Posted on May 20, 2009

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Ron Paul Debates Ed Schulz on MSNBC, 5/20/09 22:27:27
Rand Paul Interview on Brian & the Judge - 5/20/2009 21:25:54
HR 2159 Aims to Strip Nearly All Americans of Second Amendment Right 17:49:13
WTF? Kucinich Introduces Own Bill to 'Review' the Federal Reserve... 12:17:27
HR 1207 on Fox Business 09:38:20
DIGG! Guantanamo Prisoners STILL Being Tortured Under Obama 09:34:47
Freedom Watch on Fox 5/20/2009 - Rand Paul, Rockwell, Woods, Etc. 12:17:28
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HR 1207 Activists Please Bump! Congressman Sarbanes is Coming to You...Let's Not Disappoint Him! 23:32:26
The Science of 9/11 23:13:08
HR1207 (165 Co-Sponsers) HR2424 (3 Co-Sponsers) 22:52:29
NEW VIDEO: 4 Ohio Cops Beat Man to Death on Streets; Court: Innocent 22:39:37
The Two Faces of Barack Obama 22:38:02
Sen. Abel Maldonado says: GOP Sought to Bankrupt California 22:28:23
CoS Conference call, Live 22:12:08
Freedom Watch May 20th, 2009 Rand Paul, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods 22:05:42
Geithner to DeMint: Bailouts may never end, no exit plans 21:59:50
Ron Paul attacks Obama on military tribunals and GITMO 21:44:59
First budget deficit in 26 years 21:26:00
Cavuto video:"California Teabaggers Have Woken Up the State & the Nation" 21:17:37
Golden parachute for congress 19:53:36
Jesse Ventura on Howard Stern 19:46:39
Kucinich and the knife in the back. 19:01:46
Freedom Watch Getting High Profile Attention!! 18:59:41
Alex Jones: The Best Rant Ever 18:58:47
Green Dragon Tavern meeting tonight 18:58:20
We lose due to lack of people 18:56:07
The "Brain" Behind CNBC Programming 18:55:19
Just Recieved An Email From My Congressman About DTV Deadline... 18:41:17
Is it true that our media used to talk about the CFR and these other globalist organizations in the past (1970-ish)? 18:35:10
Weekly Email to Fox News to get FreedomWatch on Air!! 18:22:33
DR PAUL-- spot on 18:18:18
Judge Napolitano to represent MotorHome Diaries? 18:12:48
Please Watch all of Today's Freedom Watch Here 18:12:04
Ron Paul on "The Ed Show" MSNBC 6pm est 18:04:12
Digg the R.J. Harris Money Bomb! 17:46:44
This looks to be the biggest case of "Good Cop; Bad Cop" I have ever seen. 17:36:30
Earth-shattering news of May 15th? 17:28:52
Jesse Ventura Talks About What is Really Going On 17:24:07
Lots of War Drums on Iran in Lamestream today 17:21:35
Stunning Defeat For Gun Control!: Senate AND House APPROVE LOADED Guns in National Parks 17:21:27
Ron Paul on Beck NEXT! 17:18:02
This is without a doubt the most important piece of information we will present to you this year. 17:11:57
Representative from C4L on Beck NOW! 17:04:04
John Quincy Adams on James Madison (1836) 17:01:27
Alex Jones on Russia Today: Bilderberg Has Big Plans 16:53:03
Sanford's stimulus/budget veto is being overriden 16:50:40
Town halls hire citizen snoopers as young as SEVEN to spy on neighbours and report wrongs 16:49:47
Bloomberg: Geithner Gives Opening Remarks at TARP Hearing 15:57:11
Leahy tops 100K signatures, demands that "rule of law" should apply to Presidents, too! 15:50:34
I think I've coined a new term: Glazzi 15:48:31
Start Up Political Party - The Anti-Federalists 15:10:08
Secession Networking: Cape Republic of Good Hope 15:07:14
The Jesse Ventura Question? Can you tell me any part of your life that isn't regulated by Government? 14:46:35
