Posted on March 13, 2009

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Jon Stewart Disects CNBC's Cramer 05:30:04
Constitution Revolution - It's Here... 09:14:21
China warns it may drop its holdings of US Treasuries 05:30:02
PBS Airs Freedom to Fascism; Interviews Gary Franchi 09:14:22
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It's Time !!! 23:29:28
Meet a life long activist named " Splitting the sky " 23:05:47
US eminent domain rights offered to China? 22:57:43
Anthem for Dissent by Splitting the Sky 22:55:18
"Only Ron Paul Can Save Us Now"- Another great Doug Wead piece 22:53:34
Forgive me for this, I have a 9/11 Question... 22:51:00
Guess what?: NO failed banks this far 22:33:38
Obama defends Rumsfeld , yeah no kidding ? 22:33:23
Government Harassing An Arizona Lawman 22:24:39
UK: Low-energy bulbs 'worsen skin disorders' 22:10:14
Shep Smith Mocks 'Glenn Beck Friday,' 'I Don't Even Know What The Heck The Thing Is' 21:42:34
Is the collapse of the dollar inevitable? 21:34:08
cnn live stream w/ron on larry king? 21:33:53
Peter Schiff Vlog Report 12 March 2009 20:59:52
Andrew Gause on Patrick Timpone.. ***DRAFT: Andy Gause for Senate or Congress 20:58:54
ron paul is on larry king with joy behar in a few minutes . 20:44:18
Online journal: The Decentralist 20:17:45
Open Conference 10 minutes call on Ron Paul terrorist memo from MO police 8pm EST 7pm Central Fri March 13th 19:51:57
Quality Weekend Escapism Post 19:45:54
Good News! U.S. Reverses Policy. 19:42:48
Before Banks Collapsed, They Pleaded With Feds To Let Them Fudge Their Books 19:36:57
Pentagon plans blimp to spy from new heights 19:29:57
What Will Happen If We Let The "EVIL WEED" Be Legalized? 18:49:47
20/20 TONIGHT! Stossel talks about the $Trillions 18:19:42
Trillion with a T : How America Brought Wall Street for 2T 18:16:48
the 912project 18:11:48
Did anyone else get a CFL ballot in the mail? 18:05:08
China 'worried' about US Treasury holdings 17:59:10
Dow Close 3/13/09 7,223.98 up +53.92 +0.75% 17:50:04
Our role in society, please read. 17:36:22
According to the ADL, we are all _____. Extremism training for Missouri law enforcement last month 17:32:32
Color WWII-era pictures 17:31:12
John Dean : Cheney is guilty of 'murder' if Hersh claims are true 17:20:02
Anyone watching Glenn Beck's "You are not alone" special? 17:17:39
Oath Keepers 16:57:19
New Florida Congressman Bill Posey (R) Going After The Obama BC: H.R. 1503 16:38:49
American Corporate Complicity Created Undeniable Nazi Nexus 16:34:18
China’s Leader Says He Is ‘Worried’ Over U.S. Treasuries 16:28:09
Was The Burning Of The Reichstag, Germany's 9/11? Does What Followed Sound Familiar? 16:16:03
Glenn Beck gets death threat and Ron Paul explains his position on 9/11 15:52:24
1776 and Today: It Is Time To Refresh The Tree Of Liberty 15:33:38
One Trillion Dollars 15:17:10
US warships head for South China Sea after standoff 15:02:23
IMPORTANT: Fusion Centers - What are they? Is There One in Your State? 15:00:26
Limbaugh versus Octamom... 14:41:34
Fingerprint required to sell your home ... in Chicago 14:24:51
Where is the Ron Paul "What if" video? 14:11:44
Why isn't Ron Paul supporting the Parental Rights Amendment? 13:58:07
ITS OK ...WERE FKD 13:52:27
He Who Ignore's The ''Truth'' 13:51:17
You've Been Blimp'd! 13:47:43
"Feds bolster agents on border with mexico" 13:46:43
Job Numbers WORSE Than Great Depression 13:38:29
What is the Federal Reserve doing with your money? 13:30:14
Take Overs and Big Pharm. I found where the moneys going 13:27:05
Watch Baldwin LIVE-Sunday 13:17:52
***It's Deja Vu All Over Again*** 13:14:40
Minnesota Legislators to Discipline Judges 13:13:36
Can Marijuana Help Rescue California's Economy? 13:02:27
Weekend Watching, They Live 12:55:25
Chuck Norris to be on the Alex Jones show today. 12:53:43
latimes: Northern Ireland Killers Called "traitors" Stands united despite killings. 12:49:20
Ron Paul: Culprits Of Financial Collapse Should Be Arrested 12:48:39
They forgot about Chuck Norris... 12:13:57
Join us in the Belly of the Beast on April 25th! ETF II in KC. 12:12:15
off topic: photo hosting sites? 12:06:48
China "worried" about US Treasury holdings 11:38:28
"Claim a little liberty while you still can" 11:37:53
Finding happiness in a crazy, often depressing world 11:31:18
Peter Shiff Wall Street Unspun 3/11/2009 11:07:41
Obamas gun ban list is out 11:07:31
Great article on Ron Paul...... in RUSSIA TODAY! Freedom is popular! 11:01:34
Peter Shiff Video Log 3/12/09 10:58:13
Peter Schiff: Stop Using Plastic ! 10:50:19
Peter Schiff at Mises tonite live online! 10:11:04
JUDAS GOAT - Glenn Beck the controlled opposition (VIDEO) 10:05:26
How Are Austrian Banks Doing? 09:57:10
I just got interviewed on Los Angeles TV KTLA & CBS! 09:46:36
Are you on the list? 09:44:02
Wayne Paul: Bravely speaking truth! 09:13:20
50 Leaders Forging the New World Order 08:41:55
John Stewart Slams Cramer - Colbert brings up Obama birth certificate! 07:57:52
Ron Paul taking questions live on the radio in just a few minutes 06:31:10
Understand the language of illusion, it's enchanted. 05:49:37
The Obama Deception 05:12:42
What does one TRILLION dollars look like? 04:59:40
The FBI at its finest! LOL 04:18:56
OMG The sky is falling! The sky is falling! -- or IS it?? 03:53:12
Senate Bill introduced called Federal Reserve Transparency this the same bill? 03:48:00
Whoa whoa whoa 03:08:27
Plato's Republic VIII - Describes Obama to a tee! 01:27:13
Joe Sobran - The Reluctant Anarchist 00:43:07
Up Close Coverage of California Tax REVOLT!!! 00:37:47
Eric Sundwall in Special Congressional Election - March 2009 00:37:38
Can someone help clarify Ron Paul's view on unregulated markets? 00:28:17
National Police Force 00:16:32
Turning down uploads at google video 00:06:14
You guys.....;-) 00:04:01