Posted on February 26, 2009

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DOE Welcomes the U.S. Army into Nine NYC Public High Schools, More Likely to Follow 13:29:56
Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban 10:00:25
My conspiracy theory on the collapsing economy. 09:58:24
YAL Interviews Ron Paul 06:48:32
Fox News Strategy Room w/ Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul, Glenn Beck 02/25/2009 01:14:35
Ron Paul "The Federal Reserve Is the Culprit!" 2/25/09 13:30:57
Ron Paul to Bernanke "What Would It Take For You To Admit You Were Wrong?" 13:31:57
Dr. Paul on Monetary Policy and Today's Hearing 13:29:59
Ron Paul to Bernanke: "You Can't Reinflate the Bubble!" 13:29:57
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Jive Dadson: My personal vanity thread 23:46:05
Jewish Leaders: She's Not The Hillary We Knew 23:45:30
Anyone Unemployed? door2door co-op? 23:44:13
Dr. Rand Paul considers 2010 Senate run! 22:51:04
Better than the dollar ? 22:39:07
Glenn Beck Calls Out Government Leaders on Their LIES and BS - Great Video 22:38:04
Back on Track!! 22:21:17
Building Your Own House - An exercise in Self-reliance, Creativity and Independence! 22:03:58
Glenn Beck inverviews Rob Kampia about Marijuana laws 21:58:35
Riot Police get some of their own treatment 21:41:33
California, Texas, Georgia & beyond - What is the drought situation? 21:39:58
For Those In the Process of Finding Housing 21:39:36
Hey folks...temporary off-shore living is a great option. 21:28:07
Little Off Topic But A Call For Help 21:19:11
Access to Healthcare Network reaches out to low-income residents 21:15:45
My friend's 5 years old kid called 911 21:15:14
Anyone watch Dave Ramsey show on Fox Business tonight? 21:11:50
$500-a-day fine for posting Constitution 21:08:15
Nuclear Urbanism 20:46:28
NYC Tea Party Saturday 2/28/09 20:34:13
Dave Ramsey's "get out of debt program" Looking for feedback 20:25:35
grab your guns...before they do 20:23:28
Sorry, this is off subject, but really need your advice? 20:14:10
Check out this Young Americans For Liberty magazine cover!!! 20:10:41
HOW TO! Brian's Rain Barrel 101 19:47:07
Tea party in Buffalo tommorow 19:46:15
Daily Show investigates: Obama the antichrist? 19:27:21
Suprise! Middle Class Jobs Press release not open to public 19:25:40
Sigh...if only this were true...Ft. Knox dis-info 19:18:55
Shrivelled Liberty, this weekend the UK fightback begins 19:04:34
Treasury Hires Rothschild Investment Bank as Advisor in Carmaker Negotiations 19:03:38
chuck norris endorses ron paul 19:02:09
Daddy Warbucks: Continue Your Education 18:59:52
CHUCK NORRIS Says Ron Paul One of the More Honest People in Congress 18:59:31
Media Ban Lifted! of coverage of Fallen warrior's 18:47:56
Glenn Beck is on fire today! 18:27:43
Obama and Biden have pork projects in the latest spending bill 18:22:50
DOW close 2/26/09 7,182.08 down -88.81 -1.22% 17:30:49
The Bankers Manifesto 17:24:23
NAFTA Superhighway -- "Let's try another way!" 17:18:58
Rocky Mountain News closing 2/27/2009 after 150 years 17:00:46
Obama Unveils New Budget Proposal- Read it Here 16:55:47
Why is Gold and Silver in free fall yet AGAIN? 16:45:20
CPAC straw poll for president 16:40:32
The Things that !!!! Thread 16:38:17
We need to prepare for masses crossing the border *Update* 16:37:29
Obama 'Withdrawal' From Iraq Means 50,000 Stay. 16:30:22
CBS News: Katrina And The FEMA Scandal Exposed 16:22:55
Senate Backs Amendment to Prevent 'Fairness Doctrine' Revival 16:22:17
Clinton, McCain Got Illegal Cash From Indicted Jordanian 16:19:00
Just Curious 16:17:26
