Posted on August 6, 2009

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Daily S 604 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 8/6/09 11:39:10
Youtube - Ron Paul & Rand Paul on CNN 8/6/09 - DIGG !! 23:21:52
Other KY Senate candidates react to Rand's announcement. 09:08:50
Part II: How will America End; "Choose Your Own Apocalypse" lets you map out the death of the United States by Slate Magazine 07:49:14
*DIGG*Ron Paul On Alex Jones! 01:03:32
DIGG: Peter Schiff & Rand Paul On Fox Business! 8/5/2009 00:15:55
Operation: Kick Start the Federal Reserve Audit 23:30:40
Video: Rand on Cavuto - IT'S OFFICIAL! Rand is in! 13:25:54
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Karl Denninger: Monetization And Bernanke Perjury? 23:53:31
Well, Fannie Mae "needs" $10.7 billion more from the government 23:50:38
New to "Fractional Reserve Banking?" Well here it is in "Pictures" 23:49:00
Masters of Illusion...await you inside the TV 23:45:58
An idea and would like your input. 23:42:40
AAARP gets PWNED video Angry Mob 23:31:37
Could You Pull The Trigger? 23:18:12
Supposed violence breaks out at Florida health care forum. Newspaper says Glen Beck caused it..heh 23:03:08
Michigan tells Congressman Dingle what they think about nationalized healthcare 22:59:56
What is your guess???? 22:44:46
Need to protest Republican during the recess 22:42:58
Pelosi: Protests Won't Derail Health Care Overhaul 22:14:59
Orly BC Fraudsters Come Forward 21:54:44
The debt wall has been hit 21:35:54
Obama hedging his bets (Sotomayor ?) 21:23:36
Here's What You're Not Supposed to Learn: Obama is Inelligible for President Even if Born in U.S. - Constitutional Radio 21:14:58
Nine Republicans Back Sotomayor 20:48:12
NJ Governor Signs 'One Handgun A Month' Bill 20:43:39
MSNBC hit job on Peter Schiff - Worst Interview Ever 20:12:15
Rapid tests often wrong about swine flu CDC’s first study finds cases missed at least half the time 20:03:31
Peter Schiff money bomb widget up and running. Almost $500,000 raised so far! 19:59:16
Peter Schiff has raised $464,990 in donations 19:57:18
Rand Paul's diggs! 19:55:20
Rand Paul on Brian and The Judge show 8/6/09 19:35:08
Audio: Rand Paul on Brian and The Judge show 8/6/09 - DIGG!! 19:31:31
Orly Taitz on Revolution Broadcating Radio now (4:27 pst) @ ... 19:27:50
Obama says he wants to do away with GOP minority rights. No filibuster allowed to stop Obamacare. 19:24:03
Like Father, Like Son! 19:23:00
Obama Cover poll 19:05:18
The FEDERAL RESERVE Pyramid Scheme EXPOSED 18:23:34
International Swine Flu Conference - preparing for death, destruction, chaos, quarantines, etc. 18:17:32
Russ Carnahan / Town Hall Meeting Tonight at 6pm in Support of Health Care bill - St. Louis, MO 17:48:21
Fed launders Treasury bonds! 17:23:38
Help elect an ally for Ron Paul THIS summer - Endorsed by,, 17:18:36
krod mandoon and the flaming sword of fire 17:14:20
New Canadian internet snooping bill No warrant required 16:46:26
Hide Your Kids..FEMA is Coming 16:34:39
NH: Angry crowd blocked from "Obama-care" event 16:33:39
4409 & Freedom's Phoenix crew being arrested near Yuma, Arizona Checkpoint 16:04:51
Orlando summit 15:46:58
DNC - If Can't Beat Them, Demonize Them 15:38:32
Circular References 15:34:14
Tomorrow is THE DAY! 15:33:53
Amazing video on abortion 15:17:39
Wake up!! 15:11:22
Rand Paul Supports War In Afghanistan? 15:08:26
What is your IQ? Mo. Burger King refuses to serve baby without shoes 14:59:38
Spirit of the Founders ~ Liberty Candidates ~ Help is on the Way! 14:44:50
Audio - Rand Paul talks with Glenn Beck 8/6/09 14:41:40
Obama, His Media & the Economy by Lew Rockwell 14:18:46
Book burning in 2009? 14:11:55
Exchanging Dollars for Gold 14:08:29
Obama, His Media & the Economy by Lew Rockwell 14:08:08
Real 60s Kenyan BC on WND (Karima Begum) 13:46:20
White House: 'War on terrorism' is over 13:38:21
Rand Paul Makes CNN Front Page 13:37:24
Healthcare 13:20:39
Health Debate Produces Angry Protests, Angry Retorts 12:54:08
Health Care Option 12:26:47
Thinking out loud... discussion topic 12:06:23
Entrepreneurialism and Business Plan Writing 12:03:27
White House: Health Insurance Disinformation 11:52:19
Rand Paul on Freedom Watch Aug. 5 2009 11:20:22
Facing Reality 11:07:04
Are Tennessee cops planting drugs on a man? (video) 11:03:37
Rand Paul coming up on Beck at top of 11:00 hour 11:02:26
Sheep 11:01:39
Let's focus the National attention on Dr. Rand Paul 11:01:26
Do you know who you are? - Taking responsibility for your life 10:59:01
Why your mortgage is a constructive fraud... 10:52:57
If you missed MY exclusive interview with Nominee for US Senate for 2008, Bob Conley 10:35:03
Peter Shiff. Please watch and pass on 10:33:37
Hiroshima and Nagasaki 10:29:01
Ron Paul video from 1988 on the power elite 10:28:56
AARP Town Hall Meeting on Health Care - Dallas, August 4, 2009 10:23:00
Town Hall with Rep. Pete Sessions 10:11:17
Kidnapped by Police in Dominica 10:10:09
Possible virus in Orly Taitz's site 10:03:33
Fans urged to drink whisky to ward off swine flu 09:26:22
Daniel Hannan 09:11:00
Pelosi's plans on Aug break: wine, dine big donors 08:58:42
About half of U.S. mortgages seen underwater by 2011 08:54:38
U.S. Military Interventions 08:37:10
Youtube Pulls Hundreds Of Ron Paul Videos 07:41:54
Report Dissenting Americans Directly to the White House at 05:34:27
Pee In The Shower, Save The Rainforest 02:36:21
Senate Democrats Optimistic on Health Care After Obama Talk 01:59:45
Okay, It's Time for a Ron Paul Rap Flashback 01:56:55
I just had a Brain Fart 01:51:08
Alex Jones was just on C2C. Next up: Stanton Friedman 01:37:03
*Digg*Best Rand Paul Interview So Far! 01:16:00
My house went up for sale last week, do I blowout sale it or sit on getting more money, where is the market going and how soon? 01:04:51
Need a job? Job Title: Corrections Officer – Internment/Resettlement Specialist 00:41:04
Democratic National Committee is responsible...Can you explain this video? 00:33:13
GOLD: Hopefully nobody is noticing... 00:11:05
"Tolerance" is a Guise for Social Engineering 00:03:30
Enemy Prisoner of War/Civilian Internee (EPW/CI) camp 00:01:04