Posted on June 12, 2009

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Cindy Sheehan on Alex Jones Show: The Left Used Me... 16:57:02
Ron Paul: Audit the Fed Update 16:06:50
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A word of appreciation for Mike Lawson 23:45:36
Michael please come home! The Family is fighting again. 22:51:29
Global Warming.... if they really cared? 22:38:20
Obama Phones It In 22:21:56
What did Alex Jones predict before it came to pass? 22:10:07
HR 2630: Protect Patients and Physicians Privacy Act 22:07:55
H.R. 2629: Heath Care is not Coercion Act by Ron Paul 22:05:28
John Stossel interview with Glenn Beck now on ABC's 20/20 22:04:51
Restore The Republic is dying financially 21:59:25
HR 1207: Battle To Audit The Fed Has Only Just Begun 21:57:14
Out of the Ashes of GM: The Phoenix of Renewable Energy 21:55:48
Good news about privacy in PA 21:53:48
The Public Plan Deception - It's Not About Choice-Universal Health Care Trojan Horse 21:43:53
BBC: Obama pledges aid for Zimbabwe; no joke 21:19:42
Obama Administration May Bulldoze Portions of Cities to Combat Economic Downturn 20:35:18
Count me OUT!!!! - Wow I'm dying here..... 20:25:08
Consider the vast technology the NWO now has at its disposal! 20:13:09
Dr. Rand Paul for United States Senate in 2010 Campaign In Real Time Official Thread 6.12-13.2009 19:58:35
Lawmakers Invested in Bailed Out Firms 19:54:35
Little Johnny Strikes again 19:49:30
DNA from taser to be used in court 19:47:44
FOX News: Nowhere To Hide EMT vs Highway Patrol Trooper 19:45:59
Hoodwinking the American People and Congress: Gulf of Tonkin 19:42:43
Are We Living in an Age of Deception and Manipulation? 18:54:07
COP BOMB (no, it does not involve any violence!) 18:31:56
Child's Nightmares and Memories Prove Reincarnation 18:13:01
If the mainstream media was really controlled, wouldn't they not report on HR1207? 18:07:54
Is it more important to win or to be right? 17:55:31
Daily Kos is Anti-Federal Reserve? HR 1207 Informative Post 17:25:19
Olbermann Drags Dr Paul’s Name Into The von Brunn Picture 17:08:22
Calling all Houston, TX Patriots 17:02:59
Raymond J. Learsy: Your TARP Money is Being Used to Prop Up the Price of Oil 16:32:20
Adam Kokesh throws support behind RJ Harris 16:16:12
Help get Debra Medina on freedom watch. 15:57:59
Will Olberman report on Obama's arrested supporter? 15:57:31
Paid Trolls are Real. Read the report from the military. 15:53:54
The Piquant Flavor of CATO Institute with a pinch of Rupert Murdoch 15:42:59
"paid disinfo shills" 15:41:03
Gods Come Cheap These Days 15:40:38
Senators Who Are Up For Reelection in 2010. 15:29:05
Olberman Says Ron Paul Campaign Staffer Connected to Holocaust Shooter 15:13:56
Latest news update from RJ Harris campaign 15:04:41
9/11 Truth Activist Sues Glenn Beck and Fox News for Defamation 14:46:39
Time to take a stand against the Ron Paul wing of the Alex Jones movement. 14:43:32
MSN article on the downfall of the dollar coming 14:39:28
Did anyone else see this?? 134.5 Billion USD seized in Italy from two Japanese men; Amount of TARP on March 30, 134.5 billion 14:36:47
Bernanke: Liar or Fool? 2005-2007 14:21:45
Glenn Beck and Daily Kos Attempt to Tie Holocaust Shooting White Supremacist to Freedom Movement 14:21:35
CNBC: Will Bernanke Be Reappointed? Let the Handicapping Begin 13:57:10
Lew Rockwell on Olbermann and The New War on Free Speech 12:23:53
Puppies are Cute 12:07:51
Another Daily Paul 12:07:38
HR 1207/S. 604 Co-sponsor Maps 12:03:06
The New War on Free Speech 11:59:00
Moving On: Building A Mainstream Freedom Movement 11:41:53
Help Wanted w/ I'm a Ron Paul Republican flier, updated and moved 11:09:30
Largest study of its kind "Finds No Cancer-Marijuana Connection" 11:06:31
Dodd's wife serves on 3 health care company boards 10:57:06
The U.S. Government Is Trying To Take Away Your Pocket Knives! 10:26:59
Articles of Confederation Reality Check 10:08:23
**Civil Liberties and the Winds of Change** Please read! 09:59:00
Daily HR 1207 Phone /Fax /Email Bomb 6/12/2009 revised 09:22:07
Olbermann Leads MSM Effort To Associate Ron Paul With Von Brunn 09:08:28
Connection problems 08:46:27
Time to defund the National Guard... 08:25:31
NO REST ON H.R. 1207!!! 08:11:21
Illiterate Blogger Claims that von Brunn frequented Ron Paul discussion forums 08:02:07
DHS Urged To Expedite Updated Report On Right Wing Extremism 07:10:54
Time to take a Stand Against Single Issue Stances 03:37:21
Controlled Opposition - A must read for everyone in the liberty movement! 03:05:03
Ron Paul Discusses HR1207 and the $ on Gold Seek Radio 03:04:48
Adam Kokesh Interview with Don Harrold Part One 02:44:26
Moderator 01:26:40
Marijuana Damages DNA and May Cause Cancer -- NO KIDDING SHERLOCK! 01:25:44
Government's Secret History Of Psychological Torture: From Lew Rockwell 01:22:13
Been offered to be on a sub-committee of my county's CC - HELP!! 00:51:54
Italy Seizes $135 BILLION Of US Bonds 00:36:08
Department of homeland insecurity... 00:13:34