Posted on March 12, 2009

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Ron Paul interviewed by Steve Gill 22:33:46
Peter Schiff Discusses Savings vs. Credit on Fox Business 20:37:06
If you could ask Supreme Court Justice John Roberts a question, what would it be?? UPDATED: Thanks but ENOUGH already! 15:11:14
Wage Deflation-What is happening to the wages in your region? 13:55:40
The Obama Deception Full Video on Google 12:18:49
Paulistas Crash the Tax Revolt in California 12:01:32
Obama Considers Moving Troops to Mexican Border 08:21:03
Why we don't value the past 04:04:29
Judge Napolitano's Webcast "Freedom Watch" 3/11/09 04:04:30
The Media and the Disintegration of Society 03:13:24
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KNOW THE SCORE - Government 75 - People: 25 23:41:58
John Stossel on Bailouts & Bull airs at 10pm ET on Friday on ABC 23:26:23
Ron Paul's Been Hangin' With Some Real Tax Rebels For Years 23:25:28
Police handouts, classifications for terrorists, includes Ron Paul supporters 23:07:41
"...Massive Inflation Could Hit the U.S." 23:05:13
Iraq Veteran on MTV's "The Real World" gets called back to war. 22:32:58
The Golden Calf, One Purse, Socialism 22:22:59
The Guns To Be Banned List! 22:12:56
Nobel Laureate Robert Mundell/Kazakh President call for one world currency 22:05:32
Is It Time To Turn Out The Lights? 21:41:58
Obama Says U.S. Can’t Afford ‘Bubble-and-Bust’ Cycles 21:35:04
The Alex Jones Show 1/3"The Secret State Police" - DailyPaul mentioned 21:05:02
Either you spend the money you are saving or the government will do it for you 20:41:36
This is rumor control! These are the facts! 20:37:31
Ron Paul Clarifies Earmarks, Spending is the Real Problem!!! 20:17:08
The Upcoming G20 meeting April 2 in London is THE BIG EVENT! 20:10:15
Obama Says U.S. Can’t Afford ‘Bubble-and-Bust’ Cycles 20:00:12
My Favorite Tea Company - Please Help! 19:58:55
Secret State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Libertarians are Terrorists 19:55:46
If You Want to Invest in Something Invest in This - IT'S THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE 19:06:42
911 Truth on PBS (VIDEO) 18:55:10
JPFO On Alabama Shooting: 20/20 Hindsight AND Foresight 18:51:14
Shame Game 18:45:19
5000 Year Leap: The 28 Great Ideas that Changed the World 18:35:57
Need a list of all potential "Liberty candidates" 18:06:08
Maxine Waters had ties to bank requesting Bailout 17:53:43
Iraqi shoe-thrower sentenced to three years in prison! 17:52:31
Missouri Legislature Wants To Vet Obama BC: HJR 34 17:50:50
UPDATED : 7PM EST 6PM cen We have important confirmed info on the Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Barr terrorist memo from MO police! 17:43:16
glenn beck makes out with bill o'reilly!!!! 17:22:17
The Girl Who Silenced The World for 5 Minutes 17:11:32
Ron paul LIVE tomorrow 17:05:02
The New Citibank 16:44:43
Dow close 3/12/09 7,170.06 up +239.66 +3.46% 16:36:05
A Way to Sniff Keystrokes From Thin Air 16:30:21
Hitler faces forecolsure - Funny video - Good fun educational flick 16:25:17
Does anyone believe that we've actually 'touched the bottom' in this recession/depression? 16:15:06
Gary Franchi Exposes Federal Reserve (and more) on PBS 16:14:29
No Damn it!! 16:07:18
Campaign for Liberty website shuts down thanks to massive traffic. 16:02:53
View These Pictures if you could use a smile ~ 15:49:28
What would be a good slogan to wake people up to the 9-11 info? 15:35:57
The money has gotten scarce but the truth is getting fierce. 15:30:27
"Thank God we have a government." 15:16:11
How High Does the Dow Have to go Before the Shorts Start Selling Again? 15:02:28
Could this mean our problems are going to be fixed? :) 14:59:51
Drum roll please: U.S. sovereign-credit spreads rise sevenfold in year 14:59:21
Patriots Help Spread The Word About Obama Deception 14:11:18
Nobel-Prize Winner Backs World Currency 13:45:02
Fox News: Mississippi River and other American waterways could soon be under U.N. Control 13:42:08
Story: Nobel Prize winner backs ONE WORLD CURRENCY 13:35:38
I just saved $30 a month by calling Verizon 12:46:10
Amero Trading In Europe???? 12:41:24
809 area code scam 12:33:52
Dr. Carley will be on Alex Jones today talking about engineered flu pandemic/vaccines 12:10:53
obama's gun ban list just out! 12:10:52
asc mises streaming live now 11:43:22
More trouble in Obama administration 11:40:28
Montana Legislative Discussing Gold & Silver as legal tender in State 11:38:57
Kucinich on Fox 03/11/09 - "Insane spending of taxpayers dollars" 11:31:23
There's a lotta back scratchin goin on here 11:25:57
Project Liberty AM - Your Town 11:07:21
Govenment trying another land grab -Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009 10:10:54
Citibank almost gets blown up 10:06:09
Intelligence Pick Blames 'Israel Lobby' For Withdrawal (Washington Post) 09:55:55
Am Con Mag: Great Piece on MARK SANFORD 2012 09:23:37
Have you been Baptized, or did you just get all wet? Jurisdiction and Sovereignty 08:39:03
What happened America? One reason we are broke. 08:20:17
For Solomon a day like Friday the 13th brings perfection, for Caesar the Ides of March brought death. 08:12:39
Who is Charles Freeman? 06:38:34
The Young Fresh Face of the CFR 06:33:47
The Obama Deception YOUTUBE 04:25:22
Infanticide at Planned Parenthood 02:38:18
Alex Jones Interviews David Mayer de Rothschild 02:30:28
IRS indicts 2 more 02:23:04
PLZ BUMP: Campaign for Liberty & the Southern California Tax Revolt 01:56:35
Here is the graph that represents where are going 01:30:17
Hypocritical Congress Has 'Corporate Jet' Of Their Own 01:23:09
Population and Global Warming bringing Water shortage - UN says 00:39:03
Can we finally put 911 to rest , calling all debunkers. 00:22:35
Vote on,"How would you grade President Obama's first 50 days in office?" 00:18:43