Posted on March 25, 2009

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Livin' in America - in a tent. Yup, things are getting bad. Great Depression bad. 23:35:44
Sweet Ignorant Little Daily Paulers -- Liberty Lovin' Retrophilliacs 23:35:45
Turley: Cheney war crimes probe would be 'shortest in history' 19:16:39
MIAC Report BLOWBACK!!! 14:00:00
Geithner the Globalist: 'Open' to China's Currency Proposal 14:44:54
Mourning Our Loss in the Ron Paul Community 14:00:05
Napolitano, Paul, Beck, Schiff on Freedom Watch 3/25/09 12:16:41
Agency Apologizes for Militia Report on Candidates 10:10:04
Peter Schiff on Morning Joe 3/25 09:32:10
Boston Globe Blog on Ron Paul and HR 1207 09:32:09
Ron Paul on the Jim Bohannon Show 3/24 08:41:49
Sen. Jim DeMint: The Flaws of the National Service Act 02:06:36
Video: Ron Paul Updates Supporters on HR 1207 10:10:05
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CNN reports on MIAC report/attack on Ron Paul- report withdrawn! 23:50:48
The key to victory.... 23:39:40
Some Good News for the Gene Pool 23:36:13
A postcard from AIG 23:19:54
Seeking Rally in FLORIDA, Need a little HELP !!?!! 22:44:44
Judge Napolitano Responds to Bernake & Geitner 22:34:17
Let's Stop Wall Street Loan-Sharking 22:26:03
Franklin Sanders gives awesome testimony before the Georgia House 21:55:22
The U.S. audits the Iraq war 3 to 5 billion wasted. Just a mistake ? 21:43:24
Someone had a happy ending........... 21:39:58
Monsanto's Dream (Nightmare) Bill, HR 875 21:30:31
Trade War, or Protecting our Country, and taxpayers/highways... 21:16:22
Cold Fusion Breakthrough Revisited: Palladium-Mediated Limitless Energy Potential 21:03:04
CNBC: Should we legalize marijuana like we ended prohibition? 20:32:48
GOP wants Cheney to Shut UP ! 20:29:23
Dear A.I.G., I Quit! 20:05:49
Brown Calls for EU-US Global Rule 19:59:14
Give the government any job, they'll use it to screw up the world 19:53:29
Video: Ron Paul on Fox Business - Debt is to BLAME (March 25th) 19:43:34
Missouri State Highway Patrol orders militia report shut down 19:34:43
GATA - Central Banks are 'borrowing' Gold 19:26:45
Congresswoman Bachmann calls for a Revolution! 19:02:02
Geithner Supports China's Global Currency Plan 18:40:34
NH House passes medical marijuana bill 18:37:25
Have you sent your teabag yet? 18:37:19
Max Keiser on Caffeine 18:23:10
Senator Dodd’s Wife Was AIG Director 18:15:12
William Bennett Beaten to Death While Exercising with His Wife 18:13:19
black Wednesday 17:59:35
Thomas Jefferson Domestic Terror Suspect MIAC 17:43:28
Current holder of the EU presidency calls Obama's economic recovery plans as "a way to hell" 17:33:39
Naomi Wolf: Bush Memos=Treason 17:26:22
Congress and Senate To Vote In a Week or so - Organic Farming - please read and comment 17:18:18
EU presidency blasts US recovery plans as 'way to hell' 17:14:48
Can someone tell me what this is worth in fiat currency? 17:12:03
Does anyone have "Kissinger on the Couch"? 17:10:53
Hannan to UK Prime Minister: You have spent all our money 17:01:13
Am I Crazy?? 16:44:29
This is how they will fix illegal immigration 16:39:05
April 15th - Forget the labels, I'm calling it my American Sabbath 16:31:28
'Flipping the Bird' is Protected Speech, rules court 16:22:25
Alleged War Criminal Spotter 16:13:50
Zogby Poll Predicts Future Spin, Again. 16:12:07
Ted Nugent telling it like it is! 15:56:45
Swimming Pool? 15:54:40
Dollars and Gold 15:45:07
Say NO to Mexican Trucks on US Highways 15:43:54
Postal service could run out of money in ’09 15:25:31
T-Bills are toilet paper! 15:16:19
Daniel Hannan undresses Gordon Brown at EU meeting 15:12:17
Ron Paul Please....!!!!!!!! 15:10:51
Breaking: One or more Air Force Jets Crash at Andrews Air Force Base 15:09:02
Sen. Dodd's Wife a Former Director of AIG Controlled Company... 15:06:31
Weather Modification 15:05:35
Posse Comitatus 15:04:01
Are you or someone you know suffering from serious disease and discomfort? Please Read This! Colloidal Gold may be the answer 15:03:32
Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder has called for an investigation into Militia Report. 15:00:04
