Posted on August 19, 2009

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The best way to end a movement is to try and contol it, someone had posted that great quote on here before, and I agree 23:41:13
Daily Paul Quotes 15:13:52
Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck are on the same-one Team 14:15:27
Rand Paul supports Congressional term limits 11:27:23
Japanese Opposition Party Critical of US Role 11:17:21
Video: Fox 25 on Barney Frank's Town Hall Meeting 09:24:21
Ernest Hancock Interviewed by CNN Puppet Reporter Regarding Man with AR15 at Obama Protest 07:28:26
First poll in Kentucky. Rand at 26% 06:19:14
Ron Paul on Larry King August 18, 2009 18:31:22
rhino: I am starting to get giddy. Today is the day. DONATE!!! 10:14:25
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Digg Dialogg: Ask Timothy Geithner a question! 23:48:23
HOLD 23:24:04
The Strange Case of Joseph Moshe 22:37:09
Clashing for clunkers!!! 22:35:23
FANTASTIC - Tom Woods "Lectures on Liberty" at the Ron Paul BBQ 22:31:56
Colloidal Silver and Swine Flu 22:31:39
Bin Laden NOT indicted.(VIDEO UPDATE) 22:16:05
"war has been declared" on the family. from the horses mouth. 21:57:50
new Tom Woods interview 21:52:07
If only people would have listened..... 21:48:49
Obama announces plan for FREE LEMONADE!! 21:40:50
What do you think of this? 21:30:29
[VIDEO] La Raza Members Confront Houston Congressman Gene Green Towhall Attendees 21:29:26
We Are Winning!!! 21:12:45
CONFIDENCE RESTORED: The History of the KCFed (free online) 21:07:07
9/11 Building 7 - Controversial Dance Track Out by SO OUT THERE 20:41:28
This just posted on the Homeland Security blog: 20:25:33
NJ City Considers Martial Law - Exclusive Interview 20:25:11
Peter Schiff: Wall Street Unspun Listen Live right now 20:11:28
Is anyone here going to Robert Wexlers town hall today? 19:36:07
Video: Peter Schiff: We Will Have $200/barrel Oil Before Next Election 19:34:56
Everything the Government Runs is Bankrupt! 19:22:39
Judge Napolitano on Glenn Beck: Everything the Government Runs is Bankrupt! 8/18/09 19:06:18
The Natives Are Restless 18:52:35
Military Informant Infiltrates a Peaceful Protest Group in WA for 2 yrs 18:49:42
Letters for Rand. Will make big difference! 18:48:49
NEW! TOOL to Track your Legislators and Foreign Lobbiest 18:34:04
$13.5B in Assets Expected to be Seized by FDIC by the End of the Week. This Would be the Second Largest Bank Failure in 2009. 18:21:44
Don't Forget To Put Love In The rEVOLution 17:51:26
Healthcare end game ? 17:45:52
Whistling Past The Graveyard? Karl Denninger 17:45:36
GREAT STORY about FREEDOM: Hungary remembers picnic that cracked Iron Curtain 17:06:27
Voter Fraud in NH admitted on "Sorry For Voting for Obama" Website 17:04:48
Don't forget Judge Napolitano is filling in for Glen beck today 17:02:44
Are Laws Congress Pass Constitutional? What Was the Last Law Passed by Congress That was Constitutional? 17:01:45
Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care 16:46:06
Obama sucking up to NASCAR 16:39:34
Don’t be mad at me because I am sovereign. 16:31:42
Are we entering a communist age without the revolution predicted by Marx? 16:31:14
Off Topic: Did anyone receive the SPAM message advertising an Obama DDOS tool? 16:28:30
Which people do you trust with financial matters? 16:27:20
Lysander Spooner 16:12:52
Why is medical care so expensive? 16:12:45
6 troops killed while nation building today 16:11:49
Anybody have a clue ? 15:52:16
Antifederalist papers 15:51:08
Anyone going to any rallies/marches on 9/12? 15:45:33
Have you guys seen this!!?? 15:45:30
