Posted on May 10, 2009

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Rand: Announcement on National TV on Thursday or Friday 23:59:56
Economics Help -- What 3 books to recommend to a friend? 23:32:28
A very nice piece for newly awakened, or trying to wake up. 10:54:09
Just what is "the message" of the liberty movement? 20:30:36
UPDATED: 5-star DP Reviews: Must see videos explain R3volution! 10:06:08
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Off Topic, but a great Read none the less "The Shack" 23:50:23
"Concerns white phosphorus used in Afghan battle" 23:24:57
Remember 16 year old boy taken from home under the Patriot Act 23:05:25
This is RIDICULOUS 22:02:03
I hate cops 22:01:19
- 20:50:58
This Cartoon predicts the future 50 years ago. This could have been made yesterday! You have to watch this! 20:37:48
New bill could deny 2nd amendment rights to many of us 20:12:55
My new chicken coop 19:58:48
WHO IS DAVID BARSTOW? Why is he like Ron Paul? 18:24:19
The Lost Constitution 18:19:44
Grandma and grandpa might not be sustainable 18:00:21
HR 1207 Meeting with Peter Roskam 17:52:22
Need Help from DPers 17:29:31
Ron Paul in 1981. 17:14:45
Cartoon from 50 years ago ,,, Enjoy 15:41:44
Military March on DC, 4th July 09? - The Red Line. 15:12:08
Are We in the Biblical End Times? 15:10:16
Bunning Drama Continues; The Hill 14:47:09
Does HR 1207 Need More... 14:36:43
Weekend Watching, The Hour of Our Time - The Legacy of William Cooper 14:35:52
History is written by the victors” - W. Churchill 14:03:18
Where are you from? 14:00:53
Who to make: Daily YouTube Playlist 13:49:45
Banking System Report from Iron Mountain 13:42:44
Forget mind control -here's 'wish control' coming up 13:27:55
Internet puts smack down on media flu scare 13:25:46
Im surprised how few of you are researching this! 12:54:50
Sunday after Sunday 12:38:46
New "Truth Music" channel is AWESOME! All in one... 12:15:43
Real Journalism in the US - Russia Today Interviews Luke Rudowski - WE ARE CHANGE 12:13:02
Article criticising Libertarianism 11:35:12
What's up with all these "cash for gold" ads on tv? 11:19:43
Mothers Day with Chuck Baldwin 11:15:22
A fractal example 10:50:36
Are they afraid of transparency 10:29:22
AIPAC strives for political indoctrination for college and grade school students 10:01:04
Anyone else get a mailer from AMERICAN GOLD TRUST 09:54:53
WHAT? International Bankers responsible for all American Wars? Surely you jest? 09:37:36
David Icke Newsletter May 9th: "Law of the land or law of the sea?" 09:09:27
Is it OK to deny this holocaust? 08:52:48
Weekend Meditation – Message From HOME 08:33:53
Obama's Plan: Destabilize Pakistan: Grab Balochistan 08:09:47
Do all Americans owe the Founding Fathers a debt of gratitude and appreciation. 07:59:56
Bermas smacksdown Troy! 05:56:21
Recent podcast interview with Mish on Disciplined Investor 05:42:04
Government Hate Crimes Manual (Labeling us as extremists) 05:24:56
Bill Introduced to Celebrate Motown Records 50th Year Anniversary 04:30:40
EU wants 'Internet G12' to govern cyberspace 04:13:47
Right then, fall into line you 'orrible little pupils! Government wants the military to run state schools 04:06:35
Sri Lanka's Tiger leader's 360 foot 'underwater bunker' 03:43:15
O' called America a democracy? 01:46:20
The Coming One World Currency. How Do We Do It? Martin Armstrong 01:03:06
If at first you don't secede, try, try again 01:02:01