Posted on July 29, 2009

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LOOK! SOMETHING SHINEY! What should we be doing now in preparation for Ron Paul 2012? 20:45:44
Ron Paul In East Grand Rapids July 25th 13:02:29
Video: Freedom Watch 7/29/2009 10:03:39
Time: How Mitch McConnell Ended Jim Bunning's Senate Career 21:25:44
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It Is Official: WHO Recommends Mandatory Injections For Almost Two Hundred Countries 23:52:29
Ron Paul on Alex Jones Tv 7/29/09 23:47:28
Halleluyah! NO Health Care Bill Until October 23:45:48
Everything is OK on the Happy Carriage 23:33:32
Video from youtube re: Gates and Military Intervention for Vaccinations 23:30:49
Vote On How Obama Is Doing 23:27:30
Tonight LIVE, G. Edward Griffin on CoasttoCoast! 23:23:29
Gramsci's Grand Plan: A Special Report from The New American Magazine, 1999. 23:19:19
What will happen if it becomes generally accepted by those in power that BHO's dad wasn't a US citizen? 23:13:50
Seniors are getting it 23:01:39 - Vote! 22:39:56
On THIS team...WE FIGHT!!! 22:34:33
Ron Paul is sending us a message 22:29:19
Wyoming Governor Calls for 10th Amendment Resolution 22:12:16
NEW! H.J.R.37 Florida to opt-out of any Federal Healthcare 21:57:12
Gore Vidal: America the Great...Police State 21:54:33
Do We Need Our Own Community Organizer? 21:53:43
Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee meeting 21:42:28
Banking Shutdown 21:30:18
Today's CFR Meeting with Janet Napolitano on Protecting Against Terrorist Threat 21:22:43
A vaccine form you can give your pediatrician 21:19:24
Oldie for those who've never seen it... 20:56:30
Will we have a choice? - Military Poised to Help FEMA Battle Swine Flu Outbreak 20:43:59
Here's To The Crazy Ones!!! NO !! We are NOT mainstream.. yet!! 20:21:21
Is anyone at all concerned about Jeff Cherry running against Paul? 20:20:02
Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? 20:08:48
Time for some honesty. Do you really want liberty? 20:06:30
New Rand Paul video. 19:56:59
Are you afraid to talk about Ron Paul? 19:44:33
Dead Banks Walking 19:25:22
msn article says organic foods are not healthier. monsanto propaganda. 19:23:50
Americans for Financial Reform Sends Letter of Support for S.604 to all Democratic Legis. Assts. 19:23:25
Kucinich: the Federal Reserve is paying banks NOT to make loans to struggling Americans! 19:13:13
HDTV Money Show on PBS Tonight 19:04:55
I evoke the powers of the Daily Paul 18:43:11
Does anyone want to respond to this guy's comment on healthcare bill for me? 18:24:49
WAKE UP to the Clowen-Piven Strategy and the Root of the 2008 Financial Crisis 18:21:15
Horrors in the ObamaCare Bill 18:14:31
Hillary Clinton at the CFR 18:11:28
The Soaring 20’s –What made the decade before the Depression so special? 18:10:16
Desperate state may sell Capitol buildings, others 18:00:25
From Human Events 17:31:20
I AM PISSED! This is what the 2nd amendment is for! 17:24:36
Go tell Yahoo how you feel 17:23:51
Winston Churchill on Capitalism vs. Socialism: Uneven Blessings or Equal Misery 17:23:37
SENIORS: Don't Expect ANY Social Security Cost of Living INCREASES for 2010 , 2011 and Maybe Longer 17:11:38
Got time? Read the Healthcare Bill 17:11:02
Why Our Country is in Trouble 17:07:55
Ron Paul drums up congressional support to audit FED 17:00:17
And the destruction of family continues... 16:41:27
Mike Shanklin Interview w/ Gary Clift, Ron Paul Republican in CA 16:40:52
Needed: Patriot to Run for Senate In Ohio 16:32:54
Obama Birth Announcement 16:22:27
there is hope! and its not obama. 16:22:18
LIVE VIDEO: Officials from the CDC News Conference on H1N1 virus 16:06:27
Debra Medina to speak at CHI Grand Openning along side TOLLROAD Perry and BAILOUT Hutchinson Thursday 15:54:49
Attention New People: This is a must-listen piece and important part of your journey 15:54:18
The Long Term Effects of GMO Food on Humans 15:43:38
Russian Navy Reveals Secret UFO Files.."Humanoids" Encountered 15:42:32
The Curious Recovery 15:41:45
Ron Paul drums up congressional support to audit Federal Reserve 15:34:42
Unveiled! Hawaii's 1961 long-form birth certificates 15:27:22
Fed less poopular than IRS? (Lame stream headline) 15:26:09
Bernanke Stutters, Stammers + Shakes His Way Through Questions On Audit The Fed 15:06:50
