Posted on May 22, 2009

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Do you remember the stencils and the spray paint? 20:55:55
U.S. 10-Year Note Falls Most Since June on Supply, Credit 16:03:01
Ron Paul is Having a Party Tonight!! 14:41:52
Tennessee Speeders Could Get Fingerprinted 12:03:51
Kevin Tuma on Cheney 20:55:55
Weekend Pondering: Is Facebook a Front for the CIA? 01:37:10
Closed! Ready Made Resources May Benefit Auction for DP 12:03:52
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"California faces its day of fiscal reckoning" 23:55:38
Health/Illness Care 23:13:24
Mancow Gets Waterboarded, "Absolutely Torture." 22:53:00
Why no calls for Impeachment? 22:52:56
Put away your constitution for a minute, and get out your accounting and law books 22:49:54
Uploading avatar 22:45:48
BBC Television's live production of George Orwell's "1984" from 1954 22:41:19
Kindergarteners Left Sobbing At White House Entrance... 22:32:36
Bank Failure Friday! 22:24:44
Torture issue is a distraction 21:53:57
So tonight I quit 20:58:35
Synagogue Bomb Plot - Latest Zionist Publicity Coup 20:48:36
Jesse Ventura on Howard Stern 5/19/09 19:28:38
What a difference 91 years makes 19:20:01
A Visual Guide to The Federal Reserve -Debunked- 18:45:15
Health Care Scare (Hello Mama) 18:45:05
Peter Schiff on CNBC "The Call" 5/22/09 18:34:45
Urgent! Must watch VIDEO about a 900 page bill... 18:00:23
Un-born Fetus is a Valuable Commodity (bear with me) 17:47:38
Since Obama is all for volunteering 17:38:20
Collapse of dollar - Paradigm shift away from US being a superpower 17:33:30
RNC may have to use the Nuclear option 17:33:06
Ron Paul chosen as one of C-SPAN's Leaders from the Students and Leader's project 17:30:53
Hello dailypaulers 17:16:51
Please Help With This Petition: Bad Vax Laws in Mississippi 16:46:55
Prolonged Detention: Interview with Vince Warren 16:43:51
Ron Paul - Requiem For a Dream 16:37:32
Bilderberg Group orders destruction of US Dollar? 16:37:10
Video shows cops slamming wrong man into wall,... 16:32:44
Stop using the words "money bomb" 16:25:11
The World's Biggest Debtor Nations 16:14:38
FCC’s Warrantless Household Searches Alarm Experts 16:11:50
Need help from a HR 1207 Subject Matter Expert 16:06:32
Celente Right Again : Recession Turns Malls Into Ghost Towns 15:55:27
Anyone heard back from Kucinich??? 15:41:58
The 21st Century Version of The Hitler Youth Squad ( 1938 Returns) 15:35:06
40,000 lbs of guns melted for rebar in gun buy back in 15:26:36
Very brave article from days after the 15:26:34
Peter Schiff endorses Steve Lonegan 15:26:33
WSJ: FDIC Looks to Replenish Reserve 15:17:11
Let's help Rand get to $25,000 15:03:23
Jesse Ventura - CIA Embedded in Local Government 15:03:01
Peter Schiff endorses Steve Lonegan - Better Future for New Jersey 14:26:54
H. RES. 287 14:19:27
Rand Paul could get outraised in Kentucky 14:15:24
Obama Administration to Implement Government Flu Shot Program?? 14:13:03
Ok people, want to know where our 'friend' Mr. Kucinich gets his monetary wisdom? 14:08:59
anyone know contract law? stop paying property tax/credit cards 13:51:23
The Gulag Archipelago- America's future 13:36:48
On Civil Liberties VS Government Tyranny... 13:13:45
Jesse Ventura on Strategy Room with Alan Colmes 5/21/09 13:09:53
Understanding Verbal Combat and the "NO-SUBSTANCE INSULT"! 12:54:10
What is appropriate punishment for crimes? 12:43:32
#1 on YouTube today! The End of Small Farms. 2 min. video 12:37:31
Buchanan: Bibi Gets His War On 12:36:15
Whites become minority in Kansas county 12:33:05
The BIG PROBLEM with the Gitmo Detainees is - The Big 911 Lie! 12:30:48
Bee colonies drop another 29 percent: 'Something is going wrong,' Florida beekeeper says 12:24:06
Where's The Birth Certificate? 12:21:13
Rand Paul to Speak in Frankfort, KY this Saturday! 12:09:59
Cap And Trade Rip Off!!! Take Action Now!!!! 12:06:16
Bush Sr., Cheney, Dodd, Frank, Gingrich, Kerry, Lieberman 11:21:48
Obama's Animal Farm: Bigger Bloodier Wars Equal Peace and Justice 11:12:20
What IF the TEOTWAWKI Crowd is Right? 11:03:15
Antifascist Calling~FBI "Going Dark" 10:57:31
Anybody listen to the Obama anti-torture speach? 10:48:39
Momentum Builds For Ron Paul's "Fed Transparency" Act HR1207 10:15:54
HR 1207 now front page on Digg! 09:57:15
BBC: Guards let Mexico inmates escape (VIDEO) 09:32:02 Tom Tancredo Questions the War on Drugs 09:04:03
Advice: Taking my kid to the dentist for the first time, fluoride? 08:57:01
Lindsey Graham - Freudian Slip? Depose vs dispose 08:46:06
Guantanamo moving to Colorado Supermax??? 08:35:12
Here's a Nazi Cop getting what he deserves [updated - edited] 07:32:04
PA Congressmen can't get past partisan politics 07:11:23
Ron Paul's "national nightmare" 06:42:49
For those of you who understand Spanish, there's a guy in Chile talking about the NWO and their plans on TV! 03:54:34
Neo-Con Tool Joe Scarborough on Jesse Ventura: "It Seriously Should Be a Crime to Be That Dumb." 03:21:16
Big Pharma Drugs Killing Veterans in Their Sleep 02:29:30
Rally at Infamous Border Patrol Checkpoint - Tomorrow 23 May 2009 02:01:55
- 01:38:07
Second Amendment Sisters:"Wisconsin Says Open Carry is Legal" 00:49:07
SA@Takimag - "Just Say No" to Government 00:38:43
the credit crisis is finally hitting me personally. 00:07:18
The Return of the God King 00:03:27