Posted on May 30, 2009

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Rand Paul Fundraising Update 17:29:18
Ron Paul on North Korea May 30 CFL Update 15:42:46
Ron Paul presents "Power to the Jury" 02:07:07
The 'No Problem' Mindset: Guaranteed Destruction by Gary North 01:19:12
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Michael Pollan: Author of "In Defense of Food" 23:48:41
Are We Really $100+ Trillion In Debt? 23:21:31
This is what I've been waiting for ! 23:03:01
The Fools Realize The Truth... Too Late 22:08:46
US (Weapons) Lab Debuts Super Laser Hot as the Sun 21:54:32
Great quote from an Egyptian in yesterday's Boston Herald 21:28:26
In a free market, how is the "natural rate" of interest figured? 21:18:18
Monsanto, The Rockefeller's and The Rothschild's 20:41:07
DP blast from the past...Drug War Turned Victory into continued war in Afganistan. 20:05:05
Flip It: No joke that the poor pay the MOST taxes 19:49:31
Federal Reserve System, private or government entity? 19:39:57
Goldman Sachs - Painting the Tape 19:17:39
"The World According to Monsanto" Full DVD Quality 18:40:23
The Obammessiah Chonicles 17:38:59
Texas House just passed HCR50 - Asking Congress to Cease and Desist 17:36:20
justice is gone if the paper lies and the criminals get off 17:25:20
Dr. Evil gets his "huge frikkin laser"...not mounted on sharks yet. 17:03:49
Sibel Edmonds: Project Expose MSM 16:50:18
Get your hands off my Country ! 16:45:51
Visalian Receives Silver Star Medal 16:29:06
Update on Liberty article, time is running out for FRNs. 16:20:34
Craig T. Nelson on Glenn Beck 16:02:44
Please vote up!!! Give Liberty A Voice!!! 16:02:36
Aaron Russo Unplugged... 15:41:19
Sunshine Bill Response Letter from Senator Cantwell: 15:40:58
If the FED is a private institution does that mean that the economic crisis was caused by the free-market? 15:40:40
Reflctions and Warnings: Aaron Russo’s Final Interview by Alex Jones 15:26:12
"Cancer is a Racket" audio series by George Gordon 14:52:09
Is money backed by military might more important than money backed by gold? 14:35:53
U.S. Gold, Going or Completely Gone? 14:33:04
A thank-you note from Hillary 14:23:47
Game: Design your own anti-terrorism billboard 13:33:19
Attn RJ HARRIS: Stop hijacking my pc 13:08:17
Privacy intrusion at the Doctors 13:05:51
N. Korea Detonates 40 Years Of GDP 13:02:57
George Reisman author of Capitalism:A Treatise on Economics has a blog 12:58:35
Secretary Geithner: Hayekian or Keynesian? 12:54:25
Need help with your ideas... 12:42:34
How the AMA Got Rich 12:32:49
America In Crisis - Helen Chenoweth on Environmentalism - 1993 11:36:24
American capitalism gone with a whimper 11:26:20
Rand Paul: "I need your help" 11:15:00
The "Third-Worlding" of America 10:47:50
Just heard DailyPaul mentioned on "Car Talk"! 10:45:45
Senator Casey's response to HR1207 10:28:22
What happened yesterday in Toronto? 09:18:49
The Truth Hurts and/or "If the shoe fits..." 08:36:38
Will We Be Able To Do It? 08:04:18
Penn. Paper Didn't Know Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and JFK Were Assassinated? 07:11:03
Yahoo news! America's freest states 04:13:26
FDA Warnings of sever consequences from GM food ignored 03:21:00
What does a person's political beliefs tell you about them? 03:12:55
If the guy who invented DNA fingerprinting is worried, we should all be 02:39:36
MSG as crop spray 02:28:38
Obama Goons Man handle Old Lady over a letter - A woman removed by security during Obama's LAX departure gives her version 02:03:08
Obama's Justice Dept. Decides not to Pursue Case Against Black Panthers Who had wielded weapons, blocked voting polls in 2008 01:38:32
Peter Schiff 5/29/2009 “Government Bluffs, Dollar Weakens, Inflation Driving Higher Interest Rates” 00:45:10
What is the opinion of 00:33:40
Ron Paul talks to High School Students about Politics and the Constitution 00:11:31