Posted on February 10, 2009

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Eight arrested in Michael Phelps marijuana case... 21:45:40
Dr. Paul's Walls II - Taft on the Draft 21:34:38
Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act - Co-sponsored By Ron Paul 12:34:01
REALITY CHECK - What the Stimulus is all About 11:39:32
The Market Hates It 15:59:09
Dr. Marc Faber on the 'Zimbabwe School' of Economic Thought 11:10:59
Deflationary Pressures Mounting in China 00:57:27
Nobody can sell any ammunition after June 30, 2009 01:10:24
Drafting Ron Paul for President - Doug Wead 15:58:07
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I Got On A Syndicated Radio Show With Petter B Collins, what a Rush !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 23:59:18
We Are All Socialists Now 23:58:52
CATO Fights Back 23:39:52
Stimulus Bill Promises to Ration Medical Treatment and Call it "Effective Care." 23:26:13
Group pledges to fight GOP senators who support stimulus 23:26:07
Politician Yearbook Photos 23:17:25
Obamatricks... The Movie 23:13:00
Even the Fed in Minneapolis doesn't think the bailout will work 23:10:32
Calling in the Guard 23:09:10
Opposing 'Stimulus' -- Hundreds of Economists Sign on to Cato Institute Ad 23:09:08
I Believe in Love (and the Rights of Man) 23:01:47
It's 9:46 pm EST 9-10-09, is anyone watching c-span right now? 22:48:07
Federal government to now decide if you get medical care. 22:35:18
Jim Rogers Gold, Oil, Sterling and the IMF 2/10/2009 22:33:15
Peter Schiff to the Saudies Buy Gold Mines!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22:29:56
"Obama’s team of despots has turned a Stimulus Bill into a Kill the Elderly bill" 21:53:21
A Shrine for Ron Paul 21:50:46
Bond Market Calls Bernanke's Bluff 21:45:07
Ron Paul questions Bernanke- full statements/opening statement (full 9 minutes) 21:35:44
IMF will run out of cash to fight crisis in six months, Strauss-Khan warns 21:29:25
Will Ron Paul run in 2012? YAL has the answer!!! 21:23:52
CSPAN: Rep Paul Kanjorski responds to hysterical caller 21:21:11
DING DING DING! Good News! Palin's NOT going to CPAC! More attention for us! 20:51:27
NO STIMULUS! Sign the Petition! 20:46:15
Midwife births raise questions about citizenship 20:44:50
Newly found video of Eustice Mullins Exposing the FED and talking about RP! 20:40:47
Baliff blocks spectators into courtroom 20:38:28
DC Peacefull rally 20:38:13
Health Care will suffer with the Stimulus package. 20:16:11
$550 Billion Electronic Run On U.S. Banks Nearly Triggered Financial Collapse 20:14:20
FASCINATING interview on US Imperialism throughout the years. 20:12:06
Idea for 2012 Presidential Fiasco 19:55:12
Thanks to DHS your license is now on the web for all to view 19:53:09
OK-Rep.Charles Key on The Alex Jones Show:Oklahoma's Sovereignty 19:50:39
What would happen if RP had a "major accident"? 19:40:10
Geithner says: it's "your government" 19:24:30
I tried to reach Freedom Force International and all I get is a Viagra Ad - Help! 19:10:30
I left this letter on Reinhardt's blog page 18:49:40
Campaign for Liberty grows another 1000 to 103000! 18:27:27
Sirius XM Prepares Bankruptcy Filing... uh oh Howard 18:08:04
Can't help it, this is all of us. 18:07:04
How the NWO was defeated 17:53:49
Peter Schiff has not even agreed to run for Senate so why is there a money bomb for someone not running on an unofficial site 17:45:48
Lets get going with RON PAUL 2012 17:41:29
Still Standing: The Building That Proves WTC 7 Was Imploded 17:18:48
Talking Turkey About Israel 16:47:24
Columbia SC: The Big Bong Caper and all those unsolved murders 16:35:04
***Everyone needs to read the Constitution*** 16:21:57
youtube: Sen. Schumer says the American People 16:07:59
