Posted on April 22, 2009

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Homeland Sec. Says She's Working to Repeal Real ID Law 22:57:03
Digg! Fox News Points the Torture Finger at Bush / Cheney 22:17:20
WSJ: Clinton Praises Ron Paul 21:56:18
Video: Mainstream Republicans Learn About The Danger of Corporatism & The Federal Reserve 20:01:55
Today's Freedom Watch on Youtube 08:45:30
So why would a young, rich CFO off himself? 17:11:57
Why Republicans Can Never Reduce Government 16:26:29
H.R.1207 Now Has 71 Cosponsors: Update - 79! 12:36:10
Get off the couch! Learn to shoot. Project Appleseed 08:45:29
***BREAKING NEWS*** Acting head of Freddie Mac kills himself 08:31:35
Ron Paul On The Alan Colmes Radio Show 4/21 01:03:14
Traders: Current Global Market Analysis 13:13:05
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Naomi Wolf Blames the American People for Bush Torture. 23:58:02
My conversation with a former US Army Prison Guard deployed to Afghanistan 23:37:48
PLEASE people. I'm trying to WARN YOU! 23:23:39
Need Help with Web Site 23:23:24
Ron Poll is Ahead in this Poll!! Put Your Vote In! 23:15:19
State Constitution Preambles 23:02:29
Ron Paul:Fox News Freedom Watch Napolitano 22:56:02
Ron Paul:Fox News Freedom Watch Napolitano 22:51:47
Freddie Mac CFO Suicide by Hanging? (or gunshot wound) 22:33:43
Israeli army admits 'isolated' mistakes in Gaza: CSM 22:16:12
Local GOP Demonizes Ron Paulites Over Tax Revolt Poster 22:13:46
Remember the sudden death of 21 horses the other day? 22:13:24
How to Stop The Federal Government 21:28:58
Help me vote in this poll if you have a spare minute! 20:53:38
Is Alex Jones married? 20:48:31
Second Amendment Upheld By Ninth Circuit As "Against A Degenerate And Tyrannical Government" 20:31:00
Vote for future guests on Freedom Watch! 20:24:43
"The Tea Baggers and the Bizarro Revolution" 20:23:59
Anyone who still does not believe that a "U.S. Citizen" is someone who lives in Washington D.C. 20:14:53
Ron Paul Republican Slams Corporatism & The Federal Reserve @ SA Tea Party (Video) 19:53:15
The Killer Robots are Coming 19:51:00
Corporatism & The Federal Reserve Slammed @ San Antonio Tea Party 19:47:10
Ron Paul Republican Slams Corporatism & The Federal Reserve @ San Antonio Tea Party ( Video) 19:44:22
****I need your ideas for my blog.**** 19:36:18
Federal hate crime bill 19:23:23
It's Official: EPA Finds Greenhouse Gases Endanger Public Health 19:16:29
Ron Paul Republican Slams Corporatism & The Federal Reserve @ San Antonio Tea Party (Video) 19:13:48
Glenn Beck POLL: Which way do you want the GOP to go from here? 19:07:36
An Open Call to all Daily Paul-ers, a new "Digg" format. 18:48:45
Politicians, Campaign rhetoric and accountability 18:28:02
World Bank tried to 'blackmail' Bolivia 18:21:49
Welcome to Hell! – Fiction 17:54:25
The Time 100 was hacked by 4Chan. 17:33:48
The Desperate Media Establishment Lashes out at Craigslist 17:27:51
Corporatism is a better term than fascism 17:16:14
Mp3 Alex Jones talks with Judge Andrew Napolitano April 22, 2009 16:44:59
I ALMOST GOT RUN OVER BY SOME JERK!!! Is this a signal trying to tell me something? 16:42:57
Freemasons / Knights Templar / Blackwater / Xe / Greystone 16:39:07
Ron Paul's HR 1207 now has 71 Cosponsors!!! 16:06:10
Obama supporters want us to work with them- a good idea 16:01:09
Shepard Smith on Judge's Show Takes Advantage of No Censorship 15:40:44
Debtors' prisons making a comeback 15:39:37
Harman Says She's the Victim in Wiretapping Controversy... in bed with AIPAC 15:38:38
