Posted on August 14, 2009

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USA Today Dietitian Recommends Eating McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell And Burger King On The Today Show (VIDEO) 23:54:20
Healthcare: US vs. UK. The Brutal View from Across the Pond 20:09:01
Glenn Beck: Is Rand Paul The "Real Deal"? 20:10:01
Daily S 604 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 8/14/09 11:08:54
Becklash: Advertisers Flee Glenn Beck 10:20:45
Celente: The Revolution is Coming 10:16:06
Video: Paulson & Goldman Sachs, The Plot Thickens 09:56:33
Ron Paul's army is marching for Adam Kokesh 08:11:27
Is Ron Paul the last relevant Republican in Washington? 09:57:00
Ron Paul on "The ED Show" 8/12/09 and Ron Paul on "Larry King Live" 8/11/09 08:51:26
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Jon Stewart Goes After Angry Town Hallers & Obama's Post Office Analogy 23:28:36
SHOCKING! Obama on ESPN! 23:09:04
Elizabeth Warren: "We Have A Real $ Problem Coming..." 22:54:05
Support Whole Foods CEO for Speaking the Truth about Health Care 22:44:18
For the newbies here, with Love! 22:38:17
Drop Cable, Drop Direct TV - Stop contributing to the corrupt MSM 22:35:01
Protesters Surround ACORN Bus Leaving Town Hall-- Chant "DON'T COME BACK!" (Video) 22:29:47 headline story: "Obama Joker Poster in U.S. Contest?" 22:07:07
NIST WTC Videos/Photos to be released 22:05:21
O'donnel vs Culberson (R-texas) 21:48:52
Cop tases Mom As Her Children Watch 21:35:33
Save Yourselves, Take the Vaccine. 21:27:44
rhino: 5 more today 21:25:35
Eyewitness Report from Kittanning, PA Specter Town Hall, 8/13/2009 21:16:25
Linda McMahon WWE CEO is considering a run for Senate in Connecticut 21:13:52
all that really matters is the bridge named LOVE 21:10:26
Citizen Journalism Website May Challenge Mainstream Media 21:08:44
My joke letter to that i really sent 20:46:57
I Respect a Socialist 20:37:37
The Boston Globe: Massachusetts Deputizing Dentists, Paramedics, and Pharmacists to Administer Vaccines... 20:34:57
Obama denounces emphasis on health care protests... 20:22:13
Peter Schiff: Retail sales, CPI, the markets, unfair political attacks 20:17:14
Best Joker Poster Submission Vid So Far! Check This Out!! 20:16:05
Alan Watt live... listen in now! Republic Broadcasting Network 20:14:28
"People are WAKING UP" 20:00:10
Now anyone can track you 19:55:34
Early Arrival of Swine Flu Season Linked to Low Sun Activity 19:45:06
Largest failure this year! Colonial BancGroup shut by regulators. 19:16:13
American Fascism: How to Kill it Dead 19:04:25
Mr. Independent Goes Soft on Softcore Socialism. 19:04:14
Defense Secretary Robert Gates: Expect U.S. combat for "a few years" in Afghanistan 19:03:33
The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S. 18:59:22
Poll on PBS - You know what to do. 18:31:29
Peter Berger: "In praise of doubt" ... post by rhino 17:55:04
Guy who brought gun to Obama rally is a Ron Paul supporter 17:52:57
Know your health care reform propaganda 17:47:11
Plans to Audit the Fed Gains Support Across Spectrum 17:38:28
Did anyone just watch that interview on msnbc harball? Wow.... 17:30:20
Rand Paul on Glenn Beck now 5:10pm ET 17:11:29
Rand Paul on glenn beck NOW 17:10:52
Rand on Glenn Beck RIGHT NOW!! 17:10:39
Cash for Clunkers Being Used to Surpress Inflation Numbers 16:56:33
Who Is In Texas? 16:45:56
New American: Militarization of Swine Flu Preparations 16:36:07
Cash 4 Gold Review - Paid 18% of Gold Value 16:21:27
Does Doggy Want a Obama Treat? 16:19:52
Man Arrested for Asking Border Patrol if he can see THEIR ID! 16:02:34
Anyone else notice how people who pay with food stamps usually have a buggy overflowing, while people with cash have much less. 15:58:44
Israeli soldiers killed unarmed civilians carrying white flags in Gaza 15:42:53
The latest UN scare-tactics.."Four months to secure the future of our planet." "We need leadership of the very highest order" 15:28:17
Women dissed by SJL with cell call challenges her to debate on HR3200 15:19:18
Alan Keyes guest on Alex Jones 3:03 pm EDT 15:04:52
Traficant being released from prison 14:45:36
UPDATE!! I've been Recruited into the Obama camp 14:34:45
John Mackey (Whole Foods CEO) on Obamacare 14:32:06
Peter Schiff : Less Government or Lower Wages? You Decide. 14:26:11
Continental Congress 2009 OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED 14:22:55
Montana Prevents Obama From Rigging Town Hall Audience 14:11:12
My Goodbye Letter to the Libertarian Party 13:51:42
The Most Dangerous Man In The Christian Church This Century (must see) 13:25:44
Ex-ISI Chief Says Purpose of New Afghan Intelligence Agency RAMA Is ‘to destabilize Pakistan’ 13:12:55
Thomas Jefferson Clarifies "to provide for the...general welfare" 13:09:18
Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms 13:07:48
Ron Paul Supporters are beating the Obama Supporters 12:41:48
Digg for liberty lovers 12:39:56
rhino: Lindsey Williams. 12:33:53
Subject lineup at DP today all about fear 11:47:22
Obama giving health care critics upper hand 11:34:31
$10 a barrel oil? 10:58:02
When it comes to vaccine-or-quarantine, we're aiding and abetting our enemy 10:49:43
Feds/CDC asking for vaccine advice from citizens (PA/NJ meeting soon) 10:37:52
Bill Hudak for Congress (Ma. Dist. 6) 10:02:42
Getting Prepared for a "Holiday" 09:37:05
Sean Hannity - Obama & Friends History of Radicalisam 1-6 College Years 09:05:44
The Humble Libertarian: 2010 liberty candidates bring personal credibility to Washington D.C. 08:22:41
Hunt for missing vessel in Arctic continues 07:41:25
Next Bubble to Burst? 07:33:28
Obama's Health Care Bill Explained 06:57:14
Toxic Loans May Push 150-450 Banks to Point of No Return 04:48:30
Armed Patriot and 3 others assaulted by paid union thugs at Obama event 04:29:11
Why Are Internment Camps Being Built? - UPDATE 2 VIDEO FOUND! URGENT TO SEE! 04:29:01
Health Care Town Hall Gone Wrong -Effects of toxic plants 03:26:12
Todays REDDIT´s for liberty lovers! 8/14 02:50:50
...If Schiff wins his senate seat it will be electric 02:32:47
Audit the Fed dot com 02:07:19
If you have a website.... 02:05:16
C4L Is Asking You To Digg This! 01:55:23
man faces 6 months time for yawning in court 01:52:20
FLAG YOURSELF!! 01:41:10
Madoff Whistleblower - Major scandals soon to be revealed about $600 trillion credit default swap market 01:15:29
Peter Schiff on FOX Business 8/13/09 [VIDEO] 01:07:47
HUFPO: Memo Confirms Big Giveaways In White House Deal With Big Pharma 00:43:49
Obama Transparency Group Keeps Details Secret 00:34:37
Who's UN-American! by the Southern Avenger 00:31:12
Palin is Deliberately Lying about Health Care Bill ! 00:17:59
Libertarian City Councilman Wants to Sell Public Golf Courses 00:06:51