Double Dipping N.Y. Lawmakers 15:28:33
For Liberty: new Ron Paul doc, exclusive first interview 15:22:24
Government cover-up of a mercury/autism scandal 15:21:39
Great Right North: Cato Institute 15:13:55
Chart: FDIC Officially Bankrupt - Banking Collapse Immenent? 15:04:08
Thought Police: Mother Arrested For Blogging About Cops 15:00:42
LV ACORN director cops plea! 14:36:51
Need video footage - That shows what happens 14:33:49
Paulistas vs the Obamabots 14:32:06
RJ Harris on Freedom Watch Right Now 14:23:48
Hi, before you continue w/ your college degree or start college, read 14:19:38
There is No Political Solution! 14:19:31
Judge Napolitano on CSPAN 08/19/09 14:15:30
New Government Swine Flu Document Reveals Plans For Mass Graves (U.K.) 14:14:35
404 Guests on line. Welcome ! 14:12:36
I'm guessing no freedom watch today? 14:07:24
"Corporate Insiders Running for the Hills" 13:55:32
Polar Bear BS 13:50:44
WP: White House Backs Right to Arms Outside Obama Events 13:37:58
Assault Rifle Radio Stunt 13:24:02
MSM is changing focus from FED to Healthcare! 13:14:15
HPV vaccine promoted with drug company money...and isn't completely safe 13:11:18
Pimco: Dollar May Lose Value as Status Erodes 13:10:23
The Crown Jewel of the Shadow Goverment 13:04:19
Townhall Meetings 12:58:28
Buffet: The Greenback Effect (printing too much) 12:50:43
Will Bill Clinton a "Happy" birthday! 12:49:56
Economics 101: The Path to Shortages in Obama Health Care 12:41:32
This is for all the people claiming third party now threads! Let's be realistic please! 12:08:18
ACORN Director Pleads Guilty 12:03:25
Conversations with Jay (Rockefeller) 12:00:48
When Will it All Come Tumbling Down? 12:00:18
"Ron Paul's son Could Win Senate Seat" 11:38:00
Profits Are Not the Problem 11:35:49
NPR laments the Ron Paul crazies with (shudder) guns 11:29:45
Proof of our Single Party System 11:27:03
Eliot Spitzer: Stock Markets for Suckers 11:06:34
Attorney: FBI trained NJ Blogger to Incite Others 10:58:12
76 reasons to audit the Federal Reserve 10:40:57
Intervention Begets Insecurity 10:29:54
Dr. Paul about 10:26:18
America's Warfare State ~Profiteers of War 09:54:18
Israel declares shooting of American an "act of war" 09:47:18
banks insolvent---holiday ? 09:46:02
WSJ - ObamaCare Is All About Rationing 09:43:24
Talk on Financial Derivatives to CC-BASD 09:27:32
Jon Stewart makes fun of Obama Protesters with Guns 08:58:34
Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S 08:56:26
It is time to revisit this: Especially new members 08:35:35
Ron Paul: We'd Have Trillions Of Dollars To Spend If Didn't Have These Wasteful Wars! 07:12:16
Rights from government - Update 07:11:29
How should healthcare reform deal with illegal aliens 05:40:57
Obama: America's Alves Reis. 05:09:23 04:14:42
Sean Hannity and Michelle Bachman discuss Barney Frank's town hall meeting in Dartmouth, Ma. 03:41:49
Todays REDDIT´s for liberty lovers! 8/19 02:37:44
Hi, before you continue w/ your college degree or start college, read 02:33:25
** Sibel Edmonds, a GREAT Ally to have. ** 01:54:46
Stefan Molyneux: what does Canadian socialized health care look like? 01:54:08
Teaching Kids about Taxes 01:50:42
Happy last day of your current age, Grandfather Paul & sorry you have 01:42:38
Courts: Cops Who Allege Corruption Can Be Fired 01:38:41
G-20 Protesters Denied Protesting Permits for Sept. G-20 Summit 01:06:57
$4,000 car from GM ...but not for us! 01:05:43
I see Gun shots in the future... 00:25:51
Obama E-Town Hall Meeting, Thursday, 2:30 PM EDT 00:21:42
Let's participate in Obama's Town Forum! 00:20:35