Nearly 10,000 Uighurs involved in deadly riots in China went missing in one night 15:01:09
UPDATED : VIDEO : Tribute to Peter Schiff - Who ever made this video THANKS! 14:54:59
*URGENT* Food Safety Legislation - HR 2749 14:52:51
Deadly Vaccines 14:52:32
UK: Organic food has no added nutritional benefits 14:36:43
Who Else Wants To Say Thank You Moderators? 14:29:43
Ezekiel Emanuel, architect of ObamaCare..please read 14:29:43
E-mail from Obama: Healthcare 14:23:22
So, Bernanke lent half trillion dollars to foreign central banks so they can... 14:08:13
"Money as Debt, II Unleashed" promoting a cashless society with ... 13:58:20
Govt. using terror tactic to scare US, and trying to cover govt actions 13:56:46
What's the definition of 'natural born' citizen? 13:33:01
Grandpa, Pregnant Mom Tasered: :Analyzed: :FreeManOnLand 13:28:13
There's a health care deal 13:18:53
For us geeks 13:16:30
Breaking News!! Health care reform is 13:14:36
RON Paul for Senate? 13:13:01
Burnt-out, broke, tired, and unprepared? 13:07:04
Why focus on the birth cert. if we already know that he's not a natural born citizen?? 12:57:39
Important: Investigation of Continuity of Government C.O.G. Plans 12:55:42
Harrassed by the Media - What to do? 12:51:37
Campaign For Liberty/Ron Paul Just Called and Left Awesome Message 12:48:10
Lou Dobbs: Just produce birth certificate 12:47:51
Suspected Microchip in H1N1 Vaccine? 12:45:38
What??? Global Warming is Good? 12:34:01
The War Against Specie Money & How we can Win it at Face Value 12:27:55
Lifestyles of the rich and environmentalist: Thomas Friedman 12:27:04
Please don't forget HR 2749 12:24:31
Grandpa, Pregnant Mom Tasered at Party 12:23:25
I have been watching this site 12:04:03
Ron Paul coming on Alex Jones today! 12:01:43
What do you people make of BHO being in the Honulu Advertiser in 1961? 11:52:39
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Prof. Gates’ Charity Pays Fiancé Chunk Of Grant Money, $6000 11:48:53
mosquito ringtone online 11:47:46
You Thought TASERS Were Bad? Executioners Unleashed !! 11:36:29
The standing army of the USA, The Northern Command- check out their website, avian flu is a main link on the page 11:30:59
Unfunded future liabilites question 11:27:11
Rand Paul Kentucky Family Farm Picnic Event - August 1, 2009 11:22:37
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/29/09 11:16:06
This is what happens when you have too much debt 11:11:31
Ron Paul in East Grand Rapids July 25th! 10:59:04
Goldman Says Curbing Speculators May Disrupt Markets (and profits... lol) 10:16:08
CPL just called!!! 10:05:02
545 VS 300,000,000 09:58:07
Where can I find the information 09:55:21
Today's White House beer day for Crowley and Gates, who are related... lol 09:10:39
Do you think you have a 'right' to... 09:02:54
China scrutinizes the U.S. budget; demands answers on growing deficit. 09:00:02
Veteran and Tea Party Protester Crash McCaskill Healthcare Town Hall 08:53:03
Two Months to Armageddon? 08:41:07
Let’s Break up the Fed-WSJ Editorial 08:18:30
Scott Horton eviscerates Rick Perry on his radio show. 06:38:52
Napolitano to Unveil New Antiterror Plans "Homeland Security 3.0." 06:28:42
Kucinich: The Federal Reserve Is Paying Banks NOT to Make Loans 06:25:06
It's OK Mercury is fine in Dental Fillings 06:21:25
Brilliant video: 9/11 Truth Happens 05:17:47
Judge: Swine flu good cause to suspend some constitutional rights 04:30:07
two peaceful practical ways to reclaim American 02:51:58
Ron Paul Republican in California? 02:45:55
Orly Taitz talks with Stephen Colbert about Obama's Birth Certificate 02:22:34
A good trick is to make notes ... 02:22:04
The Amazing Global Warming Scam, Coleman's Video Report 02:04:33
I have questions from my history class 01:55:29
Mobile Friendly Version of the U.S. Constitution 01:54:19
Attention Moderators... 01:35:22
Free Horse Sex Movies . Extreme Sex Movies Online! 01:32:21
Power Shifts from FEMA to Military in Plan for Capital Calamity 01:28:10
How Did We Ever Make It Before Nanny Government? 01:24:55
Bank of America to close 600 branches (about 10% of its branches) 01:14:36
ringtone chavo ocho 00:37:17
Ben Stein Comes Out Against Socialized Health Care 00:35:29
Gallup Poll Shows Federal Reserve as the Lowest Rated Agency 00:00:52