Please help me get some people for this AWESOME new event!!! 16:14:51
They were just doing their jobs !! 16:13:20
Oh boy, here it comes..... 16:00:16
Mortgage rates rise as home prices and sales fall:The Banks and the Dems Don't Want To Help Too Many People 15:32:27
AG Eric Holder told reporters that ending federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries "is now American policy." 15:22:48
New CG Animation Techniques Blur the Line of Reality 15:04:54
Galileo's finger on show! 15:01:58
Noam Chomsky !! America is not a democracy, "Nor was it intended to be" 14:51:58
CPAC Coverage ? 14:44:04
Save 3 Lives, Get A $22 Ticket 14:43:44
MSNBC ignores Dr. Paul ...AGAIN! 14:22:19
Growing hate groups blame Obama, economy 13:56:12
**$500-a-day fine for posting Constitution** 13:41:22
Great Poll on that we all need to vote on! 13:40:04
Please explain to me 13:38:47
What Obama says and what Obama does are 2 totally different things! 13:35:22
GM - Turning things around. Yeah, right. 13:32:48
Ron Paul: Media-Trix 13:09:34
Obama projects 12.3% deficit in 2010 12:57:28
Operation--Adopt a soldier 12:32:49
final public comment deadline extended to March 11, 2009 12:21:19
daily humor 12:20:00
Riot Theory 12:17:08
Only in America (or should I say, on Wall St.) 12:16:24
Debt: The First Five Thousand Years 12:12:32
I got a lovely gift in the mail today... 11:36:08
Gary Hart backs Serve America Act 11:30:05
Dear IRS.... 11:16:46
rhino: I see the following topic in the same view that I viewed the FLDS issue 10:50:51
The American Tea Party Happens on Friday 2/27/2009 10:40:25
Money managers accused of $550 million fraud. The parade continues. 10:31:39
Majority Of U.S. States Join Sovereignty Movement, Assert 10th Amendment Rights 10:25:07
Thomas Woods on Jim Bonhannon show last night 10:01:00
for the rick santelli fans... 08:52:53
You now have a choice, indentured servitude, or liberty. 08:39:34
Nationwide Chicago Tea Party 08:29:55
The Government's War on Recession by Lew Rockwell 08:24:50
Second US Soldier questions legality of Iraq War 08:14:18
Drama in the Pirate Bay trial right now 07:08:37
just some non-fiction I thought I'd share 06:09:25
Leave the police state that is America 05:04:29
How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agence Known 04:45:21
Spain withdraws cervical cancer Vaccine- Gardasil- After Illnesses 04:14:00
I had a judge tell me the constitution is legal jibberish today! 04:05:11
Zack de la Rocha Endorses Anti-Arpaio Rally 03:27:36
Almost all Ron Paul with Judge Napolitano 02:59:08
Are You Eligible for...FREE MONEY! 02:55:56
Oklahoma Leads Way in 10th Amendment Movement 02:20:10
Paul Revere Used a Call Tree - So Should We... 02:17:26
The Opposing View 02:09:44
Attn. candidates for elected office 02:05:42
I hope you heed this message now 01:43:28
Off topic, one of the most beautiful sounds ever 01:40:58
Senator Byrd Criticizes Obama: warns of Powergrab! 01:16:29
How to get Bernanke to admit he and the FED are Ruining our Country...? 01:16:20
U.S. Army Begins Nonimmigrant Recruitment Program 01:14:21
Waste Barium drilling mud from oil industry for atmospheric spraying? 01:04:14
Hot off my ticker—MORE FRAUD REPORTED—imagine that! =D 01:04:03
Fellow Paulites, my best regards for Friday's national Tea Party! 01:00:23
Free coffee for those w/ b.s. 00:52:19
The President's Frightening Speech, the Weak Republican Response 00:44:08
What's the set-up? 00:28:04
Houston Mayor proposes tax payers pay bad consumer debt 00:25:44
2/25/2009 Part 1 and 2 Peter Schiff On Kudlow & Co: Market Matters 00:22:09
Hail King Obama 00:11:37