Posted on March 16, 2009

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Obama to charge Veteran's PERSONAL Insurance For Their Treatment 22:46:43
Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production 18:58:58
Cuomo Subpoenas AIG Over Bonus Payments 17:34:57 on Fox News 19:00:08
Americans Want Justice for Wall Street Crooks 16:55:00
Ron Paul: Earmarks Don't Add Up 16:02:51
Kucinich Requests Investigation into “Executive Assassination Ring” 15:47:29
New Hampshire in Uproar Over US Administration 10:56:15
It's official, CIA under Bush tortured prisoners - Red Cross exposé 10:02:56
Fed-up Americans mobilize: More than 150 tea parties 09:42:19
You've felt it your entire life... 10:02:59
Liberty Restoration Project in Kansas City Responds to the MIAC Militia Report 18:58:57
60 Minutes just said that the FED operates at a profit to the US and returns billions to the US Treasury every year! 00:24:03
Ron Paul on Larry King 3/13/09 10:56:17
St. Louis Regional Conference Commemorative Posters 18:58:58
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HR 1207 in the Headlines - Audit the FED 23:59:41
One Stop Liberty Promotion Shop! 23:48:49
Push to audit Federal Reserve gains steam 23:21:47
"Activist or Terrorist? MARYLAND! Urgent Action Alert! 23:11:26
Video 3/16/2009 Peter Schiff In "The Schiff Report" - Bernanke On 60 Minutes 22:50:03
NY Daily News Introduces the "c" Word Into Obama Op-Ed Piece 22:38:24
Remember the North American Union Conpiracy Theories??? 22:38:19
Totally off topic... just want to share 22:25:00
US Constitution Is Now Defunct--- If you are not are living in LA LA land.... 22:16:16
Sacha Baron Cohen Tries to Harm Ron Paul 22:06:55
If a guy in 1776 was asked if he had enough supplies and training for a camping trip, he may have replied: 21:59:21
Make Copies and Distribute on April 15 21:51:50
Why Is Gold and Silver The Best Form of Money? 21:39:28
Ammunition in short supply 21:36:50
Lose Your Property For Growing Food? 21:32:10
Great Article for ALL 21:26:20
Video: "Gold For Bread - Zimbabwe" 21:08:07
The Global Recession is a manufactured fraud! 20:01:35
Visualizing One Trillion Dollars 19:59:55
Need Help-Surveillance Cameras in Mass 19:49:39
State Rep Fighting Real ID! 19:39:29
Peter Schiff-The Funny Man 3-16-2009 19:36:06
Creeping Freedomism 19:20:52
UK Baroness~The Vindictive Israeli Lobby ~Video 19:19:38
G-20: That was Fun 19:17:56
A little insight as to how we got into this mess..... 18:53:29
Britain showing signs of heading towards 1930s-style depression, says Bank of England 18:18:39
No Ron Paul Supporters Here...At Least I Would Hope Not 18:00:13
THE SONS OF LIBERTY! A message to the new world order! 17:51:34
What does one Trillion dollars look like? 17:32:03
If Ron Paul was President... 17:29:18
Obama Expected to Name Mabus as SecNav - Nostradamus Anyone? 17:25:37
Most important video of all 17:21:36
rhino: AIG education discussion. If you think an AIG failure will not be noticed you are mistaken. 17:10:24
March on Washington 16:42:43
HAARP - WHAT IS GOING ON......... 16:24:23
Russia proposes creation of global super-reserve currency 16:21:54
Rhino: The daily paul 16:19:38
Let's Get Peter Schiff on the Daily Show 16:15:26
If It Weren't For Credit Default Swaps Would This Mess Ever Gotten Us To Where We Are Today? 16:11:36
DOW Close 3/16/09 7,216.97 down -7.01 -0.10% 16:05:53
More AIG Bombshells: $1.2B in Bonuses, Over $100B Paid to Goldman, Other Banks 15:56:06
Not sure if you guys have seen this yet.... 15:54:46
Obama rejects Sanford's request to pay down debt with stimulus money... Sanford may reject funds. 15:46:10
Live Audio Of Dr Orly Taitz w/SC Justice John Roberts--He Promises To Review Case!-BO to be brought to justice! NOW YOU TUBE! 15:43:57
Unarmed student shot in Michiganistan 15:42:30
Prosecute Prosecute 15:18:32
Palin Still A GOP Favorite? 14:50:26
Fix the Fed...? 14:39:55
"The Obama Deception" Now Available in Mp3 Audio - Download here !! - An Alex Jones Movie 14:29:57
YOU be the Banker! 14:14:23
Obama Fingers 14:10:18
Everyone here should enjoy this 14:07:44
Attn: Legalize; Obama BC issues discussed tonight on Andrew Shea 13:47:58
I would just like to say..... 13:43:56
Ladies and Girls of the DP Beware: Obama wants to "help" you! 13:40:36
Georgia Guidestones 13:22:50
Question for MikeLawson, or anyone else. 13:00:25
"Coffee Strong" Listening to the G.I. Voice at Fort Lewis 12:58:49
Nuclear Fission 12:49:36
Has a Comedian Just Saved America? Jon Stewart on Trading! 12:46:35
Obama goes to Leno at less than 60 days into Presidency 12:40:34
What's the point of the Campaign for Liberty website? 12:33:29
Israelis 'firing live rounds' at West Bank protesters 12:18:25
Kucinich: Banks Are Loaning Our Money To Foreign Countries Instead Of Americans 12:13:13
170 Organizations Request Special Prosecutor for Bush-Cheney 12:10:17
Charles Freeman Discusses Israeli Lobby on CNN~ Video 12:04:33
If you were planning to buy silver... better do it quick! 12:04:08
Bernanke's schmaltzing of the gentiles - 60 minutes 11:29:35
Peter Schiff: Why Was Anyone Surprised By the Crash? 10:58:09
More Mark Sanford - Ron paul discussions 10:56:31
CNN poll: Which issue is most important? INFLATION! 10:28:59
Dept of Defense orders used brass to be destroyed?? 09:24:57
**ACTION !** Missouri Liberty Group Responds To MIAC Militia Report 08:52:00
Educate your congressman by educating his staff! 08:34:47
Maybe we are who they say we are.... 07:57:21
PHARMA "new rule" - just some more tap dancing 07:18:13
Saving the world, one human at a time. 06:45:23
My attempt to save humanity 04:04:23
Australians denied life insurance on ground of faulty genes 03:27:55
Were from the government ... and you are not! 03:16:09
Home Loans 02:54:37
WeekendUpdate 11--Colonialism, Russell, Means !! WOW -- he lays it out there... 02:50:22
Herbert Hoover and Causes of the Great Depression 01:51:53
Is Mark Sanford Ron Paul's Luke Skywalker? 00:55:28
does anyone know what a pink box around a thread means? 00:45:15
Paul Revere alert....IMF now printing dollars!!! 00:39:01