Posted on August 5, 2009

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How is America going to end? Who's most likely to suceed? Slate Article... 21:46:41
DIGG: Peter Schiff Moneybomb Video. "They can't bribe me; they won't be able to control me." 13:12:00
Ron Paul Guest on Alex Jones 8/5/09 est. 3pm EDT 11:58:49
McClatchy DC: Accountability Needed at Fed 11:39:23
Onion: U.S. Government Stages Fake Coup To Wipe Out National Debt 10:43:43
Freedom Watch - 8/5/2009 22:38:02
BREAKING NEWS: Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder 09:43:37
Quiltingsando's Quillow Auction to Benefit our Liberty Candidates 16:58:39
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Skip the Happy Talk... This Depression is just beginning 23:53:42
Run Rand Run and Twitter 23:38:15
Why Uncle Sam CANNOT be trusted 23:30:20
Zuckerman,Crowley squirm after Ron Paul clip on McLaughlin 23:17:42
congressman proposes tax on cars by gps devise 23:08:19
The Myths of Afghanistan, past and present 22:52:41
Rahm Emanuel sqaures off with Darryl Issa and Jon Kyl 22:39:57
Health Care Reform Needs to be at the State Level 22:34:49
ecorob: While Emotion Slept... 22:34:37
Polish defector: U.S. now worse than Soviet Poland 22:25:52
Tonight's UPDATE: FDA Hits Family Food Ministry for $100K Plus for Hyperlinking to Health Research 22:21:36
Rachael Maddow HAMMERS PR PROS 22:15:23
Reinhardt? 22:10:02
Police Taser 76-year-old tractor driver 22:07:46
The Consequence of ‘Come On, It’s Just Pot’ 22:06:02
Quick, Quick...Where is the Best AUDIT THE FED Flyer? 22:00:19
TV Show Criminal Minds on now; Theme-Libertarians become 21:32:13
How It Goes Down 21:09:32
This is my 2 yr. anniversary on DP 21:07:31
From the Liberty Counsel 20:54:56
Cancer Research is a Fraud! 20:47:22
Treasury Plans to Sell Record $75 Billion in Debt Next Week(8 - 11/12/13) 19:59:15
Have you seen this? 19:42:28
DNC- "The people attending these Town Hall meetings are fabricated by the RNC and being bussed to the Meetings" 19:38:44
God = Love + Our Efforts & We The People Can Make This World Into Heaven 19:22:15
HOORAY! The Death of Online Fox News! 19:11:26
How long before Congressmen get Secret Service protection? 19:11:20
Video: Individual Liberty vs. Collective Protection 19:00:44
LET's TALK - Pakistan in 1981-NO AMERICANS????? 18:54:17
Swine Flu - Pandemic or Propaganda? 18:51:23
C4L 18:45:26
Plans show magnitude of proposed NSA building 18:38:50
The USSA Hires a Disinformation Czar... 18:05:10
Youtube Dr. Ron Paul on Alex Jones Tv 8/5/09 17:54:31
States charging inmates nightly rates for prison stays 17:54:01
Catching Wild Pigs 17:53:17
Youtube Freedom Watch 8/5/09 17:48:00
Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator 17:46:00
****Chuck Grassley rips Obamacare. He says Ted Kennedy's tumor would not be treated because he's too old and unproductive? 17:41:53
Special Interest bought and paid for mob? VIDEO: Congressman Doggett's Town Hall Meeting. 17:33:23
Signing up at rands website..I fail 17:22:11
More plausible then the short version HI BC posted by Obama 17:18:41
Purloining the People's Property 17:05:02
A History of Govt Involvement in Health Care 17:02:06
Articles negative about the free-market are full in force 16:40:47
Democratic leadership sending this e-mail about townhall meetings 16:40:29
John Stossel: It's not insurance, it's welfare 16:30:39
Somebody give me your opinion on Operation Promised Land 16:26:09
Vitamin D Deficiency Reveals an Instant Health Reform Solution 15:57:02
A Special Thanks From Alex Jones 15:30:02
AP IMPACT: Gov't mortgage partners sued for abuses 15:29:02
'why push a health care bill through in 3-4 wks, when it took the Pres. 6mths to pick a dog for his kids" 15:21:18
US Dollar Continues To Break Support - Getting crushed right now 15:05:22
Words of wisdom, please, for a young man becoming 18 today, in 14:54:24
*DIGG* Rand Is Running!!! Let The World Hear It!!! 14:45:25
AP NewsBreak: Rand Paul seeking US Senate seat from Ky. 14:39:10
IT'S OFFICIAL! The email just went out...RAND IS RUNNING! 14:35:29
