Posted on August 7, 2009

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Rand Paul in New York (Webster Hall Event) "Liberty: too big to Fail" 17:06:09
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Swine Flu Scare for Shelter, Safety, and Sanitation -- Sanitation of Noncompliants and Enemy Combatants That Is! 23:56:19
Single-Payer Groceries, Anyone? 23:46:54
I think they're going to stage something in St Louis Tomorrow 23:46:34
DEMS SNEAK UNION THUGS INTO CARNAHAN TOWN HALL-- 1,000 Tea Party Taxpayers Locked Out! 23:40:45
Bob Jones speech. Awesome! 23:21:04
FEEDBACK : Is everyone enjoying the schiffathon and todays broadcasts? please post your comments and suggestions. 22:55:42
Hypocrisy at it's finest 22:50:58
Pajamas Media\Hotair attacks Ron Paul 22:48:28
911 Call for Farmer’s Markets and Food Groups/Co-ops 22:45:57
Shed your personal skin and put on a universal one. Create one world. 22:45:32
Just to anyone who expected more 22:45:22
Check out this avatar I found over at 22:40:52
Peter Schiff Fundraising Graph 22:30:17
Is Peter Schiff's moneybomb indicative of how Rand Paul's will go? 22:23:27
Let's Play A Game (FINAL) .... Part 3 22:23:03
Now I don´t have any money, but would anyone wanna borrow some ? 22:20:56
rhino: How a Keynesian world works 21:54:42
National Democratic Network Wants Lou Dobbs Thrown Off CNN 21:43:03
Two Florida and One Oregon bank fail bringing '09 tally to 72 21:32:32
Try this new dance! The socialism shuffle. 21:32:08
To all you who have donated 21:24:38
Union Thugs Beat Patriot at Obamacare Town Hall in St. Louis 20:54:23
Trash Alert!: PajamasMedia Ron Paul Story 20:29:11
Anyone on Medicare or Medicaid? 20:15:00
The First Resistors - Ready to Stop Playing the Game? 19:54:10
Arrest of Money-Laundering, Organ-Trafficking Rabbis 'Anti-Semitism' 19:41:51
Larry Mc Donald interview on the NWO 19:38:56
Off subject BUT thanks for all who posted concerning a garden 19:30:17
Gee I just had so much fun asking for anti-Obama t-shirts 19:19:21
GREAT NEWS, 18:51:54
Let's Play A Game... Part 2 18:51:14
A riddle for the times we live in... 18:26:06
Strawman, Corporate Government, Land Patents, Law of the Sea, etc 18:21:17
Barney Frank ADMITS to plan for single payer healthcare 18:14:11
Video: 'HAARP- Holes In Heaven' 18:12:43
Hej it is the girk girl 18:04:27
Obama "Science Czar" Wrote the Book on Eugenics 17:57:55
Let's Play A Game...... 17:57:48
California Won't Accept Its Own IOUs 17:55:13
Scandal Exposed American Universal Health Care Exists NOW and its Killing People 17:52:59
Does the Daily Paul need a face-lift? 17:41:29
Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente LIVE coming up soon for the schiffathon. Link here : 17:41:15
The Argentina Comparison - The Royal Scam 17:35:08
New plan for world currency discussed by Chinese think tank: revealing video 17:32:27
What a crock! Dodd and Conrad bad behavior excused 17:28:47
Ron Paul in Orlando tonight! 17:20:04
Conservative blogs don't know about Schiff money bomb 17:18:39
Obama Lies Part 1 - We Don't Get Fooled Again 17:14:12
What do you guys think of this? 17:04:41
Town hall goon squads 16:59:54
Denied townhall attendees start singing 16:57:28
Unemployment Numbers Don’t Tell the Whole Truth 16:49:13
*DIGG*Libertarian GOP Candidate Raises More Than $500,000 With Ron Paul-Endorsed ‘Mon 16:44:16
*DIGG*Schiff Raises More Than $500,000 for Connecticut Senate Bid 16:12:30
Liberty Dollar closed 15:56:59
Ron Paul just sent out e-mail about Peter Schiff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 15:55:25
Renegades of Funk 15:55:13
youtube Town Hall Meetings Across America 15:47:04
