Posted on March 17, 2009

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Kremlin to Pitch New Currency at G20 22:36:40
C4L Citizens' Petition for Redress of Grievance 22:29:43
Question: Historical prices of items in terms of hours of work 22:06:07
Neo-Cons Try to Copy Ron Paul; Too Little, Too Late 22:36:41
Judge Napolitano on Glenn Beck - 3/17/09 16:13:06
People Are Watching This Lunatic.... Glenn Beck (Liberals' Reaction) 15:52:35
POLL: Would you Support a Chuck Baldwin Run for Congress? 13:11:56
Steve Dore: Tax the Rich! 11:29:23
"Pentagon Plans Blimp to Spy from New Heights" 09:51:51
A Socialist Speaks: Obama is Not One of Us! 09:40:14
Pics of the Cincinnati Tea Party 09:03:14
Ron Paul vs. Greenspan Flashback 2000 00:47:58
Chuck Baldwin: Missouri State Police Think You And I Are Terrorists 19:37:25
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Ron Paul Podcast Now Available... check out this interview 23:59:08
Tom Mclintock 3/17/09 House Speech - Honk If You're Paying My Mortgage 23:28:29
Marijuana and Driving 22:44:52
Please join the Lberty Wall 22:33:45
MIAC... Political Profiling? 22:22:03
I'm tired! I can't change things...what are we doing? 22:16:33
A few observations 22:01:43
Ron Paul's Insane Cameo in the Upcoming Bruno Movie 21:49:54
Russia Proposes New GLOBAL Currency 21:19:42
Zero 21:12:25
Another perspective on the MIAC report 20:52:19
Peaceful Dissent and Government Witch Hunts (From CFL) 20:45:09
The Census Has Officially Been Hijacked by the Left 20:44:50
When the revolution begins - watch this 1 more time 20:13:14
Ralph Nader, predicted, "Obama will be a Uncle Tom toady for Corp's." 20:09:10
9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings! 19:53:30
Obama knew about the bonuses before he signed the latest bailout 19:39:48
Please Help Support the Daily Paul 18:58:53
Duhbya comes to Calgary 18:39:02
Grassley says AIG is sucking 'Tit' now lol 18:38:17
RFID on the brain! 18:38:00
OBAMA'S CAMPAIGN PROMISES............. 18:09:33
Emergency Action Needed***against MIAC Document 17:48:28
Conversation with MIAC Public Information Officer Sergeant Joe Clark 17:46:05
Conversation with MIAC Public Information Officer Sergeant Joe Clark 17:43:55
Adam Kokesh Interview Tomorrow... Listen Live 17:30:06
Jail Time Not Bailtime - Prosecute! 17:28:03
Montana considers return to gold, silver dollars, 17:23:25
I saw my psychic yesterday and she said..... 17:17:04
Calgary Alberta Canada welcomes Bush (Not) 17:05:59
China spending dollars at break neck speed. 17:03:25
Obama: bought and paid for. Here are some of the details. 16:54:59
All That Glitters: An Introductory Guide to Gold 16:22:26
Does anyone here know a C++ programmer with Top Secret clearance? 16:17:58
Russian President Medvedev orders large-scale nuclear arsenal rearmament due to view of NATO encroachment. 16:13:06
The Real AIG Outrage 16:11:11
Day Dreaming?? 16:05:42
ALERT! The Give Act HR 1388 16:05:15
Vintage children's books could be pulled from public libraries due to possible lead content. 16:03:28
Flashback video: Obama on “sacred trust” with the VA 15:50:41
Constitutional Tender - Help Needed TODAY 15:29:17
when is it going to be enough AMERICA!!!!!!!!!! 15:25:46
Do You, Your Family and Friends Wonder Why Everything is Upside Down Today-Right is Wrong, Wrong is Right? 15:20:15
PORTAL ALLIANCE: Big banks sell unregistered securities. 15:05:13
What are the best methods of activating a peaceful revolution? 14:56:17
Finding a precious metals broker 14:43:01
US Considering Dropping Charges Against bin Laden 14:30:00
Kucinich: Banks Are Loaning Our Money To Foreign Countries Instead Of Americans 13:55:20
Congressman Zach Wamp Loves Conservative Bloggers, Ron Paul 13:52:42
AIG and the bonuses, now congress is mad, how stupid!! 13:49:36
Poll: Who are the greatest expounders and defenders of liberty? 13:37:12
Dodd Tries to Undo Bonus Protections He Put In 13:23:57
Real GDP has shrunk by more than 50% since 2001! 13:15:58
The "dirty bomb" that disappeared 12:55:06
US Bailing Out Foreign Central Banks 12:28:54
Libertarians Gone Wild 12:27:20
Lose your property for growing food & Fined up to 1 million $ 12:26:07
US Mint Suspends Production of More Gold and Silver Coins 12:16:27
Bernanke's TALF Witness Protection Program 12:11:20
END THE FED - STAMP 12:02:25
Interested in Up and Coming Musical Artists? 11:54:52
Restore the Republic: MIAC ACTION ITEM: PLEASE READ! 11:48:40
I need help in locating a video 11:47:28
AIG Bonuses 11:40:44
Guns on a plane Ending?: Pilots are being disarmed by Obama 11:39:48
Interview with Interstate Traveler Creator Justin Sutton Points to New Energy Future 11:30:20
Continuity and Change.... 11:17:48
Israel's national security aide barred from U.S. 11:11:37
Spread the Message - Write "End the Fed" slogans on FRNs? 11:10:47
Global "Super-Currency" Imminent - IMF Goes into the Printing Business 11:07:13
Thomas Paine is Back!! 10:49:57
Redcoat Holdouts Still Fighting American Revolution 10:44:33
Is the government opening anybody else's mail? 10:32:12
C.O.G. Continuity of Government~ Still in effect? 10:24:48
What's this?, "U.S. Firm is closing Their Branch Due to Lack of Employees" 10:17:18
WND Headline! 29 congressmen vs. Federal Reserve – Who will win? 10:09:55
Jim Rogers: Expect Civil Unrest in the US & all around the World 09:42:05
Interesting Read. "The Self Hatred of the Masses" 09:38:28
Pollution? WWRP do? 09:34:30
Hey DP family, please help my little cousin's school, it's super-easy 09:13:02
How to dissent 08:51:29
This is how a military protects its nation 08:40:57
Dr. Paul and HR 1207 are the TOP headline on WND today! 08:39:04
Even Worse Than the Great Depression 08:31:02
Why the GOP Can't Win With Minorities 08:22:17
MAYDAY - US is under attack 08:13:40
Recommended viewing: The Arrivals 07:19:36
Marginalizing the liberty movement every way they can 07:04:16
the Mosquito...a new kind of bite! 06:20:47
Two articles to consider before attending a antiwar / antiFed Rally 04:40:11
American Patriot Movement - The Revolt ( The Civilians Military ) 04:31:08
Happy St. Patrick's Day! 04:15:09
Tom Fife: His essay on when he 1st heard about Obama: he was picked in 1992 04:00:18
Obama Presidency is Over 03:08:13
A campaign for Liberty..... 01:49:01
Conspiracy Theorists Scrutinize Obama Ties 01:41:00
Another Publicity Stunt by Obama and Geithner 01:25:12
When preparing for survival don't forget the . . . 01:04:49
A call for support on my Forums 00:17:25
When things seem like they are getting worse! 00:11:40
Dr. Paul: For the Love of God, Hire Better Press Relations People! 00:04:49