Posted on May 29, 2009

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Adam Kokesh: "Who Will Stand With Us" 16:31:12
Free Staters article in the Boston Globe 10:17:42
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Early photos of "Barry" released... 23:57:27
DP Family Help!~ Our Dear Finster~ Support and Good Wishes 22:50:14
.Bush calls Clinton 'his brother' at Toronto forum 22:33:20
Any FLA people here thinking about leaving CT 22:15:15
Pulling a Specter: The GOP Establishment 2009-2012 22:13:15
Bush calls Clinton 'his brother' at Toronto forum 22:01:39
Rally at the Breach!!! A Note on the US Constitution 21:51:21
ANY CALIFORNIA Law Enforcement Officers here? 21:49:29
1913: The Year Of The Ultimate Betrayals To The Republic 20:42:52
What was this? I saw it and It disappeared 20:42:51
Cloward-Piven Strategy - Introduction 20:34:47
NAIS: Farmers and Ranchers Under Attack 20:30:49
Suggested weekend watch: Naomi Wolf END OF AMERICA 20:26:17
"Ron Paul is the Man of the Hour" --Waterboarding Geithner and Paulson - The Edge with Max Keiser - 29 May 2009 20:19:36
A conditional acceptance just stopped a Sheriff sale! 19:51:04
Putin warns US about socialism & PRAVDA: American capitalism gone with a whimper 19:44:54
Help me End the Fed 19:39:11
What is the American achilles heel? 19:31:18
Do you host or run a website? Read this. 19:15:47
Here you go have fun with 19:12:47
I can't post any article about Obama on Digg. Can you? 18:57:43
Exposing The Truth About 911 may be the only way to cleanse and reclaim the greatness of this country! 18:16:57
My high school friend is running for senate 18:15:49
Judicial Watch Obtains Obama Commerce Department Documents Detailing ACORN Partnership for 2010 Census 18:04:16
Only 157 pledges so far for the RJ Harris June 19 money bomb? 17:41:48
any ideas... 17:24:21
Wanda Sykes -- Smashes Limbaugh -- Hysterical 17:11:15
Peter Schiff and Marc Faber on The Glenn Beck Show 5/28/09 16:13:42
Everyone will finally be equal 16:11:53
Truthers need a really good PR Person [updated] 16:00:11
Feel Good Thread: Positive Things Going On In The Liberty Movement 15:35:44
Has H.R. 1207 run out of supporters....? 15:10:56
US News and World Report 911 hit piece backfires against the Propagandists 14:37:02
Answer to YouTube censoring… 14:30:59
Democrats or Republicans... 14:19:39
Rand Paul: Will run no matter what, if... 14:17:59
HR 1349: Will it Limit the Intention of HR 1207? 14:16:39
Shadow Wars 14:04:35
I want to invest in Asian (except Japan) stocks, any ideas? 13:59:36
Operation Flagdown 13:38:08
US Dollar Collapse Imminent while Precious Metals Surge 13:06:14
All for a roof 12:59:26
WOW It's their #1 Issue - Here's our chance: Fox News taking comments NOW on releasing Obama's Birth Certificate 12:44:50
Don't forget the RJ Harris June 19 money bomb 12:37:05
Don't forget the June 1 mini money bomb for Rand Paul 12:35:33
Exclusive 1 hour Interview with Adam Kokesh tomorrow, Saturday, at noon on BOLD VOICES TV. 12:27:50
GM is reduced to rubble: $0.75/s; "As GM goes,....." 12:27:25
Torture and the American Conscience 12:09:30
Adam Kokesh to STORM CAPITOL HILL! 12:08:37
Prepare for Book Burning 2.0 11:55:56
Obama announces creation of 'cyber czar' 11:53:22
A Place Called Despair 11:41:01
Dollar is just one piece in the puzzle. It's all fiat!!! 11:30:04
Statement of ex-soldier Steven Dale Green ( Convicted~Life Sentence) 11:20:23
Geithner Waterboarded: 11:02:22
FBI Infiltrates Iowa City Protest Group 10:52:02
The wealthy have NOT earned and therefore DON'T deserve their wealth. 10:39:03
Operation Flagdown 10:32:11
George Bush On Waterboarding 2006 10:04:29
Lets think Together 10:03:44
PIMCO's Bill Gross Predicts a "New Normal" (aka Dollar Demise). Read this. 09:53:54
Robert Gibbs gets a lot of laughs in his briefings 08:58:42
A quick shout-out and CONGRATS to Lefttheherd! 08:57:43
Gold has been on a tear this week 08:18:17
replacing government sanctioned marriage with a neutral “civil license” 07:46:10
CNN: Texas Police Commit Highway Robberies Towards Blacks & Latinos 07:18:04
Unfunded Liabilities "We at the Dallas Fed believe the total is over $99 trillion" 07:17:26
A Redneck View of Obama's Presidency 07:16:47
Remotely activated CYANIDE inside NEW implantable RFID GPS tracking CHIPS !!! 06:55:18
Live Free Or Die Rally In Jeopardy :: Mired in red tape :: Other Tea Parties to be Squashed throughout US 06:30:21
Are you a terrorist? Some Brit Humor. 05:28:56
Freedom Watch 5/27/2009 Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Tom Woods, Wayne Root 03:53:53
The most important video on YouTube 03:43:58
Obama appoints new commissioner to the FDA 03:27:48
Midwest Liberty Fest!!!!!!!!!! ---Fall 2009!!!!! ---Take the Survey 03:08:07
Guess who Census banned as 'partners' 02:00:15
Totalization agreement between the United States and Mexico 01:44:43
Paul Lamber for Congress 2010 01:41:36
Push is On for Continental Congress 2009 - Freedom Leaders Unite at Jekyll Island 00:35:27
Check out some real crap: The Obama Portfolio;Obama's 73% Windfall 00:28:55
"...we are hyper-informed, hyper-active, not normal." 00:12:57
Reddit and Digg: Positive Peter Schiff article 00:09:04
Jesse Ventura on Olbermann today (video) 00:06:53
Homeland Security To Fingerprint *US Citizens* *Exiting* US 00:00:42