Posted on May 11, 2009

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Okay DPers, What is the liberty solution to Health Care Issues in America? 20:26:20
REPUBLICAN List of Shame - As of July 16, 2009 18:21:53
CNBC: Ron Paul on Hemp (Video) 18:20:41
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee NWO - Ron Paul has risen to a new and undeniable stature on the national scene! 12:39:28
Neocon Runs Against Ron Paul for Congressional Seat 11:52:04
WND: Ron Paul was right 01:40:06
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Ben Bernanke- great videos! 23:58:28
Changing Commands: The Betrayal of America's Military 23:57:15
Another Alex Jones account on youtube suspended. 23:17:56
Fox News Beach Slaps Jonathan Lebed who Criticized Peter Schiff 23:16:38
Staying healthy is essential for survival in hard times 23:05:27
Commiting Troops to Mexico? Running missions integrated together! 22:42:16
Astronauts ready for rescue 22:40:54
Bloomberg mentions "secret meeting" at Jekyll Island in article about Ben... 22:34:54
In Kentucky, Bunning Faces Tough Fight for Senate Seat 22:08:06
Chat with Ron Paul tipped Tim Walz to support audit of Federal Reserve 22:05:25
Obama Administration urged to keep pressure off Israel 21:53:37
The Modern State of Israel: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened, Part 1 20:27:07
Budget Office: 2009 deficit 50% greater than expected 20:22:11
1936 U.S. Senate Report: Soil Depleted, 99% of Americans Nutrient Deficient 19:06:07
Chemtrails in Coke Commercial 18:13:57
Visualization of the Budget (and supposed savings) 18:11:16
What is the official "CONSERVATIVE" position on whether the powers of Congress are limited by the Constitution? 17:58:31
Anyone know how much the US government spends each year spying on americans? 17:57:34
Courts ruled that Wisconsin police can attach GPS to car without a warrant or you knowing 17:34:22
Amish couples forced to leave their homes 17:29:45
LP lobbying pays off: WV gov signs ballot access reform 17:14:15
We only need 100 people to donate $10 to RJ Harris to reach the goal LET'S DO IT! 17:13:58
Rep. Jim Gerlach is onboard HR 1207 16:20:54
Tacky journalism 16:15:13
Just comply with the "request" 16:14:51
Eye opening: End of America by Naomi Wolfe 16:13:09
Could John McCain lose his senate seat in 2010? 16:13:07
No Prayer day for Obama's whitehouse 14:30:41
Letter to congress re: 2nd amendment 14:25:38
How About Some Rope To Hang Ourselves With 13:51:21
Scientists Experiment with Vaccinations in GMO Corn -- Humans, hogs may eat their way to flu resistance 13:44:34
Imagine going to a homeless shelter and being charged rent ? 13:33:24
What's going on in with derivatives traded on the futures exchange? 13:20:31
Interesting: All Time Approval Rating for Each Member of Congress... 13:12:39
Kahre -- Used Gold/Silver to pay his empolyees (TAX FREE) 12:55:59
Rather than rail against the evironmentalist, why not argue in favor of their cause using Austrian Economics? 12:55:58
When did we start raping little boys??!!!! 12:46:31
Obama Presides Over Largest Ever Military Black Budget 12:16:25
Who will be charged with murder for this? 12:08:53
"Something is wrong with me and I don't know how to fix it." 11:56:58
QUIZ: US Constitution 11 May 2009 11:11:49
E911 Mapping company and Census GPS links?? 10:44:39
Chances Bright for Legislation Seeking FDA Regulation of Tobacco 10:19:29
Finding the Balance in Foreign Policy 09:31:17
CBS announcer: Any U.S. soldier would shoot Pelosi, strangle Reid 09:29:05
H.R. 1388? Really? Do we have to? 08:58:19
"War is a Racket"- where can I download a free copy? 08:02:18
Germany denies killer chip patent, but I bet they are in production 06:58:38
Kooky stuff in the rabbit hole or truth is better than fiction? 04:49:30
Man shoots bear to protect family and will be criminally prosecuted... 04:04:53
Old Troll Comeback... 03:12:41
UK: Enjoy the (suckers') rally while it lasts 02:10:40
Meghan McCain = Idiot!!! 00:44:33
Pakistan wont tell US where nukes are kept 00:38:37