Posted on June 30, 2009

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Great Interview: Rand Paul & Adam Kokesh Take Over the Interweb 20:29:03
Financial Service Committee to Have Hearing on the Role of the Federal Reserve July 9 13:16:13
Fox News: Mr. Popular? Ron Paul Wins Supporters to Fed Sunshine Bill 09:32:06
Video: 'US sent Afghan soldiers into Iraq to attack US personnel' !!! 09:29:00
HBO’s “Shouting Fire” a look at the first amendment 09:07:58
Worse than subprime? Other mortgages are imploding slowly 08:18:46
Ron Paul on Cap and Trade 09:29:01
★ Stop Cap & Tax Bill. Call Senators Now! Demand a NO Vote! 09:32:07
Life, Liberty, and Property Are Inseparable 20:29:04
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"Human Rights" - A Higher Form of Discrimination 23:39:38
Immigrants in US are asking for money from home! 23:20:11
amica jeffersoni's Letter to the Missouri MIAC Committee 22:57:36
Al Franken Wins celebration thread! 22:29:33
Video: Money as Debt II Promises Unleashed (preview) 21:57:56
Speidi on the Alex Jones show - Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag 1/5 21:46:01
CQPolitics: Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill Gathers Steam 21:43:23
July 4th Tea Party Schedule 21:20:52
"I am so sorry I didn't vote for you!" 21:18:43
"Corruption, Mismanagement and Theft" 20:50:09
Vaccine Links To Leukemias And Other Disorders / References And Research Citations 20:47:52
Grad school, moving out, new job?... 20:39:08
Ron Paul Sings 20:30:00
National Inflation Association 20:22:34
The Great Bank Robbery: How the FED is destroying America 20:15:23
Rand and Adam 20:10:45
Attack on its constitution 19:41:00
White House 2: Where YOU set the nation's priorities 19:33:07
Obama out of office clock 19:12:14
The Old Mortgage Lending Standard 19:07:49
Ice at the North Pole in 1958 and 1959 – not so thick 18:59:13
Honduras Crisis Forces Obama to Focus on Latin America 18:22:52
High ranking general says whatever hit the pentagon had no wings 18:19:06
are people still calling senators about cap n trad? 18:09:08
OPINION: Will Obama be rendered powerless by late 2010??? 18:05:46
June 30th: Alex Jones Show with Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag on Waking Up to the NWO 17:41:59
Zimmerman? Cohen? Waters? No. It's Jordan Page. 17:29:04
Pastor Dr. James Manning LIVE interview tomorrow on the issue of Barack Obama's birth certificate 11am - 12 noon 17:28:18
Energy Czar Carol Browner's Socialist Ties 16:46:46
Opinions on paper money 16:23:34
TREASON 16:16:43
Greenspan's Cheap Money: Boom Bust & Blame 15:41:55
Israel Kidnaps Cynthia McKinney, Human Rights Workers 15:37:51
Amazon vs. tax happy states 15:03:47
BREAKING NEWS: Franken Declared Winner 14:17:30
eBay warns buyers off $1 mil 'Kenyan birth certificate' 14:14:09
The Daily Anarchist Report 14:07:31
Goldman Sachs The Fourth Branch of the U.S. Government 14:00:25
What is RP's stance on Copyright and Patents? 13:58:31
The vote, the Tax, and the petition against it. Sign here ~ 13:38:35
British royal bailout looms as queen's bills grow 13:20:30
China is on the Iraqi oil field auction like white on rice. 13:17:43
Sheldon Richman: What is the defining economic difference between minarchists and anarchists? 13:04:39
Starve the Beast July 4th 2009 13:04:35
Dale Everett: "Anarchists, Minarchists & Socialists, oh, my!" 12:50:09
Government's Role in a Free Market and Free Society - Please comment! 12:39:27
Ousted Honduran President Attempted to Violate Constitution. In Addition to Defying Congress And Courts 12:36:58
Breaking News: German Constitutional Court stops Lisbon Treaty Ratification 11:56:03
TV Bidding on Iraqi Oil: "It's Disastrous" 11:43:31
H.R. 675: Building Obama’s Civilian National Security Force 11:38:37
What congress critter are we emailing,faxing, calling today? The one posted is from yesterday? 11:36:39
Overseas US Empire: The cause of all our problems 11:35:09
Ricci discrimination ruling leaves confusion say Civil Rights Advocates 11:32:13
European Showdown Over Monsanto's GMO Corn 11:30:07
S. 1959: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 11:24:51
Tweaking the First Amendment for Freedom of the Press 11:10:08
CQ Politics: Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill Gathers Steam 6-29-09 10:21:00
Poor Customer Service in the US 10:07:58
Do You know? 10:00:47
Dennis the Menace Caught 09:58:27
Mr. Popular? Ron Paul Wins Supporters to Fed Sunshine Bill 09:44:09
Have you even read the 300 page amendment to HR2454? 09:27:21
Justice Scalia breaks ranks, slams Bush officials on bank regulation 07:43:38
new dance singles 07:35:47
The New 'Separate but Equal' Justice Ginsburg, Judge Sotomayor and "sympathy" vs. "empathy." 07:14:01
The Bubble Blowers: Goldman Sachs and Cap and Trade 07:05:34
HR1207 and the Law of Unintended Consequences 07:03:15
FED to Monetize Another $1.75 Trillion in 2009 07:02:24
CAP AND TRADE = AGENDA 21 06:49:22
Drudge: "Obama Lashes Out At Honduras; Sides With Chavez, Castro" 06:16:05
School of the Americas Military coup and riots in Honduras 03:39:58
Troop withdrawal in Iraq: reshuffling the deck - Adam Kokesh on Russia Today 03:18:00
Can anyone help me out with this mathematical equation? 02:32:04
Anti-Vaccination Madness - Stop & Listen! 02:03:07
Anyone see this hate for constituionalists on 01:53:59
Charlie Rose interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski 01:11:18
Very Intelligent Film With Unusual Footage and Interviews (Greatest Story Ever Denied) 00:47:42
Yemeni plane crashes off Comoros, 150 on board 00:17:50