Posted on August 21, 2009

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I'm giving away a Berkey Water Purification System 15:11:55
RJ Harris money bomb September 4th. Let's get all of our liberty candidates funded! 21:20:39
Quiltingsando's Chicken Coop. Man, those chickens are going to live in style! 15:11:54
Rand Paul in the News 09:55:57
Watch and reflect 09:04:47
Video: Tom Woods "Lectures on Liberty" from 8/15 BBQ 09:04:48
Rand Paul Money Bomb Raises $433,509.00 in 24 Hours! 15:11:56
Help us get For Liberty Docum3ntary on Youtube 12:50:01
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Simple Truth: 2008 Presidential Election 23:59:52
Is the Gold standard Unconstitutional? 23:30:31
Is the Gold standard Unconstitutional? 22:40:13
Why it's so hard to change wrongly-held beliefs. 22:09:34
Rand Paul Bomb Breaks Record-made political online history yesterday 21:43:11
Days away from economic chaos?? 21:14:41
HR 2159 is a gun grab - read up and call your Congressman! 21:07:17
U.S./Ohio Farm Wars Rage. Do something now. 20:40:52
Idaho liberty leader facing trumped up felony charges. Can you help? 20:22:57
Debra Medina on Mark Davis Radio Show 20:11:44
rhino: O.K. I waited all day and no else posted it. When is the next money bomb for Rand? 20:06:06
Obama Goes On Vacation, Takes Dog 20:02:26
Putting teeth into 10th amendment resolutions. 20:00:19
Four banks closed (so far) 8/21/09: One costing $3B, biggest this year! 19:58:37
Lifesaver Water Filter 19:52:06
Dear Anarchists 19:20:06
How is the Site Running Now? 18:22:20
Hannity to run in 2012? 17:41:03
UPDATED: We Apologize for any Inconvenience. We are Currently Having Technical Problems. 17:34:46
Eliminate Chemtrails 17:37:55
AWESOME Bank Failure Page - WSJ 17:32:39
gun this what kissenger meant by the US public being disarmed by September? 17:12:06
Updated White House budget deficit projection. 17:04:01
Does virus vaccine increase the risk of cancer? 16:59:28
CA Activist Launches Fight To End The 'Tickets For Revenue' Scam 16:58:51
Why is the DailyPaul in a state of censorship? 16:37:19
Peter Schiff : Dough for Dumps? 16:36:01
Psychology & WTC7 16:02:34
Don't give me up ,Mike 16:00:06
Constitution Day MoneyBomb - Retake Congress! 15:59:01
Queued for moderation???? 15:44:00
Larry Flynt, Hustler publisher takes on FED and Rockefeller Elite 15:28:09
Why am I being moderated? 15:27:47
Nope, not just you truthy 15:22:21
Is it just me, 15:09:16
Rachel Maddow: More Propaganda Against The Second Amendment!! 14:59:47
Vote in this poll about who should run against obama in 2012 14:40:37
Gerald Celente on Financial Sense Newshour 14:18:04
Stop Spending Our Future - The Crisis 14:11:40
>>> Rand Paul LIVE NOW! <<< 14:11:20
Quotations for people who can laugh at the fact that nothing's really funny 13:54:51
There is an answer for the government to replace FRNs. 13:33:04
16 Year Old David Kretzmann interviewed on Patriot Pastors Radio 13:24:06
Do You Support Rand Paul's Current Position on Foreign Policy? 12:53:15
The FDIC is Bankrupt 12:49:58
Could It Be Just A Matter Of Faith? 12:42:21
This is what an intelligent policy debate in the media should look like 12:10:46
1918 Flu Question - 11:14:51
Tom Ridge: I Was Pressured To Raise Terror Alert To Help Bush Win 10:57:33
Florida Open Carry? 10:54:16
Man vs. Mutt: Theodore Dalrymple on who gets the better treatment, and what this means for U.S. health-care reform 10:42:06
Concerns with the 2010 Census 10:41:06
Naomi Wolf On Obama "He Can Lock Up Any Citizen Without Warrant" 10:34:16
"We saved the world from disaster" - Bernanke 10:15:51
Has anyone ever heard of this secret organization that includes Bob Barr? 10:10:59
Why Does H.R.1207/S. 604 Seem to Be Going Nowhere Fast??? 10:09:31
Email Bomb for Rand Paul 09:34:28
Be careful what you wish for 09:16:56
US Govt Pays for Anti-Muslim 'Education' Trips to Israel 09:08:40
E-mail from Montana about nObama visit. 09:03:16
Feds Cracking Down on Garage Sales 08:45:11
Vanishing Liberties 08:34:49
Brother From Another Planet with his AR15, says... "Take me to your leader". 08:31:02
Afghan drug trafficking brings US $50 billion a year 08:21:39
Rise in Militia Groups and FBI Investigators 07:47:37
The Media Cover Up 07:20:21
Today is Dr. Ron Pauls Birthday and his son RAND PAUL was ON RUSSIA TODAY this AUGUST 2009 1 OF 2 07:11:13
Best Chemtrail Video Collection 04:49:03
Calling ALL OathKeepers, and NWO-aware Austrian Scholars! 04:34:25
The Spirit of the Founding Fathers! 04:18:45
WHO predicts 'explosion' of swine flu - AP 04:00:33
Letter to Senator Cornyn 03:54:49
LaRaza member attacks Rep. Gene Green townhall attendees 03:40:56
If you're brave enough, do this when you're stopped by the police, it 03:29:34
Copy n' paste News 08 21 09 03:14:22
Judge Napolitano: Everything the Government Runs is Bankrupt! 03:12:00
*EYE OPENER!*'Don't Get Sick After June' 02:40:24
Looming banking calamity 02:36:26
Kentucky Senate Race Just Got More Interesting 01:54:31
Updated: Whole Foods CEO under attack for his stance against Obamacare. VOTE in this POLL! 01:43:44
"The Obama medical Rationing Bill" By: John Davidson of Lew Rockwell 01:31:04
Union Thugs Try Again! 00:37:16
H1N1 Vaccine Patent Filed In 2007! 00:36:26
Ron Paul opposes amnesty for illegals, but look what he(we)are up against 00:25:15
Afghanistan having a fake-election? 00:18:45