Posted on May 9, 2009

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Peter Schiff Vlog May 8, 2009 "I'm Considering a Run For the Senate..." 15:02:12
French Newscaster Predicts US Revolution 11:07:30
Rand to Bunning: "Maybe we'll have a few more people in the race." 03:07:48
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Absolute MUST SEE for those who are digging down the rabbit hole 23:41:13
EXCLUSIVE... 9/11, What's Wrong With This Picture? 22:39:10
U.S. nuclear policy overseen by C.F.R.? 22:12:44
Can you spot the Ron Paul supporter? 21:21:30
21st Century Insuance is AIG 21:13:59
Michael Badnarik's Constitution Class is coming to Mpls/St. Paul Sat. May 30th 21:03:38
United 93 Still Airborne After Alleged Crash - According To ATC/Radar 20:51:34
If your Congressmen isn't on the list of 143 cosponsors... 20:41:02
County Attorney deciding what is "in the best interest of this child" - forced healthcare 20:40:45
Video: Little Punk gets Lesson in Civil Liberties 20:16:07
Just saw a Jeopardy question on Patriotism 19:47:04
Want to raise your understanding of the New World Order - Eustice Mullins has studied it for 50 years! 18:53:27
When We Have A Real Revolution - Which Nations Would Come To Our (Patriotic Americans - Not Gov.) Aid? 18:50:27
Notre Dame gets scolded for inviting Obama 18:31:03
Coverup? Factory Farms an Origin of Swine Flu and Serious Illnesses 18:25:48
War is a racket ! 17:56:11
Dr Rand Paul speaks in Paducah Kentucky 5-8-09 17:45:13
John Stossel's "You Can't Even Talk About It" 20/20 17:26:23
Poll: What is the most productive way to learn the true meaning & principles of the U.S. Constitution? 17:01:01
Huge Compilation of G. Edward Griffin Works 1964-2009 16:37:56
Miss "20/20" and Stossel last night(5/8/09)? Don't worry 15:01:39
New spy machine from Norway 14:59:22
Just a copy of my letter on to my representatives 14:00:05
Do you owe me an apology? 13:30:18
Don't Be Fooled By Inflation 13:21:51
Any Ron Paulers need a dog (2) ? 12:59:03
League City resident to challenge Ron Paul in 2010 12:50:15
HR-1207 needs only 75 more votes (if it ever gets out of commitee) 12:06:27
Return to Jekyll Island-The People Strike Back 11:46:29
Oklahoma: OK! 11:39:31
14 Words 11:22:39
H.R. 2159:Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009 10:19:45
HR 1207: Senate version S.604 - Sponsor Sen. Bernard Sanders 09:57:06
Criminalizing criticism of Israel is the end of free speech By Paul Craig Roberts 08:48:32
Court Fails To Protect Child 08:13:36
Obama wants Fed to be finance supercop 07:41:15
AP: Obama Wants Fed To Be Finance Supercop 07:22:39
The FED is getting scared asking BO to make them the SuperCop 07:22:17
John Monds is the most-followed Georgia governor candidate on Twitter. Keep it that way! 03:37:33
The Pillaging of our Land: Senate Bill 787: Take Action NOW! 03:29:42
I dropped a Murray Rothbard Tom Woods bomb on Mark Levin tonight 03:14:11
Do Americans owe the 25,000 soliders who died in the Revolutionary War a Thank You? 02:39:42
To Tame a Tyrant: Conference Call Saturday Afternoon - 6pm Eastern 01:55:09
Afghanistan: U.S. Foreign Policy Caused the Taliban Problem 00:48:53
Edward Bernays: On Propaganda and Public Relations 00:36:21
Michael Minns About Ron Paul (Auther of Underground Lawyer)... 00:06:33