Posted on August 22, 2009

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Now Accepting Pre-orders of For Liberty! 19:22:21
Awesome Video (2m19s) - Marine tears congress critter a new one at Town Hall Meeting! 19:15:08
Time Mag Cover Story: The High Price of Cheap Food 15:03:46
Gerald Celente Predicts Obamageddon in 2012-Video Clip 13:34:19
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AP: Interest rates must be increased 23:34:20
deleted 23:27:13
Anchor Babies = enormous taxpayer costs ... parts 1 & 2 21:20:09
My Money Paid for What? Obamacare SPAM! 20:48:50
State Mandates Driving Up the Cost of Health Insurance! 20:47:31
Pro NAU Links 20:18:23
Alert: Banking Holiday Monday or Tuesday - Update* 20:05:14
Words of Wisdom 19:49:45
"Heavenly Father . . . 19:27:41
Ron Paul on Zero Hedge . Good news! 19:11:55
CATO Forum: RP Bringing Transparency to FED 18:45:23
Grow your own tobacco. 30 cents a pack average 18:33:27
Good talk by Alan Keyes about Obama 18:17:41
Great Speech: Bill of Rights Tea Party Rally 18:09:03
Here are some "tame" links to convince people vaccines are bad 17:05:37
Cincinnati Tea Party September 5th at VOA Park 16:43:44
Wake-up - the only answer is to Become A Sovereign instead of a US citizen In America today 16:26:17
To ALL DAILY PAUL visitors, you are doing yourself a disservice if you 15:36:05
Cindy Sheehan On MSNBC 8/21/09 15:08:30
FDA's Mercury Ruling Defies ALL Scientific Reasoning 14:22:38
Magic Bus 13:57:07
Dr. Paul Discusses Strategy to Pass HR1207 & S604 13:29:00
Where’s the Coverage of Cindy Sheehan? 13:20:44
Check out this regressive on Youtube 13:20:32
Why does the US Army protect Corp.s that left the US 12:56:22
According to the Constitution ,what duty is for a standing FED. Army ? 12:51:42
Jet Blue = Jet FLU! 12:41:14
Do our leaders subcontract our National Defense or offense ? 12:39:42
Army Caught Spying on Anti-War Group 12:37:50
Is America at war or a subcontractor ? 12:24:04
Attorney provides downtown Sacramento site for homeless camp 12:18:54
The backwards facing flag on US soldier's right arm 11:48:52
If A Tree Falls In The Forest... 11:22:23
Anarchist Carries Rifle To Protests Outide Pheonix Obama Event 11:22:13
Sen. Kennedy wants to change succession rules 11:21:03
Obama calls for 'honest debate' on health care 10:35:44
Swine Flu Conference: Planning to take kids from schools & Mass Vaccinations and Quarantines 10:33:44
MSNBC Distorts Story Of Man With Gun As White Racist 10:15:07
Video: Ron Paul discusses strategy to pass HR 1207 & S 604 - Audit The Fed 08:59:50
Rahm's Cousin attacks Whole Foods Ceo for not supporting ObamaCare! 08:41:08
Looks like the pro-Bernanke propaganda has begun 08:31:43
U.S. Helps Spanish Company to Buy Texas Bank 07:45:43
Inglourious Basterds (2009): Daily Paul Movie Opinions 05:18:59
TBS George Lopez- Barry Obomba Show 04:46:59
Please do not think the Google ads on this website represent DPs 03:38:08
Top 10 Reasons Why Drinking Beer is Good for your Health! 03:15:21
I don't know the way. 03:02:17
Good idea! 02:39:50
Obamanomics explained! 02:36:16
Todays, Reddit´s & Digg´s For Freedom Lovers 22/8! 02:20:55
Police : Legalize Drugs to Save Our Lives 02:17:34
Operation Fax to Stop the Vax 01:51:34
Senator seeks data on health insurer profits 01:32:47
North American (Community) Union.. Interchangeable words. Single web site with information on it. 01:29:34
AntiWar no more? 00:53:08
Gary Clift for Congress-Special Election on September 1st 00:22:49
Subversion in action. Watch and learn. 00:13:58
Performance of Federal Reserve Bank 00:01:35