Preparing The Troops For War 14:50:29
Daniel Hannan MEP: The devalued Prime Minister 14:43:04
Crisis of Credit Visualized (Awesome video!) 14:21:14
Great Video on the Fed 14:10:32
Ron Paul predicts 15-yr depression, dollar crash in 1-4 yrs 13:56:50
OK... I admit I am thoroughly confused 13:54:28
Nationwide April 15th Tax Day Tea Parties State By State 13:45:17
Do You Have Kids? Do You Plan to? You better read this... 13:35:25
America just need something to blame our problems on! 13:34:31
Hate Crimes Against Whites? 13:34:23
Growing Food in Times of Scarcity 13:29:38
British Banker Attacked 13:23:54
Catherine Bleish (and activists) Confronts Gov. Nixon (MIAC) 13:09:56
RP was global currency on the way 13:02:49
Looking for Information on metals 12:59:44
LOL! Guess where Sorcha's links led me this AM? 12:53:12
Charity at the point of a GUN 12:46:19
Demand Freedom and ANSWERS to this CONSPIRACY! 12:37:24
Ron Paul Voted NO on HR 1388! 12:35:03
Obama’s Plan - Church Attendance Forbidden! 12:30:53
The Predatory Lending Industry had a Partner in the White House 12:28:38
Bob Prechter On Silver & Gold 12:25:40
More on HR 875 12:22:46
List Your Top 3 New World Order Candidates and Why 12:02:48
Barack Obama's Mother Ann Dunham -- UNDETERMINED 11:56:33
Financial Terrorist exposed - Deck of Cards with top members of the NWO! 11:34:52
Fusion Center Meltdown!Virginia fights Fed Spy Centers! (MIAC) 11:33:45
Banks Holding Gold 11:05:16
Bush Deficit vs. Obama Deficit in Pictures 11:02:40
P. Schiff on Morning Joe video 3/25/09 11:02:21
Everyone talking about Obama and the NWO 10:58:48
Peter Schiff on Morning Joe 3/25 10:47:55
ACORN Whistleblowers Produce Shocking Testimony on Capitol Hill 10:44:09
Please Report to Sunny Camp X-Ray for Dissident Retraining! 10:32:45
WND Obama open for questions from you today 10:32:20
Sold! Bargain-hunters buying groceries at auction 10:04:08
Serve America Act on the Senate Floor Today 10:04:08
AIG dispute dogging Dodd may bite at election time 10:04:02
***Vote for Ron Paul - Political March Madness*** 10:03:48
FDIC R.I.P 09:58:01
The Fed is doing the very things that led to the crisis 09:57:02
Government Wants To Control Farming 09:39:59
Robber fatally shot in Miami Burger King holdup 09:37:55
In a Volatile Time, Obama Strikes a New Tone for Crisis 09:37:31
Save the Big Banks, Trash the Dollar 09:34:31
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd - Australia tells it like it is 09:24:11
Update on Bankruptcy Reform Bill/Judicial Modification of Mortgages 09:23:47
Obama Youth Brigade: Church Attendance Forbidden 09:09:31
Supreme Court Justices Seem Skeptical of Scope of Campaign Law 09:06:57
China’s Currency Reserves vs. U.S. Debt 09:00:31
The End is Nigh. Jimmy Carter said something that was sensible 08:53:08
Revive the American Economy 08:50:16
EU presidency: US economic plans 'a way to hell' 08:47:03
National Service- a new idea 08:38:06
Freedom vs. Slavery 08:31:51
IREPORT 08:11:41
A Must-Buy: The Daily Paul RP2009 Calendar -- a great way to support this site that we love 08:00:57
Senate Rubber Stamps National Enslavement Bill 07:45:13
Peter Schiff on Morning Joe (3/25/09) 07:19:31
Well, I gave my email list both barrels this morning. 07:02:40
UK government becomes more Orwellian every day 06:51:42
Obama's pledge project canvass training video 05:25:46
Czech Government Ousted For First Time In History; Another Economic Casualty 04:46:28
The Revolution goes Mobile! (Text LIBERTY to 77007) 04:30:12
I witnessed something awesome tonight... 04:18:36
The Greatest Depression 03:13:17
China calls for new global currency 03:02:38
Entertaining Take on Stimulus and AIG Bonuses 02:54:17
MIAC: Missourians United for Life are seeking support 02:31:47
St. E's: Home of DHS - A Perfect Fit 02:04:25
Who Created The Financial Crisis And Why 01:41:28
Bank Tells Brown too "Stop Spending!" 01:35:13
What book should I recommend to my friend who wants to know about U.S. history? 00:48:09
Tonights Answers! 00:36:43
Obama writes WORLD-WIDE Op-Ed 00:16:47
A Silver NWO coin on Ebay 00:14:33