Jailed for journalism: 15:37:09
Obama JOKER $1000 Video Contest: The establishment will go nuts!!! 15:32:53
WW2 history q 15:32:52
The International - The True Value of a Conflict 15:13:06
Honest Money, Part I - VIII 15:09:03
A Long-Awaited Standing Ovation in SC for Dr. Paul 14:59:31
How do I become the healthiest man ALIVE??? 14:35:58
Obama Open to Creation of Health Cooperatives, DeParle Says 14:32:40
Whoever said a stadium full of people would revolt, watch this 14:20:32
Dr. Ron Paul's personal Library? 14:18:22
Lies in the Textbooks! 14:17:21
Rand Paul on Glenn Beck, anyone?! 14:14:26
GOP Sen. Martinez tells supporters he's resigning 14:05:58
Baltic Dry Index has worst week since October 14:01:09
Hey Peter Schiff you have so much class!!!!! 13:57:25
*DIGG*A moneybomb to support Peter Schiff for Senate 13:54:15
Show us your papers: City shuts 8-yr old's lemonade stand 13:48:12
Japan's Debt Crisis 13:31:42
U.S. Economy, Confidence Games and Ponzi Schemes 13:22:19
European central banks agree to lower gold sales ceiling 13:11:03
George Reisman on goverment science (good rhetoric!) 13:04:38
"The average lord could make more money off of sheep than off of peasants" 13:00:43
Legislative Voting Records Purged 12:33:09
How does Chris Dodd get his money? 12:32:17
Im so proud of this movement 12:24:38
Will Barry wait till Sotomayor is on the SC before allowing his citizenship to be questioned? 12:21:51
Assaulted By Carnahan People 12:08:16
One light bulb at a time 12:06:11
With all this protest stuff going on, does anybody expect to see a false flag? 12:01:53
Bill would force Obama to reveal birth documents 11:45:38
For all of those who KNOW government is a CORPORATION. You must read this!! 11:28:01
GOLD to 644.00?? 11:16:01
BREAKING - (R) Sen. Mel Martinez Resigning - TODAY? 10:56:27
The Stand For Sovereignty by Chuck Baldwin's Son: Timothy Baldwin, Esq., 10:46:17
Peter Schiff 8/6/09 - MSNBC Morning Joe 10:24:42
Health club shooter 10:17:38
Ron Paul Tonight!!!! 10:17:20
How about secession instead of returning to the Constitution? 10:15:08
Angry Mob of Racist Extremists Beats Black Man at Town Hall Meeting... 10:03:17
Jeopardy Trivia 09:58:42
Why WHO changed the defenition of the word PANDEMIC? 09:56:02
France Fights Universal Care's High Cost 09:39:43
Fractional Reserve Banking in Pictures 09:34:06
US Pledges Military Support for Somali Govt 09:33:49
US Support for Afghan War Plummeting 09:28:14
Bob Inglis (R-SC) says "Everybody needs to turn off the TV when Glenn Beck comes on” (just trust your government) 09:07:29
Ron Paul’s Straight Talk on Health Reform 08:52:07
LINKED ON DRUDGE :Mike Lawson was right.... 08:43:27
Please, Read This! 08:29:58
Tim Geithner --Treasury Secretary Goes On Profanity- Laced Tirade As Bank Regulators Push Back 07:57:39
Early flu shot season may come with 3 jabs 07:14:40
I cannot accept Orly Taitz. 06:14:24
ABC: Town Hall Wrath at ObamaCare 'Appears to Be Orchestrated' 05:53:29
Saudi royal prince Bandar [Bush] bin Sultan attempts COUP, and FAILs! 03:45:33
Very sobering jobs report 02:32:00
There is no Government Period! - Proof! 01:43:47
If your representative in the House wasn't a top-10 co-sponsor of 1207 01:28:16
White House Press Secretary: Add It Up Yourself 01:18:38
Just woke up a Sheep! 01:17:49
Off topic: John Hughes tribute R.I.P. 01:00:15
OK, everybody, this is what the D.C. puppet show is about. 00:37:56
*DIGG*[Tube]It Begins!!!This HAS to go VIRAL! PLEASE HELP US!!! 00:37:51
*DIGG* - Ron Paul - The Voice of Reason - One of the his best videos 00:31:47
Taxpayers demand an audit!! 00:19:02
Ben Stein fired from NYT 00:10:25