Posted on March 20, 2009

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Rolling Stone: The BIG Takeover -- Excellent 8 pg. Article 17:52:41
Please critique my latest HR 1207 flier 15:50:15
Video: Obama Pimps the Bailouts on Jay Leno 11:21:38
What Happened in 1980? 11:41:57
Ron Paul on CNN's American Morning - 3/20/2009 10:39:51
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Google and Many Other Sites Soon to be Banned in Australia; Who is Next? 23:40:05
Orwell Rolls in His Grave 23:33:37
A Historical State Imperative – Confiscation of Privately Owned Weapons 23:25:43
Congressman Gets Illegal Tax Break 23:06:59
Geithner's plan to save us will be announced Monday 23:03:12
AYN RAND v MIAC 22:34:47
Rep. Eric Cantor's Wife is a AIG Executive! 22:23:45
What about another SIGN BOMB? 22:09:56
I Love Jiminy Cricket 21:52:46
Missouri Needs Help! - Update #2 21:43:56
Senate Republicans brake rush to tax AIG 21:34:05
The Second American Revolution Has Started 21:32:50
President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech 21:15:17
Inflation or deflation? 20:51:43
What's going on with Obama's 'volunteerism' agenda? 20:49:34
Why Do Republicans Have Such a Poor Record When it Comes to the Unemployment Rate? 20:31:39
Smokin' 20:22:46
Constitution party's response to MIAC 20:12:03
Freedom Under Siege: The U.S. Constitution After 200 Years by Ron Paul 20:09:18
Call your Rep and ask them to support H.RES. 216 19:50:02
Update on MIAC from Liberty Restoration Project 19:36:04
The 5th best selling item on's Home/Garden section is.... 19:28:13
Excellent piece on money that everyone should see 19:21:09
Obama’s Zero to Five Plan Doesn’t Add Up. Your babies under government control? 19:17:09
Video: Glenn Beck Interviews Thomas Paine 19:14:35
Sick of 9/11 and New World Order Conspiracy Theories? 19:14:25
Dulce, New Mexico 18:48:59
Update: Bank closings for 3/20/2009; Two Large Corporate Credit Unions With $57 B in Assets and 3 Banks 18:48:32
Friday Funnies: 18:48:30
Jay Rockefeller: Internet should have never existed! 18:46:22
We The People Stimulus Package -- Thomas Paine Speaks!!! 18:44:15
Ron Paul in TIME's Top 100 People! Rank him and move him up in the standings! 18:20:46
VIDEO: Maxine Waters "We Only Read The Important Things In The Bill"... 18:09:37
Glenn Beck interviews Thomas Paine 17:56:08
Law in New York Criminalizing Ammunition starts Monday 17:39:33
Israeli soldiers say killing of civilians 'allowed' 17:26:11
New Video 'The Obama Deception' 17:24:08
Cincinnati Tea party organizer!!!! We got us a grass roots politician!!!! 17:05:05
Take a Break Driver 8 16:55:44
1st Amendment rights being taken away! HR 1388 16:46:19
Bobby 16:27:16
Dow Close 3/20/09 7,278.38 down -122.42 -1.65% 16:14:54
This a great letter to Senator Harkin of Iowa 16:03:21
Take a Break and LAUGH!!! 15:40:03
Forget AIG Bonuses--The Next Bailout is Here 15:35:58
All Roads Lead to Hyper-Inflation and Severe Depression 15:29:32
Is This the End of America? 15:27:19
Kentucky election officials arrested for vote tampering 15:18:37
Announcing the Launch of 14:59:59
I know what's wrong with America !! 14:59:29
The Real GOP - Constitutional Republicans 14:52:31
Beck 3-19-09: "Some of the Ron Paul supporters are dangerous." 14:27:34
Missouri Governor Stands Behind MIAC Smear Report! 14:23:11
Aimee Allen Was Beaten Up: She's on Alex Jones Now 2:10 PM ET Friday 14:13:57
Ohio Joins Call for Restoring State Sovereignty - H.C.R. 11 Introduced in House 14:01:45
Here's a way to stop all the Government Financial Mess!!!! 13:58:28
The next bubble to pop: The U.S. Dollar 13:47:12
Department Of Peace 13:34:29
Obama Considers Expanding Afghanistan Troop Level to 400,000 13:32:45
Chuck Baldwin on Derry Brownfield today 13:32:23
The Sheriff - More Power Than the President 13:15:50
Precious metals... what are your thoughts on Prechters forecast? 12:59:51
Good video showing Obama's "change" 12:59:25
Bumper Sticker Vote 12:45:06
Aimee Allen on AJ Today 3/20 12:44:36
SUBJECT: DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce 12:43:42
Constitutionalism is Socialism! 12:43:39
Kids say the darndest things... 12:34:17
Investing for dummies 12:19:05
FRAUD Alert! Watch out for LRP letters. 12:10:24
Obama Received a $101,332 Bonus from AIG 12:01:54
I got my letter today 11:50:48
Encourage Alex Jones to invite Jason Hommel to discuss Silver 11:38:29
President Obama knows the Constitution??? 11:34:58
Help us Smash Amnesty and "re-educate" Pelosi 11:34:05
I'm Tired.... 11:14:51
Religious heads to hold own summit during G8 10:59:33
Linsay Springer: Any one following his recent indictment! 10:59:00
Why can't we all just get along???? 10:53:53
The Big Takeover 10:40:31
Happy Vernal Equinox! 10:32:19
Daddy WarBucks: "Wait A Minute!" 10:30:09
AIG 10:16:36
Kansas City TV Station brings up MIAC Report 10:15:46
Russia Today: Only Ron Paul can save us now! 10:12:27
The Day the Constitution died... 10:04:10
Ron Paul on CNN Morning 3-20-09, AIG Bonus Situation 10:02:30
Israeli troops killed unarmed palestinians 08:54:20
Idiots - Idiots - Idiots 08:53:44
Once again - Is this normal? Schenectady mayor considers options, martial law over police woes 08:42:10
Is this normal? S.600 : Safety for Americans from Nuclear Weapons Testing Act 08:35:37
Obama on Leno 08:16:57
Obama's Non-Answer on 90% Tax 06:19:44
Michael? Moderator, a bot again? 06:11:22
Russia Today: Gold scam could be bigger than the Bernie Madoff scandal! 06:02:29
:) Can DP personals be counted in DP classifieds? 05:23:25
Alex Jones Tv 1/2:Interview with State Police Officer over MIAC Report! 03:55:22
TRUTH IS OUT: Ex-Bush admin official: Many at Gitmo are innocent. 03:39:25
The Law That Never Was 02:45:19
Guess what Murtha has been given by the Navy! 02:02:00
Forced Polygamous Marriage 01:45:59
Even the Obama's don't trust the food supply ? 01:42:47
Shattered Union , this is a new game 01:34:44
Paul fired up on the floor 00:40:10
New Federal Deficit Estimate Numbers Due 3/20/09: Add $1T on the Top! 00:05:40
VIDEO: Glenn Beck and Penn Jillette Discuss MIAC! 00:03:24