U.S. military now costs 1 trillion dollars a year 14:34:03
Robot warriors will get a guide to ethics 14:22:52
The News that your don't hear about- End-Run around Obama: 76 Senators Demand Peace without Terror 14:17:04
"Fixated threat assessment centers" This is us they want !! 14:04:11
Ron Paul: Current Conditions or Just a Bad Dream 5/19/09 13:38:51
Provision to allow guns in National forest buried in the Credit Card Reform Bill 13:30:33
Dr. Paul on C-SPAN tonight? 13:24:30
Obama Steers Toward Endless War With Islam 13:11:40
Dr. Rand Paul; Senate Run, Big Government, Fed & Globalization 12:47:55
***Free ICE CREAM*** 12:22:39
American Death Squad (Cheney's Army of Assassins) 12:16:33
Executive Order / H.R. 1388 was passed, behind our backs 12:11:38
Glenn Beck just got his butt kicked on the View 12:09:06
Propaganda, What Propaganda? 11:58:03
Yea dude! that keynsian economics degree doesn't go far does it! 11:41:40
Jim Rogers - May 20, 2009 Where do you put your money? 11:20:14
"FREEDOMFEST" 11:19:03
ATMs that dispense GOLD 10:57:31
Liberal blogger still attacking Ron Paul. Paul is "rotten." 10:53:37
Fleeing the Strong-Arm Medical Tactics? 10:41:11
How many free ride credit card dead beats here ? 10:12:26
Rense... A letter from a Dodge dealer. 09:31:21
What do you think of this? 09:25:25
Midwest Liberty Fest Brainstorming Survey!!! 09:03:05
Obama allocates taxpayer funds to help Hamas "refugees" move to the USA? 08:44:06
Forbes: Is The Federal Reserve Overreaching? 08:41:28
House Panel votes for probe of DHS 'extremist' report 08:29:41
Congressional Black Caucus Congress and ACORN - Corruption at the highest level 08:17:26
Obama Adminsitration to Give The Fed More Power by giving it some SEC's Domain 08:08:23
Jesse Ventura and FOX's Brian Kilmeade almost come to blows 08:06:35
YouTube Resurrects Alex Jones Channel 07:52:30
***US dollar Set to Be Destroyed by Inflation of Money Supply*** 07:51:54
19,000 illegal immigrants in state prisons out!, with voter rejection of the ballots measures. 07:29:56
Florida removes word "Shylock" from Consumer Loan Laws since it is offensive to Jewish people 07:18:32
Huffington Post: Cops Say to Legalize Drugs 06:42:02
CHEMTRAILS: Poisoning America and the World 06:23:31
Punishment for not answering the census? 05:59:27
Missing Links 04:05:29
US Bailout Greatest Heist in Monetary HIstory says Naomi Klein, 03:42:23
Wag the Dog 2010 03:38:15
Rep. Walter Jones on Ron Paul's HR 1207 | Fox Business 5/19/09 03:00:28
FBI Use of Patriot Act Authority Increased Dramatically in 2008 ON AMERICANS! 02:40:55
Obama wasting more tax payer money 02:27:06
Little Known Military Thug Squad Still Brutalizing Prisoners at Gitmo Under Obama 02:12:09
ToldYa 02:00:30
Sen. Lindsey Graham Debates Himself on Detainee Torture 01:03:35
SC C4L Governor Sanford Speaks About Sovereignty, Sound Money, and Libertarianism 01:00:17
Glenn Beck Responds To Lindsey Graham's Comments On Libertarianism 00:52:26
U.S. dollar electronic strips? 00:46:33
The fact that the money and power are leaving for China has escaped everyone in our leadership. 00:38:44
Global systemic crisis: June 2009 - When the world steps out of a sixty-year old referential framework 00:22:01
Video: God Bless Our 2 Party System 00:20:17
End the Fed or the Fed will End Western Civilization 00:13:38
U.S. government overthrow car business. 00:08:42