Posted on July 1, 2009

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OBAMAGEDDON: Celente on Cap and Trade 22:02:39
Feds Hunt for Guns, One House at a Time 15:35:27
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/1/09 11:03:32
PAUL: 'Fight them over there vs. over here' a false choice 15:35:28
*UPDATE2*My 10 Page Research Paper on Austrian Free-Market Economics That Received a PERFECT SCORE! 01:15:30
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The Coming Insurrection 23:56:46
Tyranny laughing in your face 23:51:08
URGENT CALL To ACTION - Take Action Today !!! THE PASS ACT - S.1261 23:48:06
Peter Shiff Statistically Tied with Dodd in New Poll! 23:39:11
It's viral: Central Florida lawmakers blog, Twitter and Facebook 23:23:56
The Alex Jones Show 1/2:The Measure of A Man! 23:16:52
Gotta love Californ-I-A 22:55:06
Where is mississippigrits? 22:44:11
Global systemic crisis in summer 2009: The cumulative impact of three "rogue waves" 22:27:10
Malfeasance - a hill worth dying on! 22:04:03
The Great American Bubble Machine by Matt Taibi 21:52:51
The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises 21:33:24
Open Letter to Dennis Kneale of CNBC re: New Media and the Recession 21:32:45
Must Watch Video of Joe Saluzzi on Bloomberg TV, 06-30-09 21:31:36
Beethoven of the Bible! 21:25:20
''John Smith'' 21:08:41
Is Ron Paul too old to be President? What Would Reagan Say? 20:40:53
What's up in Honduras? Are the Hondurans being two-timed by the Corporatists? 20:35:53
Protecting yourself in dangerous times 20:35:48
An ugly truth: Vaccines do this, too 20:30:30
Feds could seize Calif. parks if closed by budget 20:30:06
City Bans Barbecue just before 4th of July 20:10:52
Republicans Should Blow Up Party, Not Marriages 20:02:35
A financial question for a friend 19:58:31
Congress Pushing for Federal Reserve Audit-Common Dreams 19:52:41
Gibbs Grilled Over Prepackaged Questions for Obama 19:44:52
The press is fighting back! 19:36:10
COPS @ C4L MEETUP IN CA 19:22:26
"Criminal Rothschilds" 19:08:50
Beck and Scheuer agree... Osama must attack? 19:00:37
Gold Heist From Royal Canadian Mint: $15.3M Gone! 18:57:05
BIG Opportunity for those who want a Small Government 18:49:28
High Frequency Trading: The New World Order 18:39:13
Freedom Watch 07/01/09 17:54:51
How to spot a troll. 17:41:21
I just got off the phone with an RNC fundraiser 17:30:38
Step out of line and the men come to take you away. 16:58:09
Are We Repeating/Reliving History? 16:48:10
NYSE Halts Transparency, Feels Goldman Program Trading Disclosure Is Unnecessary 16:36:24
Why did AIG spike 17.00 today? 16:24:03
Suicide Warning Issued for 2 Anti-Smoking Drugs... Oh the irony 16:20:50
Rand Paul Filing Update VIDEO 16:06:45
Declaration of Independence: 56 Signers Proved Freedom is NOT Free 16:05:22
Ron Paul is co-sponsoring HR 2203 Telephone Excise Tax Repeal Act of 2009 15:50:57
Obama’s Czars “R” US! 15:44:32
China Govt delays order on "porn filter" software 15:39:51
Feds Conducting House to House Firearm Checks for Mexican Government 15:34:41
Link request 15:19:54
Confessions of an Obama voter - The Inner Fool is fooled again 15:17:05
Question about the Bible 15:14:48
**An Inconvenient Truth - Vaccination WORKS** 15:10:36
Independence Now and Forever!! 14:38:58
Common Theme? Vaccines, Chemtrails, Fluoridation, Media Stooges, MSG, HFCS, Standardized Education 14:33:01
Anderson Cooper is CIA 14:01:39
Obama widens mortgage refi program-administration opens up rescue program to MORE homeowners 13:59:55
Hawaii Sen. Gets His Bank Federal Aid 13:27:15
For Those Here Who Consider Themselves 'Libertarian', Here Is A Different Point of View 13:18:18
Medecine 13:00:14
Alex Jones is one whacked-out ultra-paranoid dude 12:21:19
Somehow I got on an Obama Mailing List 12:09:35
Freedom Watch Today at 2pm Eastern 11:57:37
Rand Paul fundraising update 11:00:07
President Barack Bush Considers Executive Order to Reinstitute Indefinite Detention 10:57:40
The Kaptur copout 10:41:19
Texas Governor Ballot Initiatives by Debra Medina! 10:39:04
Censorship! Censorship! The German Viagra thread is gone... 10:20:11
Oil and the Iraq “withdrawal” 10:11:01
Tyranny In America, It's Coming Sooner Than You Think 10:06:26
Empty Airport sucks up stimulus: 09:57:33
Tea Party Registry for Tax Protesters! Get Revolutionized & Network! 09:43:30
U.N. to Emerge as Global IRS 09:25:45
As many as one in five U.S. hotel loans may default through 2010 09:07:51
Auditing the Fed will Audit the State-Mises Daily 09:00:00
More thoughts to info 08:12:12
What has happened to our Republic in a nutshell... 07:24:51
Fed's Bullard says must shield Fed independence (& secrecy) 06:34:04
1st Annual Musicians for Freedom Voice of Freedom Summit 05:46:41
If Honduras can do it...why can't we? 02:50:59
CIA busted for Rendition of Muslim Cleric out of Italy..caught red handed 02:31:39
Currently My Favorite Punk Song... 02:27:31
Peter Schiff Polls Well for Potential U.S. Senate Run 02:11:40
Ron Paul Singles, goodness, did you think this through? Grandfather 01:57:34
Government employees, do you take them seriously? 01:23:54
Where do you bank? 01:14:45
Al Franken 01:01:52
Are credit limits or interest rates more important? 00:52:50
Bill Maher on child predators 00:42:35
Mossad HoneyTraps Target US Military 00:41:42
At what point do we pack up or put up? 00:30:00
Remember Sen. Durbin's "The banks own the Senate"? 00:16:01
Senator Inhofe asks for help to stop the Senate from stealing property rights 00:10:58
Peter Schiff poll results 00:10:05
Senator Inhofe says Cap and Trade bill Dead on Arrival 00:02:44