Posted on July 3, 2009

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Rolling Stone's Taibbi: How Goldman Sachs has Engineered Every Major Market Manipulation Since the Great Depression 17:15:30
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Venezuela Nationalizes Country's Third Largest Bank 23:55:18
Anyone Know Any Good Alternative Cancer Therapies? Loved One ILL 23:22:20
A lesson in the US Constitution: from Britain 23:01:30
Retake Congress? Restore The Republic? Realize the Truth & Go Forward! 22:54:29
Interesting Thomas Jefferson quote I just found. 22:40:09
Any idea on what Gold's going to do in the next two months? 21:11:26
Speidi makes 2nd appearance on Alex Jones, endorses HR1207. WOOHOO!! 21:06:50
"The Obama Deception" flyer to pass out at tomorrow's Tea Party 20:29:55
Immunizing Pharmacists 20:26:29
One key dimension is missing......comedy 20:17:52
Fla. Gov. Crist Can't Reject All-White List of Appeals Court Nominees, State Supreme Court Says 20:09:22
7/2/09 Dow close 8,280.74 down -223.32 -2.63% 19:44:48
That's it, keep trusting your gov't...just do what they say 19:19:45
[Youtube] Obama freaks out on economy! 19:19:42
July 4th Tea Party Locations -- Find Yours! 18:43:43
Will the News of Sarah Palin's Resignation & MJ's Memorial Service Overshadow Coverage of All The Tea Parties on July 4th? 18:20:40
Ron Paul 2012 17:41:16
On the Edge with Max Keiser - 03 July 2009 - with Paul Craig Roberts 17:32:59
We need some help with graphics work for the Rand Paul moneybomb site any volunteers? STICK PLEASE? 17:30:28
AP writer tries to blame national debt on Founding Fathers 17:28:41
Bush/Nazi Connection proven by John Buchanan 17:11:34
The Adam Kokesh Money Bomb Is Tommorrow 17:09:59
4th of July equivalent to full moon for LRC Anarchists 16:41:33
Obama "The International" Banker's Puppet video 16:28:18
'We're in the Middle of a Crash': Black Swan 16:25:19
Powell airs doubts on Obama agenda 16:00:12
S-1261 The Pass act..PLEASE call them ! 15:50:15
BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Palin Turning Power Over to Lt. Governor 15:37:35
7 More Banks go Bye Bye 15:26:56
In-Dependance 15:20:35
Food Inc Robert Kenner talks mass food production Jon Stewart Daily Show 15:19:00
Bankers Bullsh*t & Bullion: The Sacking of America 14:41:34
Michael Sheuer video taken out of context by John Stewart and others! 14:30:31
The Kokesh r3volution has begun 14:22:35
Ron Paul Strikes Gold:...congressman is the greatest threat to Obama’s regulatory plan. 14:16:47
The "Real ID" is Baaaaac.... 14:15:24
Flood Drudge with requests to cover Mckinney story 14:11:01
Kidnapped Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire Speaks from Israeli Jail Cell 14:06:02
Special Report: Vaccinations Poison US Soldiers 13:44:13
New Health Bill: Fined Big $$$! if you choose to have NO insurance! 13:26:18
Daniel Hannan in USA giving a speech. VIDEO! 12:52:43
The theft of Independence Day 12:51:24
Hannity:Tonight at 9:00 exposing the modern day Illuminati. 12:51:24
Helen Thomas hits White House for lack of transparency 12:39:22
Are the New Flu Shots Toxic Enough? 12:35:19 former members? 12:32:29
Bob Chapman radio interview.... 11:38:41
Obama Administration Trashes Science 11:29:52
Flashback: Dr. Paul on Neo-Cons 07-10-2003 11:23:45
Video: Failure of Bailouts, Stimulus Packages, and Government Economic Planning 11:09:37
political movement manipulation 11:09:04
Barack Obama law suit with Dr. Alan Keyes LIVE NOW Friday July 3rd 8pm eastern 7pm central 11:08:45
Do Not Despair This 4th of July 10:47:42
Strip the Bank of England of its power - 10:22:47
Woman Commits Suicide to Avoid Eviction 10:17:29
EMERGENCY! Real ID Act legislation resurrected! :: Much Worse Than Before!! 10:10:28
Can anyone show me a copy of George Bush's birth certificate? 09:52:31
Ron Paul seems to back the hijacking of Tea Parties 09:36:34
Was America Sold? 08:04:14
Who knows where to download XRumer 5.0 Palladium? 05:56:31
Declaration Of Independence, Rare Original Copy, Found In British National Archives 05:09:34
Senates new health care bill has no support on yahoo, buzz up page 05:00:09
Catching Rand Paul Fever? 04:06:42
The Hunt for Gollum 03:47:46
I was thinking, this is a party weekend... 03:47:00
Michael Jackson Spotted Alive! ... great political/social satire!!! 03:41:26
False Flag attack coming to Hawaii? 03:16:30
The fed, JFK, and John J. McCloy - one of the elite kingpins 02:13:53
VIDEO Matt Taibbi Breaks Down Goldman Sachs’ Big Scam 02:07:01
Update: eBay seller claims certified Kenya birth certificate 01:44:30
Get Your Senators to support S604 Fed Reserve Transparity Act 01:22:12
EDUCATE YOURSELF: Agenda 21 & the Club of Rome 00:56:48
Married Police Chief (57) Caught by His Own Dash Cam, Making Out With Female Officer (30) While Transporting Prisoner 00:31:28
Issues with Romney 00:23:51
Just out of curiosity, who on this site is on here to be proactive, and who is on here for entertainment? 00:01:19