Alex Jones cannot stop God from taking over the Patriot movement... 15:29:00
Pastor Steven Anderson on Alex Jones Tv (HD) 1/3:Brutalized by The Border Patrol ! 15:16:15
Dr. Steve Pieczenik, topic: Martial Law and the Coming Revolution ... Live Show At 5:00 P.M. Mountain Time! 15:13:03
Freddie Mac official found dead in apparent suicide 15:05:41
Why are we supporting the federalists' vision of America? 14:58:40
Prohibition: Caused by oil? 14:56:56
Committees of Safety Rally video 14:44:03
Rule of Law Revolution Launches! 14:37:59
MCInsane in trouble for 2010? 14:23:13
If I get mugged should I be allowed to defend myself ? 14:11:34
Look who conveniently committed "suicide" 14:04:31
Wednesday's letters: "The socialist Republicans" 13:58:38
Committees of Safety Conference Call Tonight 9pm ET 13:49:56
EUGENICS IN POLITICS; Scientists Are Urged to Find Out How Good Citizenship Is Transmitted. Not a Joke! 13:40:09
GM Defaults; Chrysler to be LIQUIDATED next week 13:24:54
We need to get the phone calls rolling in.... Demand justice and accountability... 13:24:20
Ron Paul in Politico: Audit the Federal Reserve for Answers 13:15:26
Israelis 'followed law in Gaza' 13:10:36
Survival food you can actually survive on 13:00:58
Revealing the Secrets in Room 101~ Orwellian Torture memos 12:32:51
Congresswoman Bachman - Our Nation Should Humble Itself Before God 12:31:57
Now this is too much 12:16:32
Obama funds $20M in tax payer dollars to immigrate Hamas Refugees to the USA. 12:06:17
Harmanic Convergence~Jane Harman, AIPAC, and the Rosen-Weissman spy case 11:47:55
The new Google Timeline search is killer. Check it out. 11:46:17
Police Brutality: A G20 compilation 11:37:09
Doctor indicted for grenades in Arkansas 11:34:35
You are being "re-wired" by a silicon based lifeform 11:16:50
A sharply focused message: Check, A clearly defined target: Check, Grassroots passion: Check 10:56:53
Standing Keynesianism on Its Head 10:44:09
Is anyone else having trouble playing youtube videos? 10:30:05
Why Freddie Mac Chief Ended It: Prime Mortgage Meltdown 10:20:20
We ain't what we was meant to be. 10:20:17
End times for the NY Times: $1.3B Debt Rattle 09:56:04
McCain has opposition is 2010 senate race 09:51:23
Meet the winner of Australia Has Talent 2009. 09:19:53
Supreme Court to Decide if Civil Rights Act protects Whites from Racial Discrimination 09:09:07
Obama's Volunteers at work- pictures 08:43:03
The Mafia, the CIA and Bush Sr. 08:17:18
Geithner meets Cong'l Dems in Closed Door Meeting on Banks-here is the transcript 08:11:11
Fannie Mae CFO found floating on top of the tank this morning... 08:03:46
Russ Cassell: "The Fed: The Greatest Fraud in the History of Mankind" 08:03:09
Ron Paul argues against bailout policies at Wake Forest Univ. 07:58:57
I talked to my psychic on Monday, and she said.... 07:15:44
U.S. Might Not Try Pro-Israel Lobbyists--Wash Post 06:45:33
Secession? 05:43:39
Rick Perry and the (Secret) Road to World Government 05:40:23
Posted on WND front page: “Pentagon Pick: Bush ‘mindlessly’ supported Israel.” 03:16:48
Insanity 02:49:30
Mark Levin announces 4-21-09 that Ron Paul is not going to be elected president 02:33:45
I used to think the Brits would just roll over and accept tyranny... 02:00:01
When did your County's jobs disappear? 01:53:03
**Retirement Dreams Disappear with 401(k)s** 00:44:37
CFL's Debra Medina at Texas Tea Party 00:39:33
How could anyone question Alex Jones' committment 00:37:26
Silence is the leading cause of death worldwide 00:17:15