Posted on February 12, 2009

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NYT: America's Large Banks on the Edge of Insolvency 23:24:37
Schiff Discusses Dr. Paul and the Economy 20:04:02
*Schiff On CNBC's Larry Kudlow* 17:41:10
Senator Gregg Withdraws Citing Obama Policies Too Much to Stomach 17:36:14
Keynesian Continuum (Republicae) 19:16:08
Pirate Bay: 'Political trial of the decade' 11:53:32
Glenn Beck: The Road to American Socialism 16:13:37
Mississippi Passes Legislation Protecting Gun Owners During Martial Law 12:41:40
Huge Graph Details the $819 billion Stimulus 04:07:44
DIGG - WSJ - Gold Standard Needed - RP was right! 23:24:38
Who is Congressman George Hansen and Why Has My Respect for Ron Paul Just Doubled? 00:52:49
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Mo-Rep.Cynthia Davis on The Alex Jones Show:Missouri's Sovereignty 22:59:22
Wanda Sykes on Bailout 22:41:30
Sheriff Richard Mack to speak in Wood County, East Texas 22:38:23
"Southern National Congress" Up Date!! 22:36:39
slightly off topic: I'm your pusher man (IDEA) 22:30:07
*Off Topic* Back at Square One 22:29:10
Amazing Video - Peter Schiff Calls it Perfectly - 9/10/08 - Dateline Australia w/ Chart - Please Tell me What you think 22:21:40
Lincoln's Feet of Clay 22:20:20
McKinney, Ron Paul, Norquist live 22:16:28
I just got a call from the Campaign for Liberty 22:16:19
*Fully Alive Christian Rock Song* 22:08:55
Bringing up Jesse Ventura... Again 22:06:36
Google video ...Fiat Empire 22:03:33
From Black Box voting: ES&S Demand: Use Unapproved parts or lose maintenance 21:44:28
Bill O' Reilly IS AN IDIOT 21:18:45
Financial Criminal Fan Fiction - Just for kicks 21:18:03
Intelligence Agencies : World economic crisis is the top security threat to U.S. 21:10:26
the "justice" system payed by arrests 21:09:00
Economic Stimulus Bill - US House Vote Likely Tomorrow 21:03:53
Is it possible the FED is also laundering drug money? 21:01:33
We must increase our Numbers! 21:00:16
The Audacity of Mendacity by Justin Raimondo 20:49:22
I wanted you to be the first to know *new drug czar* 20:46:54
CENSORSHIP-Youtube is dead to me! 20:27:56
Jim Rogers Says Geithner Caused Crisis Must Let Banks Fail 20:25:20
Putin Warns U.S. About Socialism; Lauds Ron Paul's Ideas 20:09:04
No surprise here, they'll do anything to keep the public in the dark 19:59:52
Obituary for an old friend.... 19:31:42
This is why you do not buy an ETF! 19:28:00
What is up with 19:22:33
We are the fools. 19:21:58
RON PAUL vs Barrack Obama (the illegal pres)Who would win?? 19:12:07
This guy is the biggest dope alive!! 19:08:34
Perhaps it's as well the good Dr. Paul did not win this time. 19:06:27
House Of Cards - CNBC 2-12-09 (tonight) 8 PM EST 18:56:52
India to launch cow urine as soft drink 18:55:31
Atheists don't hate fairies, leprechauns, or unicorns. Why? 18:54:24
FEMA Preparing for Upper-Midwest Disaster? 18:47:15
Should we contact Obama and congress 18:43:56
Just for fun this afternoon........ 18:33:36
EU Banks may need $ 30 Trillion bailout ! 18:10:28
buying silver for first time - help!! 17:56:50
Are you brave enough for this? 17:53:05
Obama Prescreens Reporters at Press-Conference 17:40:43
Hampshire College, MA first college in U.S. to divest from Israeli Occupation 17:34:12
Another one bites the dust for Obama 17:33:15
Not one mention of Ron Paul-How convenient 17:28:39
RP hit piece on WND today 17:19:55
A blast from the past, 1981 movie "Rollover", feels like the Twilight Zone 17:16:16
Daily Protests outside Iceland’s Central Bank 17:03:02
Obama Prescreens Reporters at Press-Conference 17:02:53
Gold clause contracts are legal. 16:56:36
Obama: Reopen the 9/11 Investigation 16:51:41
WTP Bob Schulz - Alex Jones 16:50:53
Russell Means on Alex Jones 1pm MST 16:14:37
Pennsylvania Voting machine News 16:04:41
Mesmerized by Melodic Rhetoric: Guns vs. Hope 16:00:53
"Drug War Is A Failure" 15:54:12
Sierra...I hate to do this.. 15:48:54
*Militarizing Police Depts. With Your Bailout Money* 15:42:29