Diseased African Monkeys Used to Make Swine Flu Vaccines; Private Military Contractor Holds Key Patents 14:30:14
Ron Paul on war 14:17:56
Police Dog Attacks Driver After Cops Plant Drugs!!! 14:17:18
Dont'cha just wish you could punch this hacker? 14:03:15
zsfgsdfh 14:01:00
Page 59: The federal government will have direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer 13:59:02
Ron Paul's rebuttal in USA Today 13:58:27
FEMA Announces Creation Of Children's Working Group 13:51:12
Health care Bill: what congress is hoping you are missing 13:49:06
Renegade Economist US Special with Dr. Michael Hudson 13:38:14
What rights do you have? 13:21:53
The ten page summary of the health care bill that is going around is BOGUS! 13:21:51
A Great Form Letter to send to local Newspapers as "Letter to Editor" 13:10:52
Palin on 1207? 13:07:03
You Tube Pulls Hundreds Of Ron Paul Videos 12:50:24
Russian Subs Patrolling Off East Coast of U.S. 12:49:35
"In spite of the loud shrill voices we are going to pass this" 12:34:11
JW Sues Treasury Department to Obtain Documents on Bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 12:33:53
I got an e-mail today from a trade association I belong to about Health Care 12:16:34
OBAMA-One Big Ass Mistake America 12:01:57
We're being asked to send fishy disinfo 11:38:32
State Mandates for Health Insurance: I'm Paying For WHAT?! 11:33:48
Alabama Co. May Call In Troops To Perform Law Enforcement Duties 11:26:33
Daily S 604 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 8/5/09 11:22:15
1 Trillion More in Debt Since Obama Took Office 11:15:06
Senator Kyl of AZ says he will vote NO on Sunshine Bill 10:50:02
Obama 'mama': 15 days from birth to Seattle class 10:42:53
How do you describe your political views? What do you call yourself? 10:40:08
USA Today 2nd Amendment Poll 10:39:18
Is Orly on to something here? 10:31:09
Jim DeMint: S.1572 - standing against Health Care Bill 10:30:18
House Orders Up Three Elite Jets cost 200 million 10:10:39
My Youtube Channel was deleted last night for my Obama 10:01:12
Nazi Style Neighborhood Programs Showing up Across Towns 09:51:29
We're really not mad-It's manufactured 09:50:35
"Independent" Lindsey Graham 09:37:01
Liberty Minded Mom! 09:32:01
Is Universal Health Care part of Obama's backdoor reparations package? 09:11:07
Food for thought: The founding fathers were all criminals! 09:06:35
Marines Ban Twitter, MySpace, Facebook 09:04:05
Diseased monkeys/govt collusion - Swine Flu 08:39:50
Funny....(but sad) 07:49:47
The President's CZARS All Have Nut Job Beliefs Like Putting Sterilants In Drinking Water 07:15:52
4409 -- NAZI Checkpoint Confronted - 6 Trailer 07:04:36
NYTimes: Russian Subs Patrolling Off East Coast of U.S. 06:54:31
Separating the Mice From the Men 06:19:16
Every Claim Against BC, FalsE!! Here is the List 06:18:16
Movers 866-668-3748 Hoboken NJ NYC MOVING COMPANY 05:47:54
Who likes CAKE? 05:39:39
Glenn Beck's "The Story Of Barack Obama" On His Birthday 05:08:42
2 days left and 3.361 pledges short!!!! 05:03:28
Do you know the news? 03:53:23
Digg Peter Schiff Moneybomb videos! 03:51:19
Turn off your TV immediately 03:32:45
[Youtube]Peter Schiff Talking About His Senate Race!!!! 03:29:10
Land Patents: Is this video for real? 02:45:41
Breaking: U.S. Government Stages Fake Coup to Wipe Out National Debt 02:40:58
This will wake up a few of "the recession is over" people 02:30:21
My Response from Governor John Dingell [D-MI] 02:24:33
Swine Flu roundtable on CoasttoCoast, on right now 01:44:23
I hope you all have purchased as much silver as you want 01:24:45
A Question of Eligibility 01:14:23
AP sources- Russian subs patrolling off east coast(could be related to other thread) 00:59:27
Russian troops on high readiness in South Ossetia 00:53:46
Blackwater isn't who we have to be afraid of, this group is the one we have to watch out for 00:40:16
Paul May Launch Senate Bid On Glenn Beck Show 00:35:58
Pakistan Daily: Upcoming 2012 elections 00:16:29
Ready Made Resources / Daily Paul Benefit Auction - JULY 16:56:42