Posted on August 20, 2009

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MIT: Think YOU're SMART enough? PROVE it! Here comes Open Source Education! 23:53:39
Video: Rand Paul 2010 Grassroots Campaign 22:26:16
Peter Schiff: Warren Buffett Is Dead Wrong 12:05:32
NPR wishes ron a happy birthday! 11:55:21
Ohio School Children Pay for Lunch with Fingerprints 11:19:27
08/19/09 Freedom Watch w/ Ron Paul, R J Harris & The Judge 02:18:56
Rand Paul Shocks Republican Faithful In First Poll 12:34:13
End the Fed Review: The Morality Hazard of the Fed 02:18:57
Updated: We Have Our Symbol !!! Quilting you are awesome !!! 13:12:54
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Can we really change this road we are on? 23:54:28
Todays, Reddit´s & Digg´s For Freedom Lovers 21/8! 23:54:21
You don't believe that we're effective? 23:42:21
Dr Paul at Cato Institute on Audit the Fed 22:47:26
Digg this "Silence is Violence" 22:46:01
An interesting tour of Independence Hall Today; A rewriting of history? 22:44:59
Awesome article by Philip Giraldi, Dr. Paul's foreign policy advisor during his presidential run 22:40:44
FOIA Document Confirms Study of Roswell Crash Debris! 22:36:25
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, will draw central bankers and top economists... 22:24:38
Jake Towne and Clyde Cleveland interview on Health Care, Banking, Open Office 22:09:06
Tom Ridge: Rumsfeld and Ashcroft wanted to raise the Terror Alert on Eve of Election 2004 21:57:56
This is Our Time: Sons of Liberty (Video Inside Inspirational) 21:52:33
Preg Woman and 55yr Old Man Tased At Baptism?? 21:48:41
Dr. Paul on CNN 10pm eastern 8-20-09 21:24:40
Unconfirmed but par for the course...What happened in Bozman MT 20:37:59
It will be a softer, gentler genocide 20:35:52
"Rand Paul is NOT a Republican," says Trey Grayson advisor. 20:22:50
Why is there no criminal penalty for violating the constitution? 20:10:59
Grayson advisor: Rand Paul poll strength a "phantom number" 19:30:49 Rand Paul detonates ‘money bomb’ in U.S. Senate race 19:17:50
2 Prime Ministers, 1 Speech on Iraq War - Who is in Charge? 19:01:06
Look at this smear on C4L 18:47:21
Costumes and masks in politics - *TUTORIAL* 18:37:27
In october the IMF will decide if to sell gold so.... 18:36:16
Greenpeace Leader Admits Arctic Ice Exaggeration 18:22:59
A meditation on 50,000,000 people Suddenly Un-Employed 18:14:53
Live Web Cast Of Rand Paul Rally Fundraiser Aug. 21, 2009 Austin, Texas 18:05:36
My Fave Anti-War Song 18:04:25
The way to solve healthcare is so damn easy.... 18:03:59
2 Prime Ministers, 1 Speech on Iraq War - Who is in Charge? 18:02:39
So what was the problem with Alex Jones today 17:37:14
President Obama Finances Offshore Drilling in Brazil - Too bad it's not in U.S. waters 17:33:32
Constitution Loving "Terrorists" To Be Medicated By Force 17:30:11
MSNBC Edits Video to Promote Racist Spin on Town Hall Meetings 17:06:29
Live Rand Paul Rally Fundraiser Aug. 21, 2009 Austin, Texas 16:55:26
Chris, a person of color, a patriot, whom made national news exercising his Open-carry rights in AZ interview w/ Alex Jones 16:40:54
Vitamin D Can Fight Off H1N1 Virus 16:34:08
Replacing Michelle Obama 16:22:49
Ditty 15:51:27
Paedophile Pensioners Given Viagra - Healthcare UK 15:47:47
Obama’s Well Organized Community Is Falling Apart 15:27:11
Government Permission Will Be Required To Travel 15:25:07
Rand Paul Money Bomb Video 15:02:25
Ron Paul Song Rap - Constantine 14:24:43
American Militias Demonization - Militias On The Rise In US - MSNBC & CNN 14:20:12
7th Circuit Court 3-0: Government Can Require Gun Registration 14:08:36
Swine Flu Vaccines - Order Out Of Chaos 14:03:34
GOP Should Shut Down Senate 13:49:17
Do I understand the bailout correctly? 13:10:40
The Funniest Signs From Town Hall Protests (PICS) 12:56:25
Rand Paul Money Bomb "Exploding" Today. The New American 12:54:09
The President is holding a National Health Care Forum TODAY 09/20/09 12:46:36
This was a Full Page Ad in my Newspaper Today 12:42:12
Why We Couldn't Abolish Slavery Then and Can't Abolish Government Now 12:30:29
Look how well organized the Left is: 12:30:04
Rand Paul on Alex Jones - Upcoming 11:32:44
Rebutting the Afghan Blather 11:18:35
*YOUTUBE* Rand Paul This Morning! 11:17:46
9-12, March on Washington = Neo-conned? 11:04:00
NOT hate Not contempt, Facts for a solution 10:58:44
Trip to Canada for Health Care 10:50:27
Here is a fast money ticker widget ! 10:45:29
Key Witness In Obama Passport Probe Shot In The Head 10:45:06
Main Street Matters Listening Tour-UPDATE 10:29:28
Let's learn from our mistakes 10:14:56
"YouTube Flashback - Ron Paul Best Video Award 2007 10:10:48
Who's in Your Wallet? 09:48:56
CIA uses Blackwater to make "hits" 09:41:45
Updated! Have FUN sharing real money stories ~ I hope this helps! 09:35:32
Life Expectancy Hits New High of Nearly 78... Yeah U.S. health care really sucks! 09:14:36
Where is our King?- Thomas Paine 09:09:24
Aug. 15, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 576,000, an increase of 15,000 from the previous week 08:56:54
Despite Actions of Police & Local Courts, Higher Courts Have Ruled That American Citizens Have A Right To Travel Without Permits 08:46:42
Libertarian gives her health care perspective to CNN 08:09:44
When Richard Nixon wrote his famous letter: 'I hereby resign the Office of President of the United States' 06:34:43
DC statehood supporters, can you answer this? You complain about 06:21:46
If you use cash at all, if only occasionally, start using this talking point 06:00:49
Help Rand Paul Moneybomb!!! IT TAKES ABOUT 2 MINUTES! 05:55:39
Wiping out America's Debt 05:09:48
Obama openly hates law abiding Americans 04:55:57
Max Town Hall - America's Virtual Town Hall Sat Aug 22 02:57:25
Todays REDDIT´s for liberty lovers! 8/20 02:27:06
Rand Paul For Senate Moneybomb Today! 02:23:41
Peter Schiff interview on Newsmax 8/18/09 02:02:19
American Spirit Emerging Against Socialist Obama Government Policies 01:55:51
The Rothschild family is pushing Indian produce onto the global market. 01:27:48
I want to run for congress! I decided tonight 01:03:23
Video - WHAS11 reporting on Kentucky race - Rand Paul Biggest surprise ! 01:01:53
CNBC: Is it time to bounce Bernanke? -- Vote in the poll 00:50:58
Ron Paul Rising - this video is so good - now lets make Rand Paul rise! 00:44:56
Paul Craig Roberts is spot on 00:19:26
BREAKING NEWS: CIA hired BlackWater for Assassination / Wetworks 00:16:40
Lakotah Nation is speaking "Paul-strian". 00:15:46