black Swan 22:14:18
Hypothetical Scenario: Big Brother HAS to get invovled 21:38:11
Where's the money?!?!?! 21:30:41
Why Jews Love to Read the Daily Paul 21:28:40
This is why the MSM didn't cover Ron Paul 21:25:42
So the TV came on by accident (yes I borrowed that) 21:23:02
Opposing 'Stimulus' -- Hundreds of Economists Sign on to Cato Institute Ad 21:19:46
RHEINHART was wrong about 2-9-09, eh? 21:09:01
A Siimple Request...... 20:59:14
Emergency Warning For Office Workers (NIST WTC7) 20:52:27
Wow! listen to this! 20:48:10
top 15 troubled companies in '09 20:35:43
Has anyone noticed else noticed this strange anomaly besides me? 19:30:29
**What is the Greatest Place to Live in? Most Freedom, Best Land to Farm, etc.. 19:20:11
Video: AARON RUSSO'S MAD AS HELL FROM 1992!!! 18:10:04
Obama's Wealth Destruction by Lew Rockwell 18:02:02
Google for Gold 17:52:54
"Take Action"!! Veterans for peace 17:32:34
1000 Banks may close....OUCH. 17:23:28
Ron Paul C-SPAN videos archives 17:21:02
Advertise on the Daily Paul 17:04:01
First it's Time Magazine; Now Newsweek: "We Are All Socialists Now!" 16:56:12
The Truth Hurts, The 2008 Ron Paul Revolution exit interview 16:33:15
Exectutive Ordered Faith Based Initiative 16:28:33
Cheap Lakota Dollars!!! 16:15:25
More than 1,000 banks may fail, analyst estimates 16:15:02
Time to start some things in the garden in the East? 16:11:03
Illegal Aliens Sue U.S. Rancher 16:01:25
4 of our finest die in Iraq 16:00:55
"Send an email to your Rep's and congress" No more Bailouts ! by way of Downsize DC It's fast and easy. Please do it "NOW" 15:54:25
Peter Schiff: This is Just the Beginning 15:34:52
Can anyone read this? 15:30:44
Ron Paul is running? 15:09:20
Gov. Mark Sanford Stimulus is 'Recipe for disaster' 15:07:03
Update: Extradition resumes for Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams 14:58:06
Here are some staff emails of the three Republicans that are likely to have caved and will be voting for the bill 14:56:37
Silver's Rise Indicates Coming Bull Market? 14:53:28
Fire Consumes WTC 7-Size Skyscraper Building Does Not Collapse 14:32:27
A Tax Revolt Hits The United States In 2009? 14:25:51
Lindsay Williams on Alex Jones Now 14:17:34
Obama is speaking and all I can see is... 14:05:42
The first-ever Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference is official! 14:04:50
Are You Free - Take a Simple Test 14:02:10
U.S. Taxpayers Risk $10,000,000,000,000.00 on Bailouts as Senate Votes 13:56:23
Obama The Cheerleader 13:45:27
You Can’t ‘Obaminate’ the American Free Spirit! 13:29:32
Peter Orzsag - The Israeli Who Runs the White House 13:13:32
could someone please "define" zionism? 13:01:39
Milton Freeman Schools Phil Donahue 12:14:35
Here's a good guy. 11:53:49
Obama Get's Schooled By Ron Paul On Marijuana Policy 11:51:59
Thomas Woods and 'Meltdown' 11:29:01
How's this for a bailout idea 11:26:11
Keynes At Harvard 11:19:58
DOW 2/9/09 8,200.22 down -80.37 -0.97% 11:10:39
Financing the Stimulus May be a Massive Challenge, Treasury Market Shows 11:06:47
Republican Defectors Facing Backlash for Stimulus Support 10:58:26
Skyscraper on fire in Beijing! Will it collapse? 10:56:48
Milton Friedman - Greed 10:53:45
Are the banks really at fault? 09:56:46
Who will RING the BELL? coup d’état against the Constitution and the American people 08:58:47
For your listening enjoyment! 07:57:11
Biden promises Iran talks, toughness 06:46:03
A US Dollar conspiracy theory? 06:11:46
Internal Google Eye Tracking Studies 05:24:52
US jobless claims hit 26-year high 05:20:20
Jim Rogers on R.T. Today 2-09-09 NOW!! 04:28:12
Bailoutapalooza 03:33:52
Workers rebel in East Europe 03:24:30
Israeli Spokesman Says We Control Stupid Americans 03:19:19
Stop posting "new World order" is coming BS! 02:52:04
Schiff's Dire Predictions Coming True: Asia "Decoupling" from America 02:46:09
Wikileaks receives 6,284 quasi-secret reports originally from Congress 01:54:47
Wikileaks receives 6,284 quasi-secret reports originally from Congress 01:46:14
No Gold In Fort Knox!: In Case You Thought We Had Gold Reserves 01:37:58
2nd Amendment in seconds.... 01:30:33
Tampa Dog That Scoured 9/11 Ruins Dies 00:32:49
Start Your Own AM Freedom Radio Station 00:13:42