Anyone Do Penny Stocks? 15:36:11
Guess who represents Obama at the Pentagon. 15:27:35
For people concerned about vaccines and children. 15:18:21
Cell Phones - Brain Tumor Evidence Grows 14:59:26
Time to get in the market, in my opinion. 14:58:46
Live broadcast of Transpartisan Alliance Summit today, started 10ampst 14:43:04
Market Mayhem In May 14:41:24
Your thoughts on this Quote, Please 14:39:40
Deluge of Financial Calamities Looming by Mid-March (bond collapse, Stock Market collapse, Gold skyrockets) 14:38:45
Internet strangled through a Rear End legislation in the Stimulus Package 14:32:53
Personal Finances - Help! 14:15:18
The ONLY powers of US congress 14:10:18
Putin compared to Ron Paul? 13:57:31
21 States Declaring Sovereignty 13:40:27
Thank Subway for not dropping Phelps - Go buy a sub today! 13:33:24
Stimulus and $1 billion dollars!!! 13:30:59
Special Alert 13:30:30
Abe Lincoln - Our first dictator 13:24:42
The Stimulus Package - Change, or Moving Along the Same Path? 13:19:23
Inside source reveals FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago 13:07:14
The popular uprising against central banking 12:36:42
Ron Paul answers your questions 12:25:28
Do you suppose the government should start buying houses? 12:21:07
Blackjack 4 (from the Telegraph) NWO, NAU, etc 12:17:24
what to expect from gold. 12:10:02
*Flame Of Liberty Shining Bright* 11:36:16
Rep. Cao might jump ship and vote pro Stimulus package 11:27:00
DOW close 2/12/09 7,932.76 down -6.77 -0.09% 11:19:08
Dr. Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, and Judge Andrew Napolitano Discuss the Stimulus and Liberty 11:15:30
Cybercriminals Launch Attacks Through Digg 11:12:41
Had to share this one 10:56:40
Excuse me DOW, your slip is showing.... 10:49:55
Alex Jones: Censor This! 10:37:14
Is it time? 10:24:44
Need a job? The government is hiring, here's a list of jobs. 10:15:12
Local C4L brings out the big gun: Dr. Katherine Albrecht 10:00:37
If RP started a RP Bank of Liberty - Would you participate? 10:00:14
Reduce your credit card interest rate! 09:50:28
Glenn Beck Speaks the Truth and tells it like it is 2-11-09 VIDEO 09:34:16
Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash 09:03:42
Chase adds fee for low-rate credit cards to screw cusotmers 08:50:08
Second Amendment In Action 08:23:08
Obama, McCain, Government sell out the U.S. worker and Bow to Globalists 07:44:02
As a Christian, do you sometimes have a problem with Ron Paul's responses? 07:31:41
Marijuana Linked to Agressive Testicular Cancer 06:26:41
Alex Jones - MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! 05:37:06
Great Article - “Only Ron Paul” Strategy For GOP Victory In 2012 05:11:50
Nancy Pelosi Hosts TBN Special | EXCLUSIVE! 04:33:15
YouTube: Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul, Cody Willard and Peter Schiff 03:17:39
U.S. $2trillion Borrowing Binge May Stop Foreigners Lending 02:58:03
Gerald Celente on RussiaToday ' Worst economic collapse ever' 02:39:59
Million Dollar Fine for Growing Cranberries Legally for Moving Dirt 02:37:14
NEW VIDEO: Million Dollar Fine for Growing Cranberries Legally for Moving Dirt! 02:34:14
NEW VIDEO: Million Dollar Fine for Growing Cranberries Legally for Moving Dirt! 02:30:39
I'm not buyin it! 02:11:11
Score one for the 2nd amendment! 01:57:08
The fleecing is not over 01:21:04
Sovereignty Bill - Need Some Help ASAP. 01:14:44
Dayum! Call for gold standard / currency competition in the WSJ 01:04:10
Ideas for a Sign? 01:02:16
Ron Paul vs Barack Obama & the other candidates : # of YouTube Videos 00:56:49
Requesting Web Site Name Suggestions 00:51:27
Gerald Celente on Glenn Beck, D's & R's=Depression and Revolution 00:49:43
Excellent Article on National Service and Conscription by Will Grigg 00:31:08
The Communist Takeover of America - 45 Declared Goals 00:26:19
Weapon's Lab have computers stolen/lost??? OMGosh... 00:09:54
Darwin at 200: A Liberator Like Lincoln 00:07:36
Schumer: The American People Don't Care About Pork Projects In Stimulus 00:01:15