Posted on July 16, 2009

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The GOOD doctor on Yahoo Finance 3 times today! 19:21:19
Ron Paul: Opening Statement on Honest Money 16:59:37
Yahoo! Front Page: Ron Paul - Obama's Health Plan Will Cost Way Beyond 1 Trillion 15:17:07
A True Hero Dies- No 24/7 Coverage, Barely a Word! 12:03:17
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/16/09 11:06:11
Soothsayer: Ronald Reagan 1961 Speech on Socialized Medicine 09:45:44
Not a Threat, It's a Promise, Secretary of State Tells CFR 09:00:35
Washington Post: Ron Paul, Politician and Yenta - Ron Paul Singles 09:54:33
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Health Care Bill Will Fund State Vaccine Teams to Conduct ‘Interventions’ in Private Homes 23:29:10
Child Protection Laws 23:14:38
Very interesting international website. 23:05:09
H.R. 1207 talked about on MSNBC. 22:50:38
I Just Have to Get This Off My Chest 22:36:03
Health care bill would outlaw private individual poiicies. 22:32:16
Is the Health Care Bill Unconstitutional? 22:30:51
Paranoid Larry~ You Can't Search Me! 22:24:42
Minimum thought 22:13:51
Lawmakers say Paulson kept bailout details secret 21:42:53
Could this be the driving force behind the NWO? 21:23:49
Sheeple - comic - 20:52:52
How many different Ethnicity's and ages come to the DP? 20:47:42
FP: Why Should It Even Matter If Obama Was Born In the US? 20:37:05
“Contracted” vs. “Real” Government: What’s the difference? 20:36:51
Can Socialism work? 20:15:13
Message to John Tate 20:15:10
F.A. Harper on good + evil and the question of when government is necessary 20:14:31
Racist Authoritarian close to being on Supreme Court! 20:09:14
!!!!!!!!!! Decode this !!!!!!!!!! 20:05:10
Cop Tazes 14yr old girl in head 19:59:37
“Obama is pure, unadulterated Evil” Reverend James David Manning on Russia Today 19:57:24
Organizational Chart Of The House Democrat's Health Plan 19:52:44
Action Alert: Call AARP! 19:47:44
Apollo Moon Landing - Big Military Industrial Complex Hoax? 19:29:20
Brainpolice: The Myth of the Social Contract 19:19:22
Rand Paul news. "Bunning's fundraising 'pathetic'" 19:02:24
My canned message from senator McCaskill 18:52:09
UN panel issues new sanctions against North Korea 18:45:14
Iceland's parliament votes to join EU 18:44:06
Federal Reserve Threatens Congress over HR 1207 18:38:54
FED backers afraid of Ron Pauls Audit the FED Bill 18:29:03
Buck Up the Blue Dogs With a Phone Call.. 18:19:49
No Foreign Media Allowed. 17:56:28
The Ten Commandments According to Obama 17:55:30
"We have to spend money to keep from going bankrupt" 17:55:17
Know thy enemy. Must see video 17:45:45
Daily Paul troops mobilize! Introductory info on the Fed? 17:34:55
WANTED!!! Someone to take the torch of liberty and run with it in Wisconsin! 17:33:37
How Progressives Can Deliver on the Promise of Change in 2009 -- Seven Rules for Success - Read and Learn How Progressives Think 17:16:21
Feds accuse SC poultry plant of illegal hiring 17:01:44
7.15.09: Jesse Ventura on Larry King Live 16:53:19
Ron Paul Front Page YAHOO NEWS feed 16:49:57
Liberal Barbara Boxer 16:32:06
Best Unintentional Singer; Ron Paul! 16:29:47
Statement: from Barney Frank on Executive Compensation 16:06:57
Front page of Yahoo: Healthcare Is "Not a Right" and Obama's Plan Will Cost Way Beyond $1T, Ron Paul Says 15:57:07
democratic underground is the worst site ever! 15:54:52
[POLL] Government Run Health Care The Solution? [Vote!] 15:52:11
HIRING! 'Grassroots' work to promote Obama's healthcare pays $11-16 per hour... 15:30:48
Don’t Shoot Back at Taliban Terrorists! Obama’s First Military Order. 15:11:48
Government Creates Human Suffering by Lew Rockwell 14:53:54
What Obama's Health Plan Means to New Yorkers 14:48:24
Video: Health Rationing and You-Provided by the HAB-This is funny!!! 14:38:57
Surprise ! Ron Paul Gets Positive Mainstream Media Attention ! 14:35:24
Tech Ticker Interview RP in person 14:33:50
**Roadmap of Democratic Healthcare** 14:31:05
Larry Grathwohl said they planned to kill 25 million Americans 14:01:05
Is it a Buyers or Sellers market for Souls? 13:58:19
Johnny Cash says... 13:53:54
Reverend Dr. James David Manning LIVE Now 2pm eastern 1pm central July 16th 13:46:20
Ron Paul -Tech Ticker Interview July 16, 2009 13:37:03
New Military Commission Act? 13:23:13
What are you doing/ what have you done to remove job security 13:17:00
Interior secretary: Mining reform a top priority 13:13:50
Do you ever watch the vote count in your district or county? If so, 13:12:30
Memorial Service - You're all invited 13:05:57
What do you think will happen to the gold price in the coming years ? 12:52:50
30-week fetuses found to have memories 12:50:01
Boomers, Winter is Coming 12:39:39
I risk being fired by UPS for being a Libertarian 12:33:18
Wayne Paul on Alex Jones show TODAY... 12:29:02
Kentucky Sen. Bunning Lags in Fundraising 12:11:28
Ron Paul ALL OVER Yahoo Tech Ticker - Fed, Healthcare, Economy 12:01:15
Health Care Bill Outlaws Private Insurance 11:44:18
HR 1207 Right Now Pelosi and Frank are getting off WAY TOO EASY 11:39:56
No Representation Without Taxation! 11:27:19
Paulson is getting grilled! UPDATED Here we Go again!! 10:56:25
VIDEO: Are Dems REALLY "Pro-Choice"? Ending Medical Freedom 10:48:55
Dan Quiggle for Florida State Senate 10:38:16
Gold backed scrip 10:37:18
Freedom will Find a Way 10:12:25
What Should I do NOW? 10:12:08
JP Morgan follies 10:10:09
Glenn Beck: The Ron Paul interview about Goldman Sachs 09:56:26
Ask the American Indian how great government run health care is... 09:41:39
U.S. Cities Increasing Use of Armed Mercenaries to Replace Police 09:39:50
WSJ Trashes Goldman: Subsidized "Goldie Mac" Making Billions At Taxpayer Expense 09:29:39
Israeli navy in Suez Canal prepares for potential attack on Iran 09:25:24
Obama Care will outlaw private insurance! PLEASE READ!! 09:18:34
How West Bank Jews are defying Obama! 09:01:27
TIME SENSITIVE - "10 questions for Sotomayor that MUST get asked! ACTION REQUIRED! 08:46:16
VIDEO: Ron Paul "Healthcare is not a right." 08:28:58
Max Keiser Rips Bernanke, Paulsen, Geithner for their role in Goldman Sachs scheme. 07:38:47
Obama Nazi's stops July 4th tea party 07:19:26
Pentagon orders soldier fired for challenging prez- 06:15:33
'West may back Iran strike in return for peace concessions' 02:48:24
One Hour and 39 Minutes To Rob This Country Blind 01:05:59
Jeff Flake: Cap-n-Tax and 911 00:20:21