New American Pledge of Allegiance!!!!!! 16:00:46
Paul Craig Roberts: Ship of Fools 15:57:07
DOW Close 2/10/09 7,888.88 down -381.99 -4.62% 15:48:46
The Myth of the Laissez-Faire Bush Years 15:38:43
Michael Scheuer loses 'position and income' for saying Israel relationship threatens our national interest 15:31:23
Bernanke Should Be Charged With Obstruction Of Commerce 15:29:24
Questions for Bernanke 15:27:51
Draft Ron Paul For Prez Money Bomb!!! 15:25:44
DP'ers Questions for Obama 14:59:26
Taliban Steals U.S. Supplies 14:57:57
Just when you thought it was safe to go down to the oyster shack. 14:53:22
Digg it! What's Ron Paul Up To? 14:44:10
WA-Rep. Matt Shea on Alex Jones Tv:Washington's Sovereignty Resolution 14:43:52
Sorry about that "Rescue.. Stimulus" Post 14:37:47
Bullion sales hit record in rush to safety 14:31:08
Isn't Ron Paul on the Finance Commitee? 14:29:06
Campaign for Liberty Coming to an End? 14:28:10
DOW 2/10/09 1:24 ET 7,917.79 down -353.08 -4.27% 14:25:40
Austrian Analogies 14:20:34
starting my first garden since were in great depression 2 14:19:18
watching Obama's speach today... 14:14:25
ANOTHER great NH Bill!! 14:07:02
U.S. lays out plan to mop up $500 billion in bad debts 13:56:46
Welcome all Guests!!!! Now over 450....WOOHOO! 13:02:16
The Secret Life of John Meynard Keynes and the Fabian Society 13:00:14
OMG Senator Risch just called out the Keynesians 12:44:23
American Made 12:39:22
Dow 2/10/09 11:40 ET 7,969.08 down -301.79 -3.65% 12:28:42
~~May All Beings Be Happy!~~ 12:25:07
DOW down 300+ it appears that Wall St. doesn't like what they are hearing? 12:12:32
New bank bailout may top $1 trillion in public, private funds 12:08:52
Health care rationing in stimulous bill 12:01:07
Overview of U.S. bank rescue plan 11:49:48
US Government May Force GM, Chrysler into Bankruptcy to Protect US Debt! 11:49:19
Report Of "People Planting Bombs" on 9-11 11:34:28
Amount of fuel consumed during impact explosion on WTC 11:07:55
2/10/09 1:00 PM EST Bernanke Testifies on Liquidity C-Span 11:02:53
What Most Patriots Don’t Get About The Federal Reserve 10:57:07
Cato institute's Full page ad in my my local paper 10:53:03
Gerald Celente on Glenn Beck tonight, I think 2-10-09 10:50:40
Have you see this in the's part of the "Stimulus" pkg 10:48:38
Fox Business News is sueing Federal Reserve under Freedom of Information Act for TARP details 10:34:47
What if we went to gold today 10:19:01
Star Parker on Glenn Beck says "...but we haven't seen his (Obama's) BIRTH CERTIFICATE either...!" 10:06:39
**Afghanistan - Protected Drug Trade and American Hypocrisy** 09:59:14
5th grade political indoctrination - We need help with our Obama Project! 09:55:27
Libertarian Chair Starts Campaign 09:39:01
"Rescue... Stimulus... Rescue... Stimulus... Rescue ... Stimulus... Rescue... Stimulus" 09:28:07
A couple of quotes from Glenn Beck this morning on F&F 09:22:57
War is a racket 09:21:27
If you were Chairman of the New World Order - What would you do? 08:59:48
Nancy Pelosi Announces Stimulus Passage! 08:00:59
Holy Rediculous I'm not Even Sure What to Say!! 07:49:42
Iran launched Omid Satelite on 2-2-2 thousand and 9. 07:46:52
A Bailout of the People: Dividend Economics and the Basic Income Guarantee ... great new article by Richard C. Cook 06:38:07
Gardening 04:52:43
What happened to the guy that played music 04:49:57
"Stimulus" = One Party Rule? 04:22:54
Man tazered riding a lawnmower 03:58:01
Excellent Student Article ... 03:29:33
U.S. Taxpayers Risk $9.7 Trillion on Bailout Programs 02:31:25
VIDEO: Cmon Big BUCKS! 02:17:25
what happened to Lisa? 01:44:36
16 illegals sue Arizona rancher for 32 million 01:42:31
Scott Horton back on Antiwar